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May 15, 2011

Munnyworld Customs by B.A.L.D.

"Killer Kitty" custom Tricky by B.A.L.D.

"Lil' Skully Loco" custom mini Munny by B.A.L.D.

"Monster Mutant Motoring Club" custom Roos by B.A.L.D.

"Phantom Reduxe" custom mini Munny by B.A.L.D.

"Mutant Zombie Raffi" custom Raffi by B.A.L.D.
These are custom Munnyworld figures, originally created to be submitted to Kidrobot's Munnyworld custom contest. B.A.L.D. (Bryan Lopez) is constantly creating, so definitely go follow him at the following links to stay in touch:

The Little Prince Art Toys

Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince in English) is a fairy tale, of sorts, written in 1942 by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and published simultaneously in French and English in 1943. I'm pretty sure my mother read this one to me as a child. In any case, it's been on my radar all my life but might not be on yours. Definitely worth looking into, you can buy it on Amazon.

So it is interesting to me that now, 60+ years later, the title character of this piece of children's literature has been translated into a limited-edition art toy. The toys are about 9.5 inches tall, they're hand-painted and are clothed in real fabric. Buy the toys here, and find out more about the world of Le Petit Prince here.