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April 16, 2011

FULL REVEAL: Nuggy Growstation by Ian Ziobrowski

Nuggy Growstation epic custom by Ian Ziobrowski
 The day is finally here: Ian Ziobrowski is finally ready to reveal his most ambitious custom project ever: the Nuggy Growstation! Based on a 10-inch MadL, plus six 3-inch Dunnys, this commission took Ian several months to complete. (Yes, sorry, it's already been bought and paid for, and Ian is currently working on the next epic commission, which is EVEN BIGGER!) 
The Nuggy Growstation is NUGGS' treetop lab where the product is created for the market. This lab is the first step in a process which reels in an ever-widening group of characters: Crook ED the cop, THUGZ the distributor, the DEA and their K9 partners, and the end customer with the tie-dyed shirt! There's even a Yeti, who lives in the tree on the mountaintop. Is the Yeti protecting NUGGS' operation, or is he in collusion with the DEA? You never know who to trust in this game.... here's the official word from the NUGGYMaster himself:

Allow me to introduce you to NUGGLIFE! The way of the hustling American. Where growing, cultivating, packaging and pushin has become a part of our society.

Amongst this underground lifestyle mad characters are lookin to get theirs. Now I know you're all thinkin the ghetto here, and damn straight, lotsa trees make their way through the hood. That's where my boy, THUGZ, is holding it down. Crook ED the cop also takes and makes his green off these streets. While NUGGS is growin the crops on the mountain tops. This is where things can get stickey.  Operations must be well maintained to keep under the radar of the ever-watchful eye of the DEA.

Come along as we prepare to take you on This High Stakes Adventure Where A Friend with NUGGS, is a Friend for THUGZ....

A few more close-ups below, but you can see 60+ images on Ian's Flickr here. Keep in mind as you look at these images that every tiny piece has been crafted by hand, and painted with the utmost detail in acrylics, by Ian Ziobrowski. Welcome to NUGGLIFE
Look for a collaborative NUGGY project later on in 2011 (a Tenacious Exclusive limited series!!!).