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April 1, 2011

3A Large Martins: Final Product Images

Thanks to attentive and helpful members of the Legion, I now have actual, final images of the incoming ThreeA WWRp Large Martin retailer figures. 
On top is Sanddevil (left) and Mr. Frosty (right). 
On bottom, from left to right, is Auspublic, Big Red and Iron Panda. 
I was very interested to see Auspublic, in particular, because the preliminary shots of that one were provided to me by 3A a LONG time ago. That was during the early stages of production, and the figure in those shots was sort of unfinished, lacking paint details and decals. Auspublic looks RAD.
We are not yet sold out of preorders so click thru to preorder Large Martins from us if you have not yet done so.

Nuggywolf custom Kracka by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski shares with us his latest custom (which I will be checking out in person tonight at the Kidrobot store in NY): "Nuggywolf", based on the 4-inch KR Kracka platform. 
This is what happens when Ian's signature character Nuggs starts hanging out with Team Jacob. 
(Come on, you KNOW Team Jacob is off in the woods cultivating their crop half the time. Seriously, think about it.)

NICE details in the claws and teeth, and PERFECT paint, as usual- this is an expertly executed custom and we expect nothing less from Ian. Wait till you see images of the large-scale commission he's been working on for a few months...
Look for Ian to orchestrate an all-out media blitz soon when he launches his new website...