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January 31, 2011

Toy2R 5in Mini Qee DIY series: FULL reveal of 7 designs + video

The complete crew is made up of Toy2R's iconic BEAR and BUNEE character as well as the our mascot, the TOYER. Joining them in the release are MON, KITKAT, PIGEE and SPRAYEE!! The seven make up the complete DIY collection that will be dropping in February. Each 5" scale Qee comes with easily removeable Head and Arms making customizing a breeze! 
While this is the first time that these characters will be released in the new smaller scale - Sprayee is one of the more sought after pieces. With a Spray Head, this is only the second time this character has been released in DIY form (the first being the 3.5" Baby Qee scale). And just like its younger and smaller cousin, when you shake Sprayee, you'll hear the classic spray can sound - making this a must for graffiti fans and artists!

Fans and collectors should note that the very first chance to pick up one of these new scale Qees will be during Toy2R's NYC Loves QEE event being held at Yoyamart on February 14th. There will be a limited quantity available for purchase during the show - so swing by and snag these before anyone else!

Monster Bossy Bear 5-inch Kaiju assortment

Bossy Bear, the demanding character from the mind of David Horvath, has transmutated into the 5” Strange Beast Bossy Bear- or as witnesses have dubbed him – Monster Bossy Bear!

Altering from his earlier form into a higher state – that of the Kaiju form – Bossy Bear is now more formidable than ever. As part of Toy2R’s scheduled releases for 2011, the Monster Bossy Bear Assortment will delight fans of both the classic form and new fans of his Kaiju inspired look.

Two versions will be released in the assortment – the Classic Blue and the Roseus (or Pink) edition. Fans should be on the look out for variant versions within the assortment as one can never be sure what mood Bossy will be in.

The alert has been posted, the news has been spread…Bossy Bear…Monster Bossy Bear is on the loose and heading towards you. Capture him if you can but do not try to contain him, for he is Bossy Bear!

**Special preview of the figures will take place at Yoyamart during the Feb 14th NYC Loves QEE Event....don't miss it!