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January 29, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: NEMO Tiki Carving #6 for NEMO Godz Collection

If you've been following NEMO at all, you know he's been on a tiki kick. Starting with the killer tikis he created for our blind-boxed Custom Marshall Series, NEMO's been putting out consistently amazing tiki customs on vinyl, as well as creating original tiki carvings in the more traditional context.
Above is the latest original carving that NEMO's been working on for our shop: Tiki Carving #6. Carved from a block of balsa foam (below), this piece, upon completion, will be for sale in our NEMO section. Stay tuned for more info and pics of this piece!

Custom Mini Qee Show Teasers

Join us at Yoyamart on February 14th in NYC for a closer look at the above customs based on the brand-new 5-inch Mini Qee platform that Toy2R is launching!
Show starts at 6pm at Yoyamart NYC, which is located at 15 Gansevoort Street in Manhattan. 
There will be LOTS more custom Mini Qees there at the show, plus more great new items from Toy2R. Some of the participating artists will be in attendance, so bring your black books!
More teasers will be revealed as we run up to the show date.
Props to Kevin of Toy2RUSA for pulling together a great show, and for these excellent teaser images, and big ups to all the participating artists for working this project in on a tight schedule.