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August 31, 2011

Ian Ziobrowski "Crook ED the Cop" painting at Rendition

Ian Ziobrowski shares with us one of the 3 paintings he has sent over to Fort Collins, CO for the opening group show at Bryan A. Collins' brand spankin' new Rendition Gallery. Bryan reached out to a number of awesome artists and gathered them up to show at his very first gallery show. Rendition Gallery will be displaying custom toys as well as paintings at this first show, so if you are in CO, you better get yourself over there. Friday September 2nd is the opening night party.

With this "Crook ED the Cop" painting, Ian Ziobrowski showcases his considerable skills and his further exporation of the characters in his NUGGLIFE world. When the Rendition Gallery show opens this Friday, we will reveal Ian's 2 accompanying paintings.

Speaking of galleries, Ian and his brother just opened "Ziobrowksi's Art Studio" in Medford, NY on Long Island. You can go see Ian's paintings and toys and get inked by Eric. Address is: 2329 Route 112, Medford, NY.

CTU x Toy2R Assassins 2 "Custom Qee Series" on sale now

CTU x Toy2R Assassins 2 "Custom Qee Series"

The series consists of Blind Bagged 2.5" Qees  from:

Ardabus Rubber * B.A.L.D. * Fried Gold Productions * Fuller Designs * Hugh Rose * Jay222 * Matcandraw * The Model Maker * Mr. Munk * Rocketboy * Rsin * TyleR

All BB's will have a chance to win a customized 8" Qee by B.A.L.D. via a Golden Ticket (randomly placed in one BB package)

On sale here: for $40.00 plus S&H each.

August 29, 2011

Atomic Martians review WWRp Armstrong Gerry in Episode 38

Our friends at Atomic Martians review the WWRp Armstrong Gerry in their latest episode! Starting about halfway through. Killer review! Big thanks to Jason at Atomic Martians for the plug.

New in Stock and Coming Soon at Tenacious Toys

We have so many new items in stock and so many incoming items up for preorder that we might as well list them all here for your reference:


August 25, 2011

Emilio Garcia DIY 5-inch Jumping Brains coming soon from Toy2R

The wait is almost over! Soon Toy2R will be releasing the 5-inch DIY Jumping Brains to shops like us! We've already had a ton of requests for these; please email us if you want to purchase a DIY Jumping Brain from us when we get our stock. We need to make sure we order enough to satisfy demand! They'll be $30 to $35 each. 

If you're in LA, you should definitely go check out the Emilio Garcia show at TAG starting in mid-September. Flyer is below:

Big Kev's Geek Stuff Looted; Fundraiser to Get Them Back on Air

Big Kev's Geek Stuff is an awesome radio show with over 230 episodes under their collective belt. The show is run by Kev and Matt, two locals who have been extremely supportive of Tenacious Toys and lots of other local shops and artists that we call friends.

Last month, one of their studios was broken into and all their electronic equipment was stolen, making it impossible for them to create new shows. This sucks. Here's what they had to say:

Earlier today Studio B was broken into. Though it has always been a long running joke of the show, the studio has always been a personal space for myself or Kevin. In this case Studio B was Kevin's home. Along with some personal items of great value, all of the show equipment was stolen. Literally there is next to nothing left aside from the mic stands. Due to this we are sad to announce that the show is suspended. Until such a time as we can replace the equipment and the the lost files, production, etc... there will be no new full episodes of Geek Stuff.

Fortunately, in this business, we all look out for one another, so George Gaspar of Toy Break/October Toys/OMFG/DCon fame is organizing a fundraiser to help fund the re-purchasing of the equipment necessary to run the show. Read more here to get involved. There will be eBay auctions at the end of September. You can donate items to be sold, or bid on the items. Either way, you will be helping.

August 24, 2011

Exclusive Fire & Ice Greads drop tonight

Tonight at 6PM EST in our LYS0L section, we will be dropping the latest Dead Hand x Tenacious Toys Exclusive Greads: Fire and Ice! With multicolor tinted resin in each colorway, these Greads are tiny beautiful works of art! Bagged & tagged, only 10 pieces of each colorway. $15 each.

Cookies N Cream x Argonaut Resins Argo Dunks figures

In a collaboration with Argonaut Resins based their Sneakerhead art toy, Cookies N Cream presents "The Argo Dunks". The Argo Dunks are a set of handmade resin Sneakerhead pieces crafted by our good friend and frequent collaborator - master sculptor Eric "Nocella" Diaz (END) of Argonaut Resins. The first set of 5 Argo Dunks are: The Strawberry Dunks, The Grape Dunks, The Green Apple Dunks, The Icy Mint dunks and a very special one - The Afghan Gold Dunks. These are all exclusive pieces and each come with the regular head of the figure as well as the DIY head. The Sneakerhead figure itself has not been released to the public at large so these Argo Dunks are some of the first pieces of the figure ever to be sold. 
Each piece is $120 and also comes with a limited handmade custom Sneakerhead box. 
The set will be available for sale via the CNC online shop this Friday - August 26th 2011.

August 20, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Matt Anderson 16-inch Chocolate Qeester Bunee

So it took me a few months but I finally acquired the 16" Bunee Qees Matt Anderson wanted to buy (sorry Matt!). Naturally I was expecting him to turn one into an electronic barbarian Bunee that lights up and rotates wildly and throws things at people. 

But Matt loves to keep people on their toes, so he decided to turn the first 16" Bunee into a giant chocolate Easter Bunny, err... Chocolate Qeester Bunee
Satiny milk chocolate finish, creepy evil stare. Yup, it's awesome!  I feel like this little guy is a little pissed off that someone was nibbling on his ear. Can't wait to see this one in person.

FYI in October Matt Anderson will be signing at our NYCC booth alongside Rsin. A signing you won't wanna miss... The Cultyard is where it's at! For us art toys freaks, that is.

Unboxing the ThreeA WWRP retailer Armstrong Monet 0G figure

The ThreeA WWRP Armstrong Monet 0G unboxing and product shots. 7.5" tall, with articulation at the neck, hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists and EACH AND EVERY JOINT ON EVERY FINGER AND THUMB. And the eyeball. And the rocket exhaust nozzle at the bottom of the backpack. That's roughly 42 points of articulation on a $45 figure. Are you sold yet? Hands-down, the best value in designer toys. Buy yours here.

Above slideshow is from a Picasa web album I've marked as public. Feel free to use any and all images in that album, as long as you credit Tenacious Toys and send some customers our way when you use 'em!

JonPaul Kaiser Mini Qees here in time for NYCC; get yours signed!

We now have in-box images of the upcoming Jon-Paul Kaiser Mini Qees by Toy2R!

First Mate Nathaniel Vigo 5" Mini Qee Mon - The second figure in the "Tales of the Whispering Corsair" saga, this little man practically runs the day to day operations onboard the Corsair. A perfect pairing with the 8" Zombie Pirate (Olaf the Mute) Qee Bear released last year. As the First Mate hits shores, its all in anticipation of the arrival of Captain Sturnbrau, landing in October.

Limited to only 500 pieces- we're accepting preorders now.

The Forgotten 5" Mini Qee Bunee - The first in a new series of characters with a misfit toys mythos. Jon-Paul captures true emotion in this release and it is not to be missed as we prepare for additional figures in this line for 2012.

Also limited to 500 pieces - The Forgotten is a perfect fall release and should satisfy JPK fans and collectors of designer art toys alike. Preorder now!

Make sure to stop by the Tenacious Toys and Toy2R booth at NYCC- we're teaming up this year with celebrate vinyl toy manufacturer Toy2R to slam you in the face with amazing toys.   
Jon-Paul Kaiser WILL be on hand for a signing at our booth:
Booth 876 in the Cultyard

SouthernDrawl JAWS vs PAW custom

Talented and humble customizer SouthernDrawl shares with us this ridiculous custom based on the Coarse Toys PAW figure, easily one of my favorite sculpts! SD does it up right, with weathering, rivets and detailed sculpting which makes other customizers drool... and that's the highest compliment possible! Here's what SD had to say about this piece:

This piece was a commission. I love the dynamic movement of the PAW figure but I was never really sold on the bunny head so I did the only thing a customizer could do, i decapitated it. And it sat headless for a while until I realized that I could reuse the head. and who better to kill a bunny than an apex predator? And so I bulked up the figure even further to accentuate the leg and back musculature. and I added joints- elbow joints, wrist joint, etc. I tried to continue the flow of the figure by adding a curved tail which also helps as a counterweight to the head. With regard to my painting technique, the short answer is sponge painting (I"m giving away the my secret jutsu there LOL). My favorite thing about this piece is that it's inspiring me to do more original sculpting even if it's still customizing on a platform.

August 19, 2011

Clutter Magazine Issue 15 in stock now

We now have copies of Clutter Magazine Issue #15 in stock! 72 full colors pages, featuring Jeff Lamm, my friend Lou Pimentel,  The London Police, Leecifer, the Designer Toy Awards, L'Amour Superme x Mishka, Monster Kolor and more! 
Buy your copy here.

More NEMO Haremongous vinyl figures now available

The beautiful 8-inch vinyl Haremongous sculpt by my friend Mike "NEMO" Mendez is now available to retailers in a few more colorways! Haremongous is another kick-ass ToyQube product. The above colorway is limited to 300 pieces and retails for $45. The black-on-black colorway below was a ToyQube exclusive up until now, and they only made 200 of those. Also $45. 

From sculptor Mike "Nemo" Mendez comes this warrior rabbit, the Haremungous! Wearing a battle ready helmet and an armored arm brace, he is ready to take on any threat that approaches. The Haremungous has a black skull tattoo on its chest to warn any attackers of their impending doom.
Please email us if you're interested in either of the above. If you buy from us, I can personally hand your Haremongous to NEMO to have him sign it for you before I ship, no extra cost.
Because we're friends with NEMO, we actually have a few other cool, rare Harmongous figures in stock: this one-of-a-kind AP of a factory-painted colorway that was never produced, and this Easter-themed custom, hand-painted by NEMO.

August 18, 2011

Toy2R 3-inch Homer Simpson Qees in stock

We now have the 3-inch Homer Simpson Mania series from Toy2R in stock! This is the blister-carded version of the series and we have all 12 versions of Homer. Only $8 each, click here to buy them all! Above is "Number One" Homer. Below is "Cowboy" Homer. Lots more when you click though.

Marvel x tokidoki Frenzies available open-box

The awesome new tokidoki collaboration with Marvel- the Frenzies keychains / cell phone charms - are now available open-box! Originally sold blind-boxed, we sometimes take the time to go through and open our blind boxes up to sell them as identified figures. We have almost the full collection available (20 different Marvel characters!), plus we still have blind boxes on hand so if we're missing one you're looking for, email us! We can go find it for you. 

To see great pics of all of them in one place, visit Toygodd's review on AFTimes here.
To read daily in-depth reviews of EVERY SINGLE piece in this collection, visit Collectors Quest here.

Voltaire Deady Big in Japan Mini Qees in stock

The 5-inch Deady "Big in Japan" Mini Qees are in stock now! Designed by Voltaire and manufactured by Toy2R, these fun Qees come with a code for the online role-playing game Adventure Quest so that you can play the game alongside Deady!  3 versions to choose from.

ThreeA WWRP retailer Armstrongs will be here in a couple days

Click here to get your Armstrong, we still have a couple preorders left!

SNEAK PEEK: Glyos x Tuttz "Bad Luck Squadron"

When Rob "Smack" Losito introduced END from Argonaut Resins to Matt, the creator of the Glyos line of DIY action figures, shit got real. Here's the dirt straight from END's mouth: promised here are some teaser images of the secret project I'm collaborating with Onell Designs' Matt Doughty, creator of the famous Glyos. Rob Losito introduced me to Matt at the New York Comic Con last year and suggested we work together since I was a big fan of the Glyos figures. What we came up with is the Bad Luck Squadron! A fighting squad of Mini Tuttz action figures. This project was going to be a lot of work so we brought in artist Victor Durango to help with designing the bodies, accessories and all the paint work for the entire line, and the One Cam and  When Giants Meet to do the project photography. We will be releasing more images and pricing of the first wave in the near future on the Glyos site....and you know me - there will be lots of surprises in store!

August 15, 2011

Rampage Toys Ugly Unicorn yellow & red preorders up tomorrow

Rampage Toys Ugly Unicorn Japanese soft vinyl figure pre-sale goes live on Tuesday 8/16 @ 8pm EST (5pm West Coast or Wednesday 8/17 @ 9am Japan Time) in the SHOP.

A little more back-story:  The UGLY UNICORN (アグリー ユニコーン ) is a mysterious creature believed to come from a planet where cake and frosting are the main source of sustenance.  Via some seemingly random circumstances (a wormhole perhaps?) he has come to earth and now seeks the only thing that can keep him alive - CAKE!  Due to his absurdly ridiculous size (measured by scientists to be somewhere around 75' - depending on his food intake at time of measurement), UGLY tends to make a mess of his search for food; destroying things and leaving rubble in his wake. 

Each figure is made in Japan, measures slightly over 5 inches in height and will come bagged and header carded.  "I'm releasing the first two colors (unpainted) at the same time.  Red and Yellow!  The color swatches in the attached pics should match the Pantone requests I put in.  I have been told to expect the casts by the end of August.  15 of each blank color-way.  Painted one-offs and small runs will starting being available at SUPERFESTIVAL in Tokyo on September 25th!"

August 12, 2011

August 11, 2011

Andrew Bell O No Sashimi up for preorder

The follow up figure to Andrew Bell's crazy popular O No Sushi figures is the above-pictured O No Sashimi figure! With multiple parts and a larger size, this should prove to be a LEAST as popular as the Sushi figure! No published arrival date yet, but we do have preorder available here. Price is $35.

Voltaire's Adventure Quest Deady Big in Japan Mini Qees in stock now

The 5-inch Deady "Big in Japan" Mini Qees by Voltaire and Toy2R are now here, and there are 3 different variants! Only $28, buy yours here. Each comes with an Adventure Quest code so you can play AQ alongside Deady.

August 10, 2011

Now taking preorders for Jason Freeny Anatomy Qees

We now have preorders set up for both the regular edition (above) and GID edition (below) Anatomy Qees by Toy2R and Jason Freeny. Arriving in November, these 7-inch beauties will run you $80 apiece. Regular edition is limited to 500 pieces, and the GID is more limited at around 200 (?) pieces.

If you dig Freeny's work, come to our NYCC booth on Saturday October 14th when he'll be signing.

August 9, 2011

Custom O No Sushi by Christopher Earl

"Sushis Baiser" is the new custom O No Sushi set by Chris.o.sauR (aka Christopher Earl). We are proud to offer this beautifully-painted custom set in our Chris.o.sauR section alongside Chris' other custom, a MIST Lucius figure he calls "Noot".

Sushis Baiser has cool purple and black tentacles and comes with 2 different optional eye colors: dead black and bloodshot yellow. The detail is amazing, right down to the little maggots in the rice grains and the wood grain on the bowl! Only $95, buy it here.

August 8, 2011

Argonaut Resins presents the Pharaoh Hound

END from Argonaut Resins has finally given us permission to release the images of his very much anticipated follow-up to the Tuttz cat: the Pharaoh Hound! Now, this is a thing of beauty- a regal 8-inch sculpt that will come to life as handcrafted resin pieces in a multitude of colors. Argonaut Resins always takes the utmost care in producing their resin. 

This is a beautiful sculpt and I am very, very excited to be a part of the small Argonaut family of retailers. Much more info coming soon. For now, you may click on the image above to open the full version. Bask in its glory, and get ready to add to your Tuttz collection.

August 6, 2011

Trip to MPH & the Jeremyville & Buff Monster show at Cotton Candy Machine

Yesterday was fun- I met up with Kris Dulfer of Kid Ink Industries and Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys to chill in NYC before Jon leaves for Japan. We stopped at Kidrobot and then popped over to MyPlasticHeart, where we met up with Eric from Argonaut Resins and Rob (who you might know as "Smack"). Also stopping in: Grim from IHeartCoolStuff, and Cho, 2 more locals. It was a regular party! We all talked toys, like true nerds, and I played with MPH's new resident puppy. 

MPH just got a big Toy2R shipment so I got to play with the brand-new 7-inch Clear Qee Bear for the first time. The arm joints are AWESOME! They can go in any direction. Definitely a cool new feature. Our shipment containing these figures is arriving early next week.

After we finished bothering Vin at MPH, Kris, Jon, Rob and I hopped on the train and went to Brooklyn. We stopped in to refresh ourselves on a bar which is, conveniently, at the end of the same block as Tara McPherson's new shop & gallery, Cotton Candy Machine. KANPAI!

Here's the CCM shop, and Jon poking thru his stuff as we wait for the show to open. Jon thinks this isn't a good picture, but he's wrong. It's a GREAT picture!

Time to go in!

The show quickly became PACKED, and there were probably 100+ pieces hanging on the walls. Straight up jammed on the walls! Tara's colorful artwork meshes perfectly with Buff's use of pink and Jeremyville's cartoony style. A great show!

... and of course the Sucklord showed up and walked in screaming. Literally. He quieted down a little when I showed him where the free beer was. (THANK YOU TARA FOR THE FREE PBRs!!)

There were lots of awesome production and custom toys for sale. Here are Buff's customs of his own figures. I also saw someone buying one of Buff's Destroyers, a huge piece with silver antlers! Great day. Godspeed to Jon Malmstedt, we'll miss you buddy!