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June 30, 2011

The Kitty and The Mouse custom Mini Qee by Southerndrawl

This is your last opportunity to buy Southerndrawl's beautiful Toy2R Mini Qee x ThreeA mashup custom titled "The Kitty and the Mouse." If it doesn't sell this week, we are shipping it back to him and who knows what'll happen to it after that! Probably going to the scrap heap to be reworked into something new (seriously).
SD put a lot of work into this one: at 9 inches tall, it was by far the largest Mini Qee custom at the NYC Loves Qee event at Yoyamart in February. For sale here.

Beautiful time-lapse mural video by Willow & Pao

Our friend Willow from Milan, Italy, sends us this haunting, beautiful and fun time-lapse video of an outdoor mural he executed along with his friend Pao... the scene grows, changes and is painted over several times as the video progresses. VERY cool to see!

June 29, 2011

Jon-Paul Kaiser 5 inch Captain Sturnbrau Qee by Toy2R

Toy2R is pleased to offer this first look at Jon-Paul Kaiser's original 5" figure - Captain Sturnbrau from the mysterious ship, The Whispering Corsair.

Jon-Paul has created a unique collection of Toy2R figures using the mythos of the Whispering Corsair to amass his crew. First fans were introduced to the Olaf the Mute (in 8" Qee Bear form), then teasers of the the First Mate Nathaniel Vigo surfaced (in 5" Mini Qee form), now to be followed by their leader, Captain Sturnbrau!

Expected for release at this year's New York Comic Con, Toy2R unveiled the figure at the Grand Opening ceremony of the new Toy2R Shunde office in China. This is the first original production character for Jon-Paul and Toy2R is honored to have collaborated on this project. While there are even more projects being developed for JPK (The Forgotten and The Scribe Mini Qees), the Whispering Corsair collection is a wonderful tribute to the high seas and the mysterious that lie beneath the surface. Expect more surprises surrounding the Captain as the more information develops!
Pirate Captain, aka Captain Stūrnbrau.

Scourge of the Captain of the dreaded floating hulk; The Whispering Corsair. For time immemorable, land-lubbers and sailors alike dare not speak the ship's true name which slipped past memory and into legend.

For centuries the Captain had plied the oceans voyaging into new and undiscovered lands. They disappear for years at a time, only for stories to reach civilization of raids on settlements and pitiless attacks on ships.

No-one knows what dark sorcery keeps Captain Stūrnbrau and his unholy crew alive, only that they strive to fathom the answers to questions they have long forgotten...

June 24, 2011

Custom Toy Union x Toy2R Assassins 2 Custom Qee Series

The Custom Toy Union just contacted us and let us know that their Assassins Series 2 will be dropping in late August! This series will feature 2.5" Qees (of various head types) as they have partnered with Toy2R USA on this project.

Assassins Series 2 will feature customs by twelve awesome and talented artists:

Ardabus Rubber * B.A.L.D. * Fried Gold Productions * Fuller Designs * Hugh Rose * Jay222 * Matcandraw * The Model Maker * Mr. Munk * Rocketboy * Rsin * TyleR

Each custom will come in header card packaging designed by Fuller Designs and will include a collectible Assassins 2 postcard. All customs will have a chance to win a
customized 8" Qee by B.A.L.D. via a Golden Ticket (randomly placed in one package).

The series will be released for general sale on August 28th 2011 @ 12pm PST, but a pre-order is up now for the series.

Kollectible Kulture Fundraiser for Susan G. Komen

Kollectible Kulture has set up an ONLINE STORE where there is the option to purchase a fundraiser entry. Each entry is only $5.00. Think about how small of a donation that really is.... putting it in perspective... you are donating $5.00 to help fight breast cancer and you could walk away with a prize! You can purchase as many entries as you want, the more the merrier.

 KK will be keeping track of how many you purchase and will be putting your name in a jar, old-fashioned style. Once they are ready to hold the actual drawing (beginning of September), they will chose a prize then draw a name. The name associated with that prize is the winner. Simple, right?

June 21, 2011

Mini Kaiju Cupcake Blind Box Custom Series drops tomorrow

Announcing the impending release of a Tenacious Toys x Rampage Toys blind box custom series collaboration: Mini Kaiju Cupcakes!

We have been collaborating with Jon Malmstedt and Rampage Toys for a while now on various endeavors. Jon pours these great little 2-inch Mini Kaiju Cupcakes in resin and at first he was painting them himself. Then he tossed the idea at me for a blind box custom series based on this platform, and I was game!

We decided to go with a 25-piece series and 5 different artists (one of which is Jon). Jon picked another artist (Justin Hillgrove of Imps and Monsters) and left it to me to pick the other 3. I chose NREAZON from Texas, Nasty Neil (iwillnotbeawastedtalent) who's now from NY, and OsirisOrion from CT. 5 blanks went to each artist.
You can see more images here.

Series details:
• 25 blind-boxed pieces in the series
• Release date: Wednesday June 22nd at 7PM EST
• Golden ticket gets a lucky winner a 5x7" original painting by Jon Malmstedt
• $35 per blind box 

This series will go live Wednesday evening in our Exclusives section here.

June 20, 2011

Alchemy in Plastic & Vinyl: a solo Art Toy Showcase by Kris Dulfer

Presenting Alchemy in Plastic & Vinyl, a solo toy show featuring 79 custom toys by Kris Dulfer of Kid Ink Industries. Custom toys from this show will be available for purchase here.
You can go see Alchemy in Plastic & Vinyl yourself at White Star Bar at 230 Brunswick Street in Jersey City, NJ. The show will be up through July 14, 2011.

June 19, 2011

Techno Kitten Adventure: the figure!

You might recognize the completely insane Techno Kitten Adventure (an iPhone app that's a $0.99 purchase from the iTunes store, and also available for the XBOX), created by Elite Gudz out on Long Island... but did you know that one of the games creators, Den Ramos, also casted the titular character into a figure in the Elite Gudz toy lab? Check the video. Den's a wizard. Soundtrack makes me want to break out the glowsticks and UFO pants again...

June 16, 2011

Tenacious Toys Night Stomp Monster Bossy Bear Exclusive

REVEAL: Our exclusive 5-inch "Night Stomp" limited-edition black Monster Bossy Bear (aka "Kaiju Bossy") by David Horvath and Toy2R! 
$35 each, buy yours here
This is a preorder which is in transit on the way to us now. Should arrive in a week.

June 15, 2011

Halfbad Toyz Podiagon now available

Halfbad Toyz has released their new 5-inch resin Podiagon figure which weighs in at a hefty 10 ounces and has 4 points of articulation! Not friggin bad for a startup company's figure! You can buy one of these sweet painted versions, or an unpainted glow-in-the-dark version, here at the Halfbad Toyz webstore. Podiagon comes with a gun accessory and each one is handpainted to order.

You will also find Halfbad Toyz' other recent release, the Smash Tokyo Toys Centurian and GID Centurion, which is a follow-up to STT's Seismic Ace figure.

June 12, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Mini Kaiju Cupcake teaser #6

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to eating cupcakes... candy-colored, sprinkled-topped DEATH awaits you! MWAHAHAHAHA! 
Our collaborative blind box custom series with Rampage Toys is getting on towards release! I took some shots of all the pieces together. Next step, they go into the boxes! More pics to come, along with release date info.
Props to NREAZON, Neil, Justin, Jon and Osiris for contributing these beautiful customs!

June 8, 2011

David Horvath Strange Beast Bossy Bears by Toy2R

In addition to the regular assortment of Classic (blue) and Cutie Stomp (pink) Kaiju Bossy Bear figures, we're also getting an exclusive colorway, as well as some of the non-exclusive colorway (teased above)! 
Basically, there will be 5 colorways of the Strange Beast Bossy figures painted in a kaiju style: 
•Classic blue
•Cutie Stomp pink
•Day Stomp
•Night Stomp
•Toxic Stomp
Without knowing what's proper info to release at this point, I'm going to leave you guessing right now about which one(s) we're getting. Will reveal actual images and info on the other colorways we're getting as soon as Toy2R gives us the OK. Toy2R USA revealed the above image on their FB page, and not much else, so basically I follow their lead as I reveal info. 
Two of the blacked-out images above represent shop exclusive colorways, the third is a special colorway available to interested retailers as a supplement to their normal assortment cases of pink and blue. More info to come, I promise.

June 7, 2011

Alchemy in Plastic & Vinyl: Kris Dulfer's solo toy show June 10

2.5" Qees lined up to get destroyed by Kris Dulfer so they can become drivers for his tanks
Alchemy in Plastic & Vinyl: a solo Art Toy Showcase by Kris Dulfer. Opening night June 10 at 7:30pm at White Star, 230 Brunswick Street, Jersey City, NJ. We are proud to support Kris in his customizing endeavors by acting as his primary source for DIY platforms. 
Follow Kris on his Facebook and Tumblr, and RSVP for the event on Facebook.
A WIP custom Sketchbot with special Kris Dulfer touches
Kris now owns a vacuforming table so he can hand-make packaging for his customs, which will be for sale at the show

Postcard for the Alchemy show. June 10, see you there!

WIP platforms for Kris' tanks or mechs. Kris' creations are based on Qees of various sizes

June 3, 2011

Toy2R 2.5" Forest Whispers Qee Bear set

“It’s spring fever, you don’t know quite what it is you want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so.”
-  Mark Twain
The message of Spring is carried on the wind. That wind allows the trees to speak and spread the word that a new day approaches. If you listen …carefully, you will hear the whispers, the soft faint whispers of the forest announcing the arrival of Spring.

Toy2R proudly announces the release of the new limited edition 2.5 Inch Forest Whispers Qee Bear Set in honor of Spring. As part of the ongoing 10th Anniversary Celebration of Qee, this two pack reminds us of the beauty that is nature during the day and night. Limited to only 500 sets worldwide, collect yours then sit back and listen to the Forest Whispers…it brings hope and renewal.

Retail price on this 2-piece boxed set is $25, email us if you're interested as we plan on ordering some of these.

Peanuts Snoopy 2-inch Qee Assortment by Toy2R

Scheduled to arrive in October, this is an officially licensed Peanuts product produced by Toy2R for Dark Horse. Each blind box will retail for $8.99 and you can preorder them here. You can also preorder a full sealed case of 15 here. There will be 15 different Snoopy variants to collect!

June 1, 2011

The Assassin custom robot by Matt Anderson

Congratulations to my friend Matt Anderson for his win in Kidrobot's Munnyworld Mega Contest! Matt won in the "Best Use of Electronics" category for his "Mad Scientist" custom Foomi (which he bought from us, by the way). Squink, one of the judges for this contest and a fellow toy customizer, commented: "This custom stood out straight away, the steampunk vibe, that goggle based glow. Just a gorgeous, really clean piece of work, a deserving winner!" 
Matt continues to progress in his style with the above custom which he called "The Assassin." This custom is based (loosely) on a 7-inch Munny and a 4-inch Foomi, plus lots of other parts and pieces. The piece will be shown at the Urban Decay II show in Virginia in June.  
We are happy to continue supporting Matt, and lots of other toy customizers, as they work to perfect their craft!