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May 31, 2011

Please LIKE the Tenacious Toys Facebook page!

After several years posting to a personal account, we have finally created a Facebook Fan page for Tenacious Toys! Please click on the image above to go to our page and Like it! All further toy updates will appear there. You can continue to harass Benny at his personal page here.

May 30, 2011

Arts Unknown: New pieces by Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman & Doktor A

Doktor A Bella Delamere: The Casino Affair colorway
The first releases from newcomer Arts Unknown are looking strong, with pieces by Doktor A, Gary Baseman and Frank Kozik. Each piece is vinyl and around 8 inches tall, with a run size of 350 pieces. Each figure you see pictured will also have a randomly inserted chase colorway. No word on how rare those are, or indeed actual pics of the chases, but they'll be in there somewhere for a few lucky people.
Frank Kozik's William, Henry and Reginald set in the Natural colorway
 All 3 figures are slated to be released in Q3 of 2011 (July, Aug or September). Frank Kozik's 3-piece set will be priced at $109.99, and the Baseman and Dok A pieces will be $99.99 each. William, the Rhino in Frank Kozik's set, will have a switch-out cigarette to as an additional accessory (which you can switch out for the pipe).
Gary Baseman's Slugilicious figure in the Green colorway
More info on preordering will be updated in this post later. Feel free to email us if you want to get on our list- no money needs to change hands at this time but your figure can be reserved for you if you wish.

Video Volley: Electronics All-Stars

Matt Anderson customizes toys using electronics and heavy sculpting work. As he progresses, his pieces are diverging more sharply from the platforms they are based on. You can find some of Matt's custom Mini Qees here in our shop. Matt has a website and he's on Facebook.

Evilos shares with us the light-up technology he's employing in his current Tron Legacy-themed customs. This is an Android figure, designed by Andrew Bell for Google. We're going to have him working on a few more pieces, exclusively for our shop. Go check Evilos on his website and Facebook.

And of course, when discussing electronics, the survey would not be complete without mentioning TaskOne, the godfather of creative electronics usage in custom toys. Above video is of Task's piece for the "They Came from the Streets" show and it does not have any electronics, but the sculpting is incredible. Go check out TaskOne's website, Facebook and YouTube for more.
TaskOne 10-inch MadL x Lite Brite piece from 2010

May 29, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Mini Kaiju Cupcake teaser #5

NREAZON custom Mini Kaiju Cupcake
When Jon Malmstedt first came to me with his Mini Kaiju Cupcake custom series idea, the first artist that popped into my head was NREAZON. NREAZON already has a pretty big roster of food characters- her logo is a skull ice cream cone! 
As it turns out, NREAZON took the cupcakes we sent her and sculpted the crap out of them. Each of her cupcake pieces is completely different. Above is one of her customs, veiled with my secret blend of Photoshopped cartoonification. OK, OK, it's not really obscured all that much, considering it's supposed to be "teaser"... but there are 4 other NREAZON pieces that look totally different, so it's really not revealing much!

Stay tuned to this blog next week when we'll reveal the ratio info and more clear images of NREAZON's custom Cupcakes, as well as the other 4 artists' work.

Tron Legacy custom Android by Evilos

Tron Legacy custom Android by Evilos
Mental note: keep tabs on Christopher Avalos. This Burbank resident works in the film industry and picked up a few DIY Androids from us a while back. All of a sudden, some sick custom Androids start popping up on his Facebook page. Coincidence? I think not. We have some talented clients! 
Excited to see more work from Evilos. FYI he's @EvilosArt on Twitter.
Tron Legacy custom Android by Evilos (WIP)

May 28, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Mini Kaiju Cupcake teaser #4

OsirisOrion Mini Kaiju Cupcake custom
Every time I ask OsirisOrion to participate in a project I'm involved in, he brings me world-class work. Above is a poorly-veiled image of one of OsirisOrion's custom Mini Kaiju Cupcakes done for our collaborative blind-box custom series we're putting together with Rampage Toys

To recap: the artist roster is OsirisOrion, Nasty Neil, NREAZON, Justin Hillgrove and Jon Malmstedt. The pieces are about 2 inches tall, and the resin platforms were hand-crafted by Jon Malmstedt. Each custom will retail for $35. There are 25 blind-boxed pieces in this series, with one Golden Ticket randomly inserted. We have one more teaser to tease you with (NREAZON) and then we'll start promoting the release next week! Release date TBA soon. This release will take place on the Tenacious Toys website.

Kaos the Klown Munny custom by B.A.L.D.

B.A.L.D. shares with us more of his finely crafted custom work: this is a 7" custom Kidrobot Munny titled Kaos the Klown.  He comes with a custom axe accessory and he's for sale in the CTU store here, along with several other customs by B.A.L.D. and other CTU artists. Nice work!

Halfbad Toyz: Smash Tokyo Toys X Halfbad Toyz reveal!

"Look for these to be released real soon with Smash Tokyo Toys. They will be insanely limited...."
These awesome 6-inch resin robot figures are a Smash Tokyo Toys design, brought to life in the mad CT laboratory of Halfbad Toyz! 
Warning: I WILL be gunning for an exclusive colorway run of these figures. It's not set in stone yet but Halfbad and I will be talking soon about that.
Our last collab with Halfbad was a Pearl White run of their Skekiltor figure, and although I'd like to stay consistent, I am aware that Halfbad has a variety of resin color/tint options that they can use. I am open to colorway suggestions!

May 27, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Mini Kaiju Cupcake teaser #3

Today's teaser is one of Nasty Neil's custom Mini Kaiju Cupcakes, which he dubbed the "Illuminati Swag Demons". Nasty Neil is the force behind I Will Not Be a Wasted Talent- a true renaissance man, Neil works in music, art and fashion. On any given night, he might be creating beats, crafting jewelry, customizing toys, smoking blunts, tweeting about girls who wear Uggs, or wandering around Manhattan. Or all of the above, at the same time. He's dangerous.
Full reveals of Neil's customs, more teasers and more info on this Rampage Toys x Tenacious Toys series to be released soon.

May 26, 2011

Uglydolls to be turned into animated film

Actually, I'm surprised it took them this long. Excerpt:

Illumination Entertainment chief Chris Meledandri has acquired rights to turn the Uglydoll franchise into an animated feature film. Universal Pictures and Illumination will develop the film based on the global line of Uglydoll characters launched by husband-wife artist team David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. Meet the Fockers scribe Larry Stuckey will write the script, inspired by the dolls and stories created by Horvath and Kim.

 Full article here:

SNEAK PEEK: Mini Kaiju Cupcake teaser #2

Justin Hillgrove Mini Kaiju Cupcake Teaser
See? Now I'm just messing with you, thanks to Photoshop. This is a teaser of one of Justin Hillgrove's custom Mini Kaiju Cupcake figures that he did for the Mini Kaiju Cupcake Custom Blind Box Series. Justin the is man behind Imps and Monsters. More teasers to come. Next up: Nasty Neil!

May 24, 2011

Patricio Oliver Beast Rider Ruby Paladin Giveaway at OppLOL

We've provided OpportunityLOL a 7.5-inch Patricio Oliver Beast Rider figure to give away on their site. Click here to go to their review and read details of this giveaway. 
For your reference, here are their rules and ways to win:
For up to 3 chances to win this giveaway follow all of the steps below. If chosen by as the winner please be prepared to email your name and shipping information. Good luck everyone!
  1. "Like" the Opportunity LOL Facebook page and post on the wall/comment on the Beast Rider post.
  2. Tweet @OpportunityLOL, @TenaciousToys , and @thetenebrae you want to win! For instance: "I want to win the EPIC Beast Rider by @thetenebrae from @tenacioustoys being given away by @OpportunityLOL" A bit of a tongue twister, but it works!
  3. Join the Opportunity LOL e-mail list! If you join the email list you will receive an entry into ALL giveaways done on Opp LOL from now on and will receive an e-mail when future giveaways occur so you can find out the item you may win + enter additional ways.

May 23, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Mini Kaiju Cupcake Custom Blind Box Series Teasers

Teaser WIP image of the 5 pieces Jon Malmstedt is contributing to this series
We have a great project in the works in collaboration with Rampage Toys: a blind-box Mini Kaiju Cupcake series! Featuring 5 artists, this 25-piece series is based on the 2-inch Mini Kapukeeki Kaiju resin figure designed and casted by Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys

Each artist is contributing 5 hand-painted Mini Kaiju Cupcake figures. Blind boxes will cost $35 apiece and there will be a Golden Ticket randomly inserted into one of the boxes which will get the recipient a 5x7 inch original art piece by Rampage Toys.

Artist Roster:
Jon Malmstedt (Rampage Toys)
Justin Hillgrove (Imps and Monsters)
Nasty Neil (Wasted Talent)

Top picture is a WIP shot of Jon Malmstedt's pieces. More teasers to follow in upcoming days! 
Release date to be announced soon. 

Below are the pieces Jon executed for the TAG show which inspired his design for these minis.
Close-up of the Mini and full-sized Kaiju Cupcake pieces Jon did for the TAG show

Top view of Mini and full-size Kaiju Cupcake in the TAG show

SCRIBE Solo show May 26th at Gallery1988 in LA

"BAGGAGE & FREEDOM" by D. Ross "scribe"
opening reception Thursday, May 26th from 7-10pm at Gallery1988: Melrose

Gallery1988: Melrose is proud to present "Baggage & Freedom," a solo exhibit from Kansas City artist D. Ross, better known as "Scribe." This Thursday, May 26th, from 7-10 PM, come celebrate with the artist, as G1988 unveils the paintings and sculptures of one of the most sought after vinyl artists working today. Enter Scribe's signature world of playful animals and graffiti, with his most extensive body of work to date. The gallery will also have a limited time installation from Scribe, so make sure to come to the opening to see it! This show will run through July 1st. Stay tuned to the Gallery1988 blog for more details.

Gallery1988: Melrose  
7020 Melrose Ave.  
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 937 - 7088 

May 21, 2011

5 inch DIY Mini Qees by Toy2R in stock

5-inch Mini Qee DIY platforms are in stock now! At only $15, these figures are direct competition to the Kidrobot offerings (Kidrobot's 7-inch Munnys are more expensive at $24.99, and their 4-inch Munnyworld figures like Foomi are smaller and cost $9.95). 7 styles of Mini Qee available: Bear, Toyer, Cat, Mon, Pig, Sprayee and Bunny. 
Click here to see all of the DIY figures we have in stock.

May 20, 2011

Doktor A Humphrey Mooncalf Verdigris edition by Pobber Toys

The multi-piece Doktor A Humphrey Mooncalf Verdigris edition figure is limited to 100 pieces and made by Pobber Toys. Designed by Doktor A, one of Benny's favorite artists, these 8-inch figures feature a carefully applied paint job that echoes the green/blue aging patina of old bronze. We are fortunate to have been able to order a case to sell at Tenacious Toys, and you can buy yours here. These figures should arrive today or tomorrow.

All 4 Sketchbots now available at Tenacious Toys

Sketchbot v.3
All four Sketchbots are now available here for $35 each. Each Sketchbot has 6 points of articulation and comes with a sticker and an art accessory (or, in the case of the DIY below, all 6 accessories!). Sketchbot is the brainchild of graphic designer Steve Talkowski.
DIY Sketchbot
Sketchbot v.2
Sketchbot v.1

May 19, 2011

Getting Big: 36-inch custom Sharky Show May 20th

Opening Reception: May 20; 7pm-11pm @ Toy Tokyo Underground, 91 Second Ave

ToyQube custom 36" Sharky featuring: Frank Kozik, Jason Freeny, KaNO, Keithing, Luke Chueh, Ron English & Tristan Eaton. All pieces will be for sale.

Smaller DIY Sharky figures will be on sale during the event. Take home your own Sharky to make a one of kind custom!

For more info:  

Project Detonate Poison Sweet by Happy Panda

Produced by: Happy Panda Toys
Designed by: Project Detonate (aka Yosiell Lorenzo)
Size: 5.8" Tall  5.5" wide
Edition of: 500
4 Points of Articulation
Comes with Poison Cupcake Accessory
Full Color Gift Box w/ magnetic enclosure

Hot Foo Foo Bonesuckers

These guys are called Bonesuckers....for the very obvious reason that they like to sit around sucking on bones. They're at the bottom of the food chain and the last of the scavengers to move in on a carcass, and there they'll sit in a little huddle making disgusting slurping noises for days and sometimes weeks if the animal is large enough.
Each one is hand made so they can vary in size a little but pretty much around 2" in diameter. They come packaged in a bag with header card, the bone is removable and different accessories for them to suck on will be made available at a later date.

Each figure costs $15 plus shipping and is available here
To Follow Jimmy Foo, the creator of Bonesuckers, check out his blog.

Magenta Morning Garuru by Itokin Park

I'm a big fan of the weird toys that Super7 sells. I don't even own any, nor do I sell them at Tenacious Toys, but I thought this one was worthy of some page time on my blog. Garuru is made by Itokin Park:

Itokin Park is at it again! The Magenta Morning Garuru is up at first light, but can't quite get his eyes open. Magenta vinyl with black, blue, gray, orange and gold sprays helps the elusive and sleepy Garuru hide in the sunrise and ease into his day. Available Friday, May 20th, 12noon Pacific, unless he sleeps in....

The Monster Family Magenta Morning Garuru is 4" tall, $35 ea.

May 15, 2011

Munnyworld Customs by B.A.L.D.

"Killer Kitty" custom Tricky by B.A.L.D.

"Lil' Skully Loco" custom mini Munny by B.A.L.D.

"Monster Mutant Motoring Club" custom Roos by B.A.L.D.

"Phantom Reduxe" custom mini Munny by B.A.L.D.

"Mutant Zombie Raffi" custom Raffi by B.A.L.D.
These are custom Munnyworld figures, originally created to be submitted to Kidrobot's Munnyworld custom contest. B.A.L.D. (Bryan Lopez) is constantly creating, so definitely go follow him at the following links to stay in touch:

The Little Prince Art Toys

Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince in English) is a fairy tale, of sorts, written in 1942 by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and published simultaneously in French and English in 1943. I'm pretty sure my mother read this one to me as a child. In any case, it's been on my radar all my life but might not be on yours. Definitely worth looking into, you can buy it on Amazon.

So it is interesting to me that now, 60+ years later, the title character of this piece of children's literature has been translated into a limited-edition art toy. The toys are about 9.5 inches tall, they're hand-painted and are clothed in real fabric. Buy the toys here, and find out more about the world of Le Petit Prince here.

May 14, 2011

Lilo Cosplay Stitch in stock

After one heckuva wait, we finally have our shipment of MINDstyle x Disney Lilo "Cosplay" STITCH figures in stock! This 5-inch figure is part of the MINDstyle x Disney STITCH Experiment 626 Artist Series, and the artist that designed for the paint for this one is Jenny Chung. 
Super cute, worth the wait! Buy yours here.

Open-box tokidoki Unicornos now available

Click here to buy tokidoki Unicornos 2-inch vinyl figures as blind-box or open-box.

May 6, 2011

Den Ramos custom "Prepare for Glory" for Cast in Plastic show

"Prepare for Glory" custom for Cast in Plastic show
A beautifully executed custom by local hero Den Ramos (aka Mr. Den), this piece will be shown at Domy Books in Houston, TX on starting on May 14th at 7PM. A show curated by my friend, customer and associate Marie Ung, the Cast In Plastic show will be showcasing a truckload of local and global talent in the designer toy scene. For more pics of this custom, check Mr. Den's Flickr. Also hit up the Cast in Plastic blog and Facebook page. Here's more about the show from Marie herself:

Cast In Plastic: Art from the Designer Toy Revolution will be the very first
Custom Toy Show in Houston, Texas. The show will encompass 30+ different
artists from around the globe. Each artists will display their work on a
variety of vinyl platforms. They have been hand selected because of diverse
concepts, background and skills. The introduction of this scene will allow
viewers of different age, groups and demographics to participate in this
movement; whether it would be from buying, selling, collecting, creating
customs or educating others about it. Houston has a very large art community
and the Custom Toy scene would be a great addition to our diverse culture.

Artist roster:
Abe Lincoln Jr.
Andrew Shondrick
Brett Osborne
Christian Navarrette
Daniel Anguilu
Fried Gold Productions
Ian Ziobrowski
Igor Ventura
James Fuller
Jay Bramhall
Jeremiah Ketner
Julie Truong
George Lamontagne
Lara Slater
Luihz Unreal
Malo Customs
Martin Hsu
Matt Anderson
Mr. Den
Ryan the Wheelbarrow
Valerie G
Zam Art

May 1, 2011

Inside Toy Street: Big Kev's Geek Stuff Interviews the Movers & Shakers

Kev and OG from Big Kev's Geek Stuff were on hand during Toy Street 2011 to interview some of the people that made the show a success: Ron English, Steve Talkowski, my customer Amanda, Eric from Argonaut Resins and Selena from The Jelly Empire
Big Kev interviewed also interviewed me at Toy Street, but I just crank-called his Sirius radio show the other day so he might have cut my interview out... jerk.