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March 30, 2011

Taking orders for Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh Mini Qee

“How would you like to spend the next several nights wondering if your crazy, out-of-work, bum uncle will shave your head while you sleep?” – Uncle Buck

He’s the uncle who hates visits.
The odd one without a care.
Run away if he comes calling,
Or he’ll burn you with his stare!

Uncle Argh has been taken directly from Scott Tolleson’s original custom 5inch Mini Qee from the NYC Loves QEE event from February. Due to popular demand, Toy2R is pleased to bring this custom to life as a limited edition 5-inch production piece dropping this summer, just in time to get the party started! Price will be $28 each. Email us if you want one, we've already placed our order!
You can find out more about Scott Tolleson on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

March 29, 2011

Jelly Bot Mini Resin Figures by Argonaut Resins

Eric from Argonaut Resins shares with us his next collaborative project: mini resin Jelly Bot figures designed by Selina Briggs of Jelly Empire! These sweet minis look to be about 2 inches tall and there will be an assortment of colorways available for purchase at MOCCA (the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) in NYC April 9th & 10th. Eric is casting GIDs, clear tints, solids, jades, magnetic versions and ones with keychains, so this really is an all-out launch! Current run size is about 25 to 30 pieces and you have to show up in person to MOCCA to grab one of these figures.

March 27, 2011

Video Coverage of the Dem Bonez custom show at Zakka

My friend and brother in toys, OsirisOrion, gives us this sweet video coverage of the "Dem Bonez: The Reconstruction" custom show at Zakka, a Brooklyn toy/music/lifestyle boutique near the waterfront at 155 Plymouth Street. This excellent show was curated by another buddy of mine, Den Ramos, who works for SEEN at his tattoo shop. The platform is a bunch of factory samples that SEEN had stashed away in a closet- a toy that was never put into full production. Den tapped a number of graf artists and people who we normally do not see in our little toy customizing community, so it's definitely a show with a lot of new talent (new to me, anyway).

Props to Den for pulling it off; SEEN, Toshiki and Zakka for allowing it to happen; and all the artists in the show who came thru with amazing custom work. It was nice to see the NYC crew there: Sucklord, Billy Roids, Simeon Lipman, NEMO, Tony Depew, OsirisOrion, Den and Justin Ramos, Rednose, Mr. Munk, Marka, Lou Pimentel, ZAM, Pon, Grim, Stephen Donaldson, Steve Talkowski and his lovely wife, Matt Seigelbaum and his kids- the next generation of toy artists- and J*RYU who is, of course, an honorary New Yorker. Also showing were my customers Fernando and Amanda, to whom I am eternally indebted for their support.

This was a sweet show and I highly recommend stopping in to Zakka to take a look in person.

March 23, 2011

Matt Anderson Anar-Qees release tonight, 10PM EST

"Face Off" custom Mini Qee Bunnee by Matt Anderson
The Matt Anderson x Tenacious Toys exclusive "Anar-Qee" custom series is set to release tonight at 10PM EST here in our Matt Anderson section. There is a preview of each figure up right now so you can see all the customs from every angle.
"Time of Death" custom Mini Qee Toyer by Matt Anderson
 Matt's signature neo-steampunk style incorporates metallic paint jobs, real working gears and mechanisms and working electronics. Complex and visually dynamic, Matt*A's style is instantly recognizable.
"The Flasher" custom Mini Qee Sprayee by Matt Anderson
 Don't miss this opportunity to grab some of Matt's earliest pieces, as well as some of the VERY first customs on the new Toy2R 5-inch Mini Qee platform!
"Onikuma" custom Mini Qee Bear by Matt Anderson

Hawaiian Domo Qees in stock now

These lovely 2-inch Hawaiian Domo Qees are in stock now in clear and metallic blue colorways. Once an Asia exclusive release, only 800 of each colorway was shipped into the US and we got some! 
$8.99 each- click here to buy them.

March 21, 2011

3A WWRP Large Martins shipping to us soon

We've just been notified by 3A that the 9-inch WWRP Large Martins will be shipping out to us in about a week. We are currently collecting preorders and payments as these figures are selling out fast (2 of the 5 Large Martins are already sold out). Only $45 for a highly articulated 'bot designed by Ashley Wood. Orders over $100 qualify for our free shipping promo. 

March 16, 2011

Andrew Bell's DIY Android figures now in stock

Get your custom on with these sweet 3-inch-tall blank white DIY Android vinyl figures. 
Only $6.50 each. Buy one here.

Designed by Andrew Bell for Google, Inc and Android.

Exclusive Anar-Qee Custom Mini Qee Series by Matt Anderson

"Time of Death" custom Mini Qee by Matt Anderson
After stumbling across Matt Anderson somewhere online, and working with him on the Toy2R 2011 Preview Party Mini Qee custom show, we were super impressed with his unique, technical, electrified neo-steampunk style (I think I just made up the term neo-steampunk). 
He's always been excited to get more of his work out there, and we are equally excited to see what he makes, so we orchestrated a Tenacious Toys x Matt Anderson exclusive custom series as quickly as possible... and here's what Matt made for us: a 4-piece series using a variety of Toy2R 5-inch Mini Qees as platforms for his unique style of customization! Matt dubbed this series the "Anar-Qee" series. We're just incredibly impressed with the quality of work!

"Face Off" custom Mini Qee by Matt Anderson

"Onikuma" custom Mini Qee by Matt Anderson
"The Flasher" custom Mini Qee by Matt Anderson
 Matt is sending these customs our way soon. When we get 'em, we'll put them up for sale in our newly created Matt Anderson page on our website. Each one-of-a-kind piece will retail for $225. For now, you can check out all the pictures, including some WIP shots, here
Also make sure you are following Matt on Twitter and Facebook. Soon he's gonna be super famous and you'll get to tell all your toy nerd friends "Oh, yeah, Matt Anderson? Yeah I know him, I've been following his work for 2 years already. Get with it, son."

Win a 3A WWRP Large Martin Iron Panda from Atomic Martians

We are working with Atomic Martians to provide one of the coolest contest prizes ever: a WWRP Large Martin Iron Panda 9-inch figure, currently being manufactured by ThreeA. (Yes, we know: they have not yet been shipped to us, but we've set aside this one from our incoming shipment as a contest prize!) Go here to learn more about the contest and find out how to enter. 
You can also keep up with Atomic Martians on Twitter and Facebook.

March 15, 2011

Sneakerhead Prototypes Revealed by Cookies N Cream

Cookies N Cream has just released images of the prototypes of their resin Sneakerhead figures! Mekazoo helped refine the concept and our friend END of Argonaut Resins did the prototyping for what might prove to be the ultimate sneakerhead fanboy collectible figure! Read more here.

March 13, 2011

Joe Ledbetter Chinese Zodiac cases up for preorder

The next mini figure series from Joe Ledbetter is this Chinese Zodiac-themed series of 3-inch vinyl mini figures. Produced by PlayImaginative, this series will be released to retailers in July. We've locked in our order and we now have full cases (containing the full set of 12) available for preorder for $180. 
For this item, we are offering a payment plan where you send us one third ($60) at the time of your purchase as a non-refundable deposit. The remainder of your payment will be due when the figures are ready to ship in July.
Later on, if we have a few cases left, we will break them up and sell them as individual figures.

March 10, 2011

NEMO Tiki Godz Collection: Piece #6 SOLD!

So we've had a long relationship established with Mike "NEMO" Mendez where we have been acting as the official and exclusive retailer of his tiki-themed custom toys and carvings. But honestly, that arrangement is kind of difficult when NEMO's pieces sell essentially before leaving his studio! 
I think I might have to make him sign a contract or something... 
just kidding! 
NEMO rocks and we, of course, fully support his artwork, no matter who buys it or where they buy it from! NEMO's been banging on a material called balsafoam, which he finds fun to work with. He's been gearing up for a full-on tiki assault by honing his skills on the balsafoam, while simultaneously collecting nice blocks of wood at his studio. Next step in the NEMO Tiki Assault is goin' big: chainsaws and chisels! Expect to see some real, traditional wood tiki carvings from NEMO in the near future. Turns out the various balsafoam tiki carvings that NEMO's been working on have been studies for more ambitious pieces he plans to carve out of wood. 
This latest carving is Tiki #6: a 6-inch carving from balsafoam. Already in the hands of the new owner! Stay tuned to our NEMO section for more products from Mike Mendez, including a series of 4-inch collectible vinyl tikis based on Mimoco's Vimobot platform!

Half Off Matt Anderson Commissions, Today Only!

"Onikuma," a custom Mini Qee made by Matt Anderson for Tenacious Toys
It's Matt Anderson's birthday today, and he's giving YOU a present: book a commission with him today for a mini figure (Mini Qee, Mini Munny, etc) and get it for half off! That's a very generous offer from a talented artist. 
Above is a picture of the type of work that Matt does: steampunk-esque with a healthy shot of electronics and mixed media. The figure above will be for sale at Tenacious Toys as a part of Matt's "Anar-Qee" custom series. When he finishes the last piece, the entire series will be for sale (at full price of course) on our website. 
If you want you very OWN Matt*A commission, however, today is a good time to contact him. 
You can find Matt on his website, Twitter and Facebook.

8inch Flocked Vinyl Snoopy Figures by Dark Horse

These awesome 8-inch flocked vinyl Snoopy figures will be released in September by Dark Horse. 
The white "classic" version seen above will be produced in an open run. 
The other colors, seen, below, will be produced in very limited quantities:
Green, Orange and Violet will be produced in runs of 750 pieces each. Blue, Pink and Yellow will be produced in runs of 500 pieces each. Rarest of them all will be the Brown colorway with a run size of 300 pieces. Price for any of the colors will be $29.99. 
Please email us if you want to buy one as we will have to put in our order soon.

Dem Bonez Custom Show at Zakka March 25

Dem Bonez, a vinyl platform created by the godfather of graffiti, SEEN. from Tenacious Toys on Vimeo.

A few years ago, SEEN wanted to get these Dem Bonez figures made, but the manufacturer couldn't get the design quite right, so SEEN pulled the plug on the project and put all the sample figures he had into storage.

Den Ramos (tattoo artist, illustrator, painter and sculptor) works for Richie SEEN at his shop and discovered these figures stashed away. Since SEEN is a mentor of sorts for Den, Den really wanted the Dem Bonez figures to see the light of day and convinced SEEN to let him use the figures for a custom show.

Luckily for us, SEEN said "Hey slick, take em' all. Do whatever ya want wit em" and the wheels were set in motion. (Hence the name of the show: "Dem Bonez the Reconstruction") The Dem Bonez show evolved quickly with Den Ramos and Mike Mendez co-curating, pulling together a group of bad-ass artists to work their magic on this worthy platform...

The opening night is March 25th, 6-9pm at Zakka: 155 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY.

March 3, 2011

Super Punch Tarot Exhibition at Bear and Bird

Curated by Super Punch blogman John Struan!
Check out his blog at

Sneak preview of artwork will be available for online purchase, Friday, March 4th at 9am

Artwork by an international group of super punchy artists: Aaron Miller; Adam Koford; Bethalynne Bajema; Brent Engstrom; Brent Nolasco; Brigid Ashwood; Britt Wilson; Casey Weldon; Cormac McEvoy; Dan Goodsell; Dave Perillo; Dean Reeves; E.G. Gauger; Eric Wirjanata; Franco Brambilla; Geoffrey Trapp; Geoffrey Trapp; Heather Hudson; J. Shea; Jason Chalker; Jerrod Maruyama; Jerrod Maruyama; Joe Alterio; Justin Van Genderen; Kat Brunnegraff; Ken Turner; M.S. Corley; Mario Graciotti; Meghan Murphy; Melita Curphy; Mindy Lee; Nancy Dorsner; Roman Laney; Rosemary Travale; San Smith; Santiago Matias Caruso; Squink!; Steam Crow; Stephanie Buscema; Sven Ruthner; The Beast Brothers and MORE!

Message from John Straun:  
"For the third anniversary of my pop art website Super Punch, I invited my favorite artists to create a work of art. Asking them to create Tarot cards seemed like a a good way to unify the creations, while allowing the artists' disparate styles to shine. The resulting artwork includes sculptures, paintings, and digital work, and ranges from the kawaii to the macabre, and funny to faithful. Please, enjoy the show."