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February 25, 2011

3A Toys - ABC Warriors: Mongrol and the Mess 2000AD

3A Toys - Mongrol 2000AD, originally uploaded by hellovinyl.
The Mongrol and the Mess 2000AD figures will be about 12 inches high and something like 14 inches wide. We've placed out order for these figures now so please email us if you want one, as we'll be buying in limited quantities. They will be $250 each and will ship to us in June 2011. This time around our payment plan will be simple: a non-refundable payment of one third of your total due at the time of your order (for US customers, this will be $83.33). The rest of the payment will be due when ThreeA asks us for our payment just before shipping.

February 24, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: Zombie Chuck Blue Tenacious Toys Exclusive

OK, yes, it's sorta silly to show you a "teaser" image of a figure we've already fully revealed... but here's the teaser of the header tag of our upcoming Tenacious Toys Exclusive blue Zombie Chuck figure by Brian Fyffe. Our shipment will arrive in a matter of days and we'll have these up for sale for $15 each in our Exclusives section soon!

ZAM's Pieces for When Worlds Collide Show at Screaming Sky

This collection of figures represents the haunting souls of past Asian arts.

The simple folds of an intricate origami.
The well polished allure of a geisha.
The calculated swiftness of a samurai sword.
The simple beauty of a hand-crafted kokeshi.

All art dies.
Some linger.
Some perish.
But eventually all meet their demise.
Zam is the owner/operator of Genuine Artikle, a lifestyle boutique in Lake Ronkonkoma, LI, NY. In addition to operating GA, Zam is an accomplished tattoo artist, a toy customizer and a personal friend of ours.

When Worlds Collide is a group show curated by f+ (Josh Pearce). The show includes pieces by some of our very favorite artists: Zam, DrilOne, Josh Pearce, Map Map, Nerviswr3k, Chauskoskis and Kevin Gosselin. The show opens Feb 24 at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portalnd, OR.

February 17, 2011

NYC Loves Qee Party and Mini Qee Custom Show recap

On Monday February 14th, we teamed up with Toy2R and Yoyamart to help launch Toy2R's new products in 2011. On display were the Kaiju Bossy Bear figures, the new 2-inch Domo Series, and the protos for Skelanimals Series 2... but the big draw was the launch of Toy2R's new low-priced 5-inch DIY platform, the Mini Qee! With seven different head shapes, the $15 Mini Qees are sure to be favorites with artists and toy customizers of all stripes.

To help promote the new Mini Qee platforms, Toy2R asked me to help curate a custom Mini Qee show which would be a one-night-only event happening at Yoyamart during Toy Fair 2011. Yoyamart has had a VERY long relationship with Toy2R, even longer than Tenacious Toys, so it was only natural that the wonderful, bright and open Yoyamart shop at 15 Gansevoort Street would be chosen for the event. (The event was dubbed "NYC Loves Qee" and from these pics you can definitely see that we do indeed love our Qees here in NYC!)

I picked 19 of the best artists I knew to customize the Bear shape of the Mini Qees- these Mini Qees, in fact, were some of the very first to come into the US. (Currently Yoyamart is the ONLY US shop to have ANY Mini Qees at all, so definitely hit them up if you are looking to get your hands on the platform. Most of the artists who attended walked out with their arms full of the new Mini Qees to work on at home!)

The artists we called upon were: NEMO, Mr. Munk, Ian Ziobrowski, Zam, Mr. Den, Nerviswr3k, Rsin, Matt Anderson, Bryan Allen Collins, LYS0L, Phetus, Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys, J*RYU, NREAZON, Grimsheep, Foox, Tony Depew, Dinky Cow and Southerndrawl. The custom work submitted to this show was nothing short of spectacular, and I'm not just saying that because we helped curate. Each piece was expertly executed, and on a short timeline to boot. Each of the artists mentioned above worked hard and created something wonderful, so my most heartfelt congratulations and gratitude is in order to each an every one of those ladies and gentlemen. (It should be noted that the Custom Toy Union curated some Mini Qee pieces, and Kevin Winnik curated even more pieces for this show.)

The party was a great success, thanks in no small part to Stephane, the perenially positive owner of Yoyamart; Kevin Winnik, head of Toy2RUSA; Matt Siegelbaum of Strongtree Images who shot all the pics in this post and many more; and of course all the artists who contributed work to this show to make it as strong as it was. We had dozens of artists show up; collectors, industry reps, the heads of companies, celebrities (see if you can spot any in the online gallery!)... champagne was enjoyed by all and it was a blast from start to finish!

Many retailers have already ordered the Mini Qees, and they will be showing up in other US shops eventually. For now, if you want one, you need to head to Yoyamart.
There are many more amazing pictures of this show: pics of the customs as well as people shots. I urge you to go check out the public gallery on Strongtree Images- you can share your favorite pics on Facebook, embed them into your blogs, tweet them... go nuts!
I'd like to thank Kevin Winnik for asking me to help curate; this was a really fun project and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm looking forward to curating more toy shows in the future.
The 20 custom Qees that I curated will be up in a special page in the Customs section of Tenacious Toys, and all the pieces that did not sell right there at the show, will be for sale on that page of 
In the near future, look for MANY Tenacious Toys artist collaborations featuring the artists in this show. I have already lined up projects with a bunch of them.

OsirisOrion jumps back into customizing...

My friend OsirisOrion recently had surgery on his wrist so he just started to ease back into customizing with some really basic, simple work... 
Just kidding! For his first custom post-surgery, he annihilated this Alien Argus piece with some Monster Kolor paints for the late March show at Toy Art Gallery. Orisis cannot be stopped. He is now bionic, possessing superhuman painting abilities. 
Look for an OsirisOrion x Tenacious Toys custom mini figure series coming soon! Woo-ha, bet you didn't see that one coming! Stay tuned... in the mean time check out Osiris' website and Flickr page.

February 11, 2011

Tomopop Unboxing Video: Tara McPherson Magic Love Hello Kitty

Collette from Tomopop unboxes a Magic Love Hello Kitty figure we sent her! We are now sold out of this figure but you can find the accompanying Visell Bad Badtz Maru and Junkocat Chococat figures (also Sanrio x Kidrobot collaborative figures) at Tenacious Toys for $39.95 each. Basically, each 6-inch vinyl figure in this series is an artist's take on a Sanrio character. Pretty cool!

February 8, 2011

Atomic Martians Video Preview of Tenacious Exclusive Zombie Chuck figure

Atomic Martians quite unexpectedly offers up a preview of our upcoming Zombie Chuck resin figure exclusive (starts at about 8:15 in the video). In case you missed our last blog post about this, Brian Fyffe poured us an exclusive blue run of his 5-inch Zombie Chuck figure. This will be the first of several figures Brian will be pouring, all based on characters from his Zombie Chuck comic. They are in transit on the way to us now and they'll be selling for $15 each. Stay tuned for more info! Thanks to Atomic Martians for being awesome!

February 6, 2011

Ian Ziobrowski Sabertooth Custom Dunny Commission

During Nuggs' hustle he encounters many species, either wanting his crop or wanting his flesh.   In this fight for survival you never know what's gonna pop up.  Lets just be happy that Nuggs got away from this one.
"Sabertooth" custom 3-inch Dunny by Ian Ziobrowski, commissioned by a VERY lucky private collector. How is this level of detail even POSSIBLE on a 3-inch toy?
I think Ian can shrink himself down to 3 inches tall to get those tiny brush strokes in.
You should definitely follow Ian and his custom work here.

Exclusive First Look @ Perry The Sea Wanderer from Plastic Culture

 Work-in-progress images of the upcoming 8-inch Perry the Sea Wanderer figures designed by our friends at Thunderpanda, and produced by Plastic Culture. Spotted on TRE at the following link:

February 4, 2011

NYC Loves Qee: Toy2R Toy Fair Preview Party Feb 14th in NYC

Toy2R invites you to experience the next generation of fun during our Toy Fair Preview Party being held at Yoyamart on February 14th. Come out and take a peek at their 2011 projects and join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Qee. Yoyamart will play host to our NYC Loves QEE Show and the unveiling of:
  • 5inch Mini Qee DIY Collection – Our the newest 5″ scale Qee opens the genre to new artists and new possibilities. With a SRP of $15 each – DIY customizing doesn’t have to break the bank – just the rules!
  • In addition, there will be more than 40 original customized 5inch Mini Qees to illustrate the realm of possibilities using Qee! Customs by Jason Freeny, Jon Paul Kaiser, ViseOne, Scott Tolleson, Voltaire, MCA, Pocket Wookie, Atypical, A Little Stranger, NEMO, Mr. Den, Ian Ziobrowski, ZAM, Mr. Munk, Dinky Cow, NREAZON, Grimsheep, Foox, J*RYU, Rampage Toys, Phetus, LYSOL, Bryan Allen Collins, Matt Anderson, RSIN, Nerviswr3k, Kim Mayhew, Southerndrawl, Tony DePew and more!
  • First public preview of Toy2R’s collaboration with CTU for 2011!
  • Plus it will be your very first chance to pick up a 5inch Mini Qee DIY before anyone else in the world!
  • 5inch Kaiju Bossy Bear by David Horvath – the evolution of the classic character created by the mind behind the Uglydoll phenom, continues to explore new variations. Come see what Bossy Bear has been up to and how he has transformed into the biggest thing since….well, him!
  • 2.5inch Skelanimal Qees Series 2 – Cooler than the Dead, Toy2R breaks loose with the follow-up to the best selling Skelanimal Qee Assortment from last year. WIth new designs by Voltaire, Lunabee, Pocket Wookie, Nick Z, Albert Art and PO! – Qee takes the Skelanimal theme on another journey through art and imagination!
  • New Qee-Shells – Gotta see them to get them!
  • Domo Qees – Courtesy of Dark Horse – the newly released 7inch Domo Qees will be displayed as well as a sneak peek at SERIES 3 of Domo Qees – taking over the world is the definition of Domonation! Come out to see why!
Plus surprises, custom Qees of all sizes, special guests and more – all awaiting to be your date on the 14th! Come out and celebrate with Toy2R and see why Qee continues to be a best selling platform for the past ten years!


Join the Qeevolution and experience the next generation of fun….it’s Qee!

Argonauts Resin: Wave 2 Red Tuttz release date!

The last wave of the ToysRevil Exclusive Red Tuttz are ready for launch! END added some glow in the dark pieces (GIDs) in this round along with a TRE logo-inspired color scheme, fully rendered custom figure so you get a 3rd chase bonus (so this wave is 3 regular figures, and 3 chases!). These last six Tuttz will be available Monday Feb. 7th at 9PM est. in the Argonaut Resins online store.

February 3, 2011

Cake Caps and much more from Rampage launching Friday

Rampage Toys will be launching a bunch of new toys tomorrow (Friday Feb 4th) in their web store. Cake Caps, pictured above, are 3-inch tall resin & vinyl custom pieces that will be sold blind-boxed for $25 each. There will be chases and one will include Rampage Toys artwork as a bonus! A smorgasbord of custom toy goodness. Read more about what Jon Malmstedt has to offer and what's new in the world of Rampage Toys in his blog post here.

February 1, 2011

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Blue Zombie Chuck resin figure

We are pleased as punch to support Brian Fyffe and the upcoming comic-con tour of his Zombie Chuck comic book by carrying this exclusive Tenacious blue colorway of the titular character, Zombie Chuck! Sadly, according to the story, Chuck gets turned into a zombie. Fortunately, he comes back from the dead to discover that he has amazing powers! He uses his newfound powers to rescue his girlfriend Lily from an evil robot from space.

This detailed 5-inch resin figure is cast in a very limited run by Adam of Adam Smith Studios in Kansas City. Price will be $15, and we will post up again once the figures have arrived (on their way right now!) Till then, you can read more about Brian Fyffe and Zombie Chuck at, and you can friend Brian on Facebook.

About Brian Fyffe:
Brian grew up outside Dayton, OH, playing in the radioactive fallout drifting out of Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He is currently living in Kansas City and working as a commercial illustrator for companies like Adobe, Leapfrog, Hallmark and many others. Brian's art is inspired by Basil Wolverton, Bruce Timm, Jack Davis, Jeff Smith and Dick Briefer. In general, he digs 60s and 70s cereal premiums and monster culture from the same era.

What the future holds for Zombie Chuck:
Starting this March, you will find Brian touring around the comic cons. The follow-up figure to Chuck will be another prominent character from Book 1 of the Zombie Chuck series. Aside from the comic, which you can buy here, Brian has made Zombie Chuck t-shirts, buttons, stickers and more! 
Book 2 will be released in the fall, along with 2 more figures and accompanying merchandise.