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December 30, 2010

Trains of Fame: Group Show in Paris, January 2011

I've been getting periodic updates from Vincent, creator of the Trains of Fame miniature subway cars, for quite some time now. I have been meaning to give him a nice post on this blog but with the holidays coming up and my main focus being packing orders, my blogging has been spotty at best.

But Vincent sent me this killer video, and I finally have time to give him the proper page space he deserves, so here's all you need to know about Trains of Fame:

The platform itself is a miniature version (52cm long) of the Parisian subway cars (French people call the subway "le metro"). Vincent and his crew pulled together over 100 European graffiti artists, each bombing, in miniature, a full subway car. This concept is both antithetical to, and a natural progression of, the concept of bombing a real subway car, as it is legal and fun and these guys can readily admit to doing these pieces and showing them off...

The Trains of Fame group show will be held January 7 thru 14 at:
Gallery Oberkampf
103 Rue St Maur
Paris, France

Germany: 1up.
UK : Roid
Belgium : Alora ; Amer ; Ansi ; Bond ; End ; Fars ; Hulk ; Noach ; Quatch ; Rush ; Vie ; Xols ; Xray.
Spain: Ceon ; Guan ; Iesk ; Iser ; Nakor ; Ogro ; Rate ; Rioga ; Sayno ; Zarp.
France: Apel ; Argne, ; Astuce ; Babs ; Bdb ; Bears ; Brize ; Brus ; Bugz ; Cezam ; Cinz ; Colorz ; Creez ; Comer ; Darco ; Decap ; Der ; Devil ; Dezer; Dife ; Disney ; Distur ; Dize ; Erase ; Eol ; Earl
; Don ; Dize ; Dixe ; Erer ; Exper ; Eyone ; Fenx ; Form ; Frez ; Ghetto B ; Goze ; Hank ; Home ;
HorfĂ© ; Ioye ; Jacktwo ; Jade ;  Jen ; Jonks ; Jouer ; Junky ; Kade ; Keag ; Klet ; Kofy ; Mag ; Mier ; Nayor ; Neac ; Noe2 ; Noise ; Nose ; Nusko ; Oby ; Oeno ; Osta ; Osey ; Ozone ; Pner ; Pres ; Psy
; Rel ; Rest ; Rover ; San ; Salam ; Sarze ; Sciv ; See ; Sek ; Semi ; Seno ; Sew ; Sheed16 ; Shuck2
; Stock; Skizo ; Sleez ; Sonor ; Sor ; State; Tomek ; Tore ; Trane ; Wazo ; Woody ; Shone ; Yank ; Zenoy.
Italy: Aber ; Beat ; Brus ; Haker ; Jago ; Poison ; Runa ; Trota.
Switzerland: Smash 137.
USA: Utah

Here are a few pieces from the show- see if you can figure out who did each piece:
Here's the flyer from the show:
To learn more about the Trains of Fame platform toy, to follow the project or to get in touch with Vincent and the rest of his crew, go here. Vas-y!

New website and forum for toy nerds: Show Me Your Vinyl (SMYV)

Well folks, we have another "home away from home" on the net: Show Me Your Vinyl! Looks promising! I suppose this website is being offered as an alternative to Facebook, as well as the other art toy forums which are specifically affiliated with or run by toy manufacturers and artists. 
Can we all get along? Especially when given a fresh slate to start from? 
Will the same negativity that I see on the other forums transfer over to SMYV, or will this fresh start allow us to throw off the shackles of hating and douchebaggery? Only time will tell.
I've joined SMYV and one good feature I noticed right away is that you can "block" another member if they are bothering you. That sorta nips the hatin' right in the bud, I should think.

Other cool stuff SMYV offers:
• a chat feature
• a place to upload albums of images (of your vinyl toys, people!)
• free classified ads
• polls about toys
• a forum (which just launched, by the way)
• groups for people interested in specific types of toys, specific regions, or whatever
• a listing of upcoming and past events
• a place to upload videos

All in all, there's a lot to see and do, so if you're looking to connect to our community of toy nerds, SMYV is definitely a great way to do it.

Kozik Limoges Porcelain Potamus Anarchy Figures by K.Olin

Okay Kozik completists, get out your checkbooks and dust off your credit cards: Frank Kozik has teamed up with K.Olin to release both black and red porcelain versions of his Potamus figures. These 15cm long figures are made of Limoges porcelain in Limoges, France. They're limited to 250 pieces per colorway and they will retail for $213. If anyone's interested, let us know.

K vinyl bust by Kinekt Design

K is a the first vinyl "Kinektible" from Kinekt Design. The 3-inch figure is a bust composed of circular shapes, meant to channel thoughts of gears, diodes and electronics. They're limited to 500 pieces and you can buy one here for $25.
Watch the video below: