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December 28, 2010

NEMO's Super Phat Dunny Kid custom for Almighty Dunny

I think this is an appropriate post-blizzard post: 
My friend Mike "NEMO" Mendez sent over images of the scratchbuilt 5-inch custom he made for The Almighty Dunny Show, curated by Zam and Ian of Genuine Artikle.
Really the only thing he used from the Dunny was the ears! He made a special point of telling us that.
The detail on this piece is incredible- the NYC-style light post next to the figure sports miniature versions of the Tenacious Dog sticker, NEMO's sticker, Genuine Artikle's Kreeper sticker, a Spanky Stokes sticker, a Wizard Sleeve sticker, a Sketchbot sticker, a Cookies N Cream sticker and many more! I don't know how he did it, but this piece is a wonderful homage to the little gang of shops, artists and blogs that we run in.
 This is truly how NYC looks right now, right down to the yellow snow!
You can follow NEMO on his blog or on Facebook, and you can peruse the many NEMO customs we've sold on our website in NEMO's own section here. You can see the rest of the customs from The Almighty Dunny Show on Genuine Artikle's website.