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December 10, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: Elemental Badgers series by FOOX

Foox is finally revealing the prototype for his upcoming Elemental Badgers series, scheduled to be released in 2011.  This series of 6-inch tall vinyl figures will be limited to 500 pieces in 5 colorways. 

The Elemental Badgers offer the world a view into the nexus between Science, Nature, and Magic. 
Each Elemental Badger will be handpainted, named, and numbered by artist. The Elemental Badgers play upon the 5 elements of Nature (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Soul), the elements of the periodic table (noble gases, flammables, liquids, metals, etc) and the different branches of the military (Air Force, Rangers, Marines, SEALS, etc) - making each individual badger a work of unique meticulously crafted art.

In Japanese mythology, the badger was put in a sack and beaten to bring forth good luck. Each of these elemental totems carries with it a small ruin for exactly that purpose. So rather than beating the poor Elemental Badger for good luck, we transferred the luck to the ruin and on to you!

Details and specs: 6" tall, vinyl, handpainted (each unique) and named, 1 of 5 colorways, 500 toys total
Packaging: TBD
Release Date: TBD (estimated for first quarter 2011)
Retail Price: $250 per fully customized, handpainted badger. $1199 for complete set

New York Barcode t-shirts by Freeyoursmile

We now have in stock these excellent, soft NY Barcode t-shirts in Men's and Women's sizes, both black and white. The shirts are designed in Italy by Freeyoursmile and I believe we are the exclusive NY-area retailer stocking these shirts! Big thanks to our friend Willow for arranging this.

"Dead Paradise" Tiki Carving by NEMO

Dead Paradise is the latest original tiki carving by Mike "NEMO" Mendez. 
Part of our ongoing relationship with the New York area's premier tiki, totem and idol sculptor, "Dead Paradise" is a one-of-a-kind 5-inch tall piece, carved from balsa wood and brought to life by NEMO's capable hands. 
"Dead Paradise" is for sale here at Tenacious Toys.
If you're into tikis and totems, bookmark our NEMO section so you can follow the newest releases!