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November 2, 2010

Domo Qee Series 3 coming in 2011: Domo in a tux!

Can't get enough Domo Qees? Neither can I. I usually crush one up and snort it for breakfast!
I just got the press release from Dark Horse for the NEXT series of Domo Qees: Series 3, releasing Spring 2011:

Series 3 features 15 all new limited-edition versions including Flocked Blue, shiny Candy Apple Red, Prickly Purple, Gold Glitter, and 11 other fabulous designs, including 1 ultra rare mystery figure.  Which one will you get?  Well, you won't know until the box is opened! 

In addition to the above-mentioned styles, it looks like there's a Strawberry colorway, a Spaceman Domo colorway, a Beehive colorway, a Zebra colorway, a Domo in a tuxedo (James Domo? Domo Bond?), a pink teardrop colorway, a frikkin SWEET watermelon rind colorway and another version of the circuits colorway! All in all I'd say this one looks like a REALLY interesting series.

Above manufacturer-supplied copy is misleading, because if you know us here at Tenacious Toys, you know that we routinely open blind boxes for your collecting pleasure. I'll be popping a buncha Series 3 Domos open and selling them at reasonable prices, as usual. If you want a full, sealed case of 15, email us and let us know as that will affect how many cartons we buy.

Jon-Paul Kaiser production toys now in stock

Jon-Paul Kaiser has made the quantum leap from painting custom toys (in his signature black-and-white style) to having giant companies manufacture his own designs! We've watched JPK gain notoriety online and we've been cheering him from the sidelines all along. Above is the JPK 5-inch Samurai Pumpkin figure ($26.95), and below is the 2.5-inch Great Khan Qee ($9.95) which appears in Designer Collection Series 6 from Toy2R. 
Congrats JPK! We're stoked that we can support you by stocking your toys at Tenacious Toys!

Kings of Atlantis: Wealth King resin by END of Argonaut Resins

If you've bought a resin sculpt in the past decade, chances are you own a resin piece by Eric Nocella Diaz (END) of Argonaut Resins. END's been pouring resin for himself and for companies large and small for longer than I've been in the toy business. His latest collaboration with style-mongers Cookies-N-Cream is this skull sculpt for a project they're calling the Kings of Atlantis. There will be 5 different versions: Wealth, War, Peace, Wisdom & Sky Kings. Above pictured is the first piece: the Wealth King. Each resin sculpt comes with a matching talisman magnet, a certificate of authenticity and handmade custom packaging which END makes himself. 
To follow this project, and to see images of the upcoming 4 other Kings, go to Cookies-N-Cream's blog. To purchase, go directly to their web store.

2010 Teddy Bear 2.5" Holiday Qee by Toy2R

T'was just weeks away from Christmas day
And Santa was busy - needless to say.
Boys and girls from across the land
Made holiday wish lists for the big fat man.

Ole St Nick asked Toy2r, 'Would you please help me
with a cute adorable holiday Qee?'
So with some magic, some love and a whole lot of care
A Teddy Bear Qee was made for all to share.

For stockings hung by the chimney so high
Don't let this collectible pass you by.
From Toy2r we offer this Qee
In hopes you find it, under your tree!