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October 31, 2010

Toy2R's Designer Collection Series 6 restocked, open box

We are pleased to offer the FULL selection of 2.5-inch Designer Collection Series 6 Qees from Toy2R. They sold so well, we restocked! And, as usual, we popped those bad boys open to find out wht's inside the blind boxes. Toy2R CRAMMED this series full of variant colorways and chases, and we scored at least one of each! So click through to our site to buy them all, or continue reading to learn more about this series:
Qee Designer Collection Series 6 is composed of the following:

- 3 different DOINK Qees (that's the drippy MonQee: Orange/White, Blue White variant & Red/GID variant)
- Daniel Jarrett (That's the MonQee with the blue suit)
- DrilOne (the skull-head one with green body- head glows in the dark!)
- Raymond Choy (that's the owner of Toy2R! his Qee is the black and white dog)
- Peskimo (Green/Yellow is the regular figure, Red/Yellow is the variant)
- Jon Paul Kaiser (easy to spot, all of his customs are black and white, and this production toy is no different)
- Charlie Mewshaw (that's the pink BoxeeQ, which has a GID variant)
- Lisa Petrucci (hers is the red BunneeQ)
- Frank Kozik, whose Qees in this series are tiny 2.5-inch versions of his AWESOME Toyer-Z and Toyer Emeny figures
- Cameron Tiede (blue and yellow BoxeeQ)
- finally there are 3 country-themed chase figures (unpictured above) correlating to the flags of China, the US and France. They look sorta like Luchadores to me...

Pretty darn cool series, I must say. Definitely quite varied in the styles, and colorful to boot! I like how Toy2R has finally started mixing it up with some emerging artists. Only good things can come of that. Helps the community as a whole, and keeps things fresh for us collectors.