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September 21, 2010

Lemi 5-inch mini plush sets now in stock (Americas Exclusive)

We continue to be very impressed with the work that Eric of Thunderpanda puts into his plush toy releases: his 5-inch mini versions of Lemi the Space Wanderer just arrived, and the set is amazing! The three plushes come packed in a 10-inch zippered bag, screen printed with Lemis all over it. There is a magnet and a sticker in there as well. You get the whole set for just $25! Tenacious Toys is the exclusive retailer of these plush sets in the Americas. You can buy yours now here.
Each Lemi plush has a lanyard with either a suction cup or keyring at the end. The blue colorway is limited to 150 pieces worldwide, the pink to 100, and the green plushes are limited to just 50 pieces. Eric recently had his first solo show at Plastic Culture!

How to make your own blind-box series: Step #37 (gather printed materials)

Step #37 (gather printed materials): 
Gather the stickers you made to apply to the outside of the boxes, as well as the ratio cards you had printed up. Count remaining stickers you have left after that. 
Do you have enough to throw one into every blind box, along with the ratio card? 
Yes, you do. 
Take fuzzy pics with your terrible webcam so that you can show everyone by posting to your blog.

John Stokes custom Jouwe: "HoneyPot Stroll"

Our friend and fellow blogger John "Spanky" Stokes has been developing his own customizing style over the past couple years, and I think this is one of his most successful pieces thus far: a custom Jouwe for the group show at Toy Art Gallery in LA. John writes:

After watching the National Geographic channel, I got inspiration from the deep sea dwelling fish... more specifically the "Angler Fish" that has a long node of filament and attached to the end is a ball of bio-luminescence that the fish uses to lure his prey closer to eat them... and as you can see that is kinda what I did when creating the "HoneyPot" Stroll. The figure itself was sculpted on using magic sculpt, wire, tin foil, and I also used faux fur, a glass eye, wood stain, acrylic paints and other misc objects. I also created the "HoneyPot" with resin and inserted a self-contained LED unit with a built in switch.

Nice work Spanky!