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September 15, 2010

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Silver Tuttz Wave 2 work-in-progress image

I could be biased, but I think Wave 2 of our Exclusive Silver Tuttz figures by Argonaut Resins could be the most beautiful collection of Tuttzs I've ever seen. These blind-boxed figures will be for sale this upcoming weekend at $55 each in our Exclusives section.
6 figures: 4 in our classic shiny silver colorway, 1 Cosmic Underworld variant (middle) and 1 Blue Haze variant (right).
Will post exact date/time later this week, along with images of finished figures. Above image is a work-in-progress shot.

JonPaul Kaiser's 5" Mini Qee Samurai Pumpkin - GID Edition

I think my favorite seasonal toy offerings are those that come out just before Halloween... they usually involve either skeletons or pumpkins. This one's a glowing pumpkin Samurai. I bet he could carve a mean jack-o-lantern!
Diggin this new head sculpt Toy2R is producing! Here's the press release:

"The samurai code - loyalty, devotion and honor to the death."

JonPaul Kaiser's Samurai Pumpkin comes out of the night with stealth and precision. Rarely seen and never heard - this warrior follows the same path.

Toy2R is pleased to announce this very special and limited edition of the newly launched Mini Qee platform utilizing JonPaul's incredible design to create a warrior of unique character.

Dropping next month, the Glow in the Dark edition will strike in time for Halloween - so be quick and beware - others may be seeking the same.