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September 8, 2010

Nathan Ota Mignight Crooner figure

Nathan Ota's MIDNIGHT CROONER, based on an original painting by the artist from 2008 and produced by Double Super.
Approximately 7 inches tall, with tailored clothing and a working light-up lamp (the original painting is inspired by the Dean Stockwell character from Blue Velvet, a nice fun fact).
This will be a maximum edition of 500 pieces, price will be $124.99.
Double Super's first season of products include original designs by Nathan Ota, Mars-1, Bob Dob, Will Sweeney, Ron English and Feric. More will follow, all in the same limited edition style.
If anyone's interested, please email us and let us know so we can pick up a few.

a work in progress...

Colette from Tomopop unboxes Horvath's Roller the Reindeer

Tenacious Toys Custom Marshall Blind Box Series reveal: LYS0L

LYS0L (aka Brian Ahlbeck) has been very actively customizing and making resin toys up in upstate NY. He posts a lot to the various forums, and you can follow his new work on Flickr here.
You can sometimes find him outside the Manhattan toy events hanging out with miscreants like NEMO and OsirisOrion. I tell ya, he's hanging with the wrong crowd. But he makes some killer customs. I pulled him out of his element for this series, asking him to paint and not sculpt. Took some convincing but of course LYS0L's customs came out looking great- the paint is so cleanly applied, you'd think they were production pieces. There are 3 like the one seen above, plus one variant.