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July 10, 2010

Ian Ziobrowski's George Nuggington custom for Spaghetti Project

Ian Ziobrowski of Genuine Artikle sends us these images of his incredibly well-executed custom 8" Mon Qee "George Nuggington" which he recently sent down to Fredericksburg, VA to be a part of Spaghetti Project's "The Civil War and our Founding Fathers" show. 
20% of the sales from that custom Qee show will be donated to a charity called Our Military Kids.
If you've ever watched Dazed and Confused, you know as well as I that our Founding Fathers grew a lot of hemp back in the day, since the plant had many varied uses. Ian's character "Nuggs" views George Nuggington as somewhat of a hero, not only because he helped found our beautiful country but because they share a love of the mary jane. 
Price for this custom is $325 and it's well worth it considering the immaculate sculpting and painting that Ian did. Diggin the period-correct clothing and hair, and the real wood and twine basket he's holding! 
Contact Spaghetti Project if you're interested in purchasing it, and DEFINITELY be on the lookout for Ian's new Nugg Life website which is under construction.
And also be on the lookout for Ian's custom Marshalls which will be a part of our Marshall Custom Blind Box series, dropping after SDCC!