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July 2, 2010

Foox "Fortune" print available now

A limited edition of 100, David Foox's "Fortune" print measures 2.6" x 6.1". 
This one makes me all nostalgic since it features 2 very prominent elements of my childhood: Hot Wheels cars (my first collecting obsession) and dinosaurs, both of which I STILL love! 
Buy the "Fortune" print here for just $19.99. I just bought one.
Fun fact: I once displayed my extensive Hot Wheels/Matchbox collection in the display case at my local public library. It seemed like a big deal at the time.

New Toy2R x Dark Horse Domo figures coming October 2010

Wood Grain 7-inch Domo Qee, limited to 500 pieces. Will retail for $59.99.

Glow in the Dark 7-inch Domo Qee, limited to 500 pieces. Will retail for $59.99.

Above: 4-inch Domo Qees, retailing for $14.99 each and coming in October. 
Will be for sale in our Domo section.
Starting at the top: Black Lightning (750 pcs will be made), Green Filigree (1250 pcs), Leopard (1250 pcs), Partly Cloudy (500 pcs), Pink Star Blossom (750 pcs), Polka Dot (1250 pcs), Spider Web (750 pcs) and Super Star (1250 pcs). 
Leave a comment and let us know which ones you like! So far I love the two 7-inchers, and as far as the 4-inchers go, my faves are Spider Web and Partly Cloudy.
 What do you like?