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June 29, 2010

OsirisOrion: KAWS @ The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum 6/27/10 Ridgefield, CT

Props to my man Osiris for posting up the only video of this exhibit! Nicely done!

KAWS @ The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum 6/27/10 Ridgefield, CT from OsirisOrion on Vimeo.

OsirisOrion: KAWS @ The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum 6/27/10 Ridgefield, CT

SNEAK PEEK: Toy2R Qee Artist Series 6: Charlie Mewshaw, DOINK & DrilOne

Toy2R is packing up the Qees and preparing them for release next week and that means another quick look at some of the designs included in this relaunch of one of the series that started it all, the Designer Collection.

Up first is the newest piece from artist Doink! One of the original designers to use the Qee platform, Doink's fun and off tilt designs make for great pieces. From his classic 8" Artist Qees that sold out and are hard to come by, to his upcoming release, the 21 inch FabriQee Plush line, Doink stays fresh and trendy! Look out for this Mon...Qee.

From one of the hottest customizers in the art toy world comes the first production Qee by DrilOne. His military style and rusty looks are praised by fans and collectors. This new 2.5" Qee is a must for everyone and best of all, you can carry it around with you all the time to show your support for DrilOne! Toy2R is thrilled to have this design by the artist, especially since it is on our iconic Toyer Qee.

And then there is the unique Boxee Qee from Charlie Mewshaw. Charlie is best known for his original toy creations and artwork under the banner, SAUCERNAUTS. When Charlie submitted his 'Pinkeye' design, we knew it had to be made. There's a little surprise waiting for you when you catch Pinkeye...but that's for you to find out.

These great Qees will be arriving soon. We'll have blind boxes and open boxes so make sure you check back for more info on their arrival. There will be some cool chase and mystery figures mixed in as well...happy hunting!