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June 19, 2010

Bossy and Friends Vintage black 4-pc set

David Horvath's Bossy Bear, Roller the Reindeer, Crocadoca and Turtle figures come together again for a vintage-style all-black set which we sincerely hope makes it over to the US to our Toy2R distributor. I guess there's some question as to whether Toy2R will make a production run for the US market, based on interest. Are you interested? I certainly am. I emailed our distributor right away to place my order, but that does not necessarily mean Toy2R will make some for us. 
If you dig this set, which will retail for around $60, I suggest you start shouting at people. (Well, shouting at random people won't help, but definitely shoot an email to Toy2R and Apex. Actually, be real nice to them and save the shouting for the random people.)

Smash Tokyo Toys Seismic Ace coming soon

Smash Tokyo Toys' first release, the 9-inch tall DIY figure Seismic Ace, will be arriving soon (probably late June). Limited production of 450 pieces, price will most likely be $49.95. Will update this post with a link as soon as our preorder goes up.

SNEAK PEEK 2: Tenacious Exclusive Silver Tuttz figures

Behold, a few sneak peeks at not only our exclusive silver Tuttz figures by Argonaut Resins, but also one of the chase figures: Robo Tuttz! There will be a few other chases in this series. Total number of Tenacious Exclusive Silver Tuttz figures will be 12. I believe the price will be the same as the other Tuttz figures Argonaut has released: $55. They will be blind-boxed in matching silver boxes and due to the low run number and the fact that there will be several chases, your chance of pulling a chase is pretty high! Will post up a link to the Silver Tuttz in our store as soon as we get em. Oh frabjous day!