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June 12, 2010

MUNNY MUNTH: Two-for-one sale on Kidrobot 7" Munnys

$24.95 gets you two 7-inch Kidrobot Munnys:

To celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Kidrobot's Munny DIY figure, Kidrobot doubled retailer's orders of the 7-inch Munny so that our cost per item was cut in half. This allows us to all participate in Munny Munth by offering you, the collectors and customizers, the opportunity to buy the 7" Munny at half price (or buy one get one free, or however you wanna say it). 
Normal price for a 7-inch Munny set, which includes the figure, four blind-packed accessories, a coloring book and a sticker, is $24.95.
But for the rest of June, if you click through to our store and spend $24.95 on the Munny Munth Promotion item, we will send you TWO 7-inch Munnys for just $24.95 (+ shipping of course).
This is probably the most cost-effective way to stock up on platforms for your customs, whether you customize toys for a living or you're just starting out. Have fun getting creative with Munny!

Dave Bondi Possessed OOAK custom up on eBay

Dave Bondi has put one of his coveted pieces up for sale on eBay. Dave created the moulds for and poured one of my all-time favorite toys: the Luke Chueh Possessed figure. Because of this, Dave can pour himself a Possessed figure any time he wants and customize it as he sees fit. 
This one-of-a-kind piece is entitled "Old Glory Fades" and is holding big black globs meant to represent crude oil. Timely, no? 
If this piece fetches a fair price for him, word is Dave might consider doing more custom Possessed pieces, which in my opinion would be a great thing. Hence this post.