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May 9, 2010

Coney Plush figures by Candykiller x Big Shot Toy Works

One of the most anticipated plush figure releases of the past few years is finally available! These amazing screen-printed plush figures are 14-inches of brawlin' beauty from Brian "Candykiller" Taylor and Bigshot Toyworks. 

Each 14" tall Coney is made of high-quality canvas, and screen-printed with Candykiller's stellar "Coney" character artwork. The base is weighted, allowing the plush figure to stand on its own! Plenty of attitude and incredible character design make this one of the coolest designer plush figures available! A color version will be available through retailers, while a super-limited Mono version is will only be available direct from Bigshot Toyworks online store.

The Coney Cloud features the same rogueish grin and wink, but on a 14" round cloud body made of a super-soft velour material. The art on the Coney Cloud is full embroidered on both sides, making this the coolest throw pillow you'll ever own. Perfect for napping, throwing at your children, or just sitting on your couch and winking lecherously!

Suggested retail price for the Coney and Coney Cloud plush figures is only $30.00 each. As always, shoot us an email or leave a comment if yo dig these plushies!

Bigshot Toyworks is a creative studio specializing in the design and production of unique collectibles, toys, and art objects. With roots deep in industrial design, toy design, digital sculpting, and very close project management, the team at Bigshot has a unique ability to create incredibly vivid and detailed works of art that closely represent the heart, soul, and vision of their creative partners. Unique understanding and endless drive to pull off the impossible and surprise their fans are the driving forces behind this one-of-a-kind studio. 

Brian "Candykiller" Taylor is a renowned illustrator, artist, and character designer based in Scotland. His work has appeared everywhere from gallery shows to book covers to designer toys, and he is still plugging away at this feature-length digitally animated film, "Rustboy".