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March 17, 2010

Toy2R's Qee Artist Series 6 roster revealed

Artist Roster for Series 6 of Toy2R's Qee Artist series include some of our friends and favorite people:
Charlie Mewshaw (Saucernauts)
Daniel Jarrett
Props to Toy2R for pulling together a REALLY interesting and talented group of toy artists! We'll definitely support this series by selling it in our shop.

SNEAK PEEK: Steampunk Pullip "Eos" 12-inch doll

First to be released in JUN Planning's Steampunk series of 12-inch Pullip dolls will be this amazing figure named Eos. Retail price will be somewhere around $150 and the figures will be released in July. In September the second figure, Gyro, figure will be released (Gyro's a boy). I am a 31-year-old guy and I must admit, without any shame, that I am super into these dolls. They're just really bad-ass.

Email us at to be added to an unofficial list. Getting added to our list in no way forces you to pay us anything, it just helps me get organized when rare toys come in. First come, first served of course, so it couldn't hurt to email us.
I'm definitely getting a case and maybe more if I hear back from a lot of you.
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