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February 20, 2010

INSIDE TOY FAIR: Idolz Toys stackable figures

While I was hanging out with the guys from Elite Gudz in the designer toy aisle at Toy Fair, NEMO mentioned that down the aisle were some really cool stackable toys that he would love to get his hand on to customize, so I took a walk and here's what I found:
Idolz are a platform toy concept a little different than the rest: they do have articulated feet & arms, and they do have accessories, but what sets them apart from the rest is the fact that the apendages are removable and the Idolz can stack on top of one another. I think what got NEMO going was the endless totem-pole-esque opportunities this platform offered him as a customizer. Idolz are about 3 inches tall and cost $9.99 each.
Gruntor (the green camo design in the front of the pic below) is the first design that Idolz made, but I bet you could contact them and inquire about DIY blanks. I know for a fact that Damien, the president of Idolz Toys, has a few blanks in his office. If he runs out and there are enough requests, I think he could be convinced to make another run of DIY blank white versions to sell alongside the future colorways. The future colorways are detailed on the Idolz website here.
If you want to find out more about the Idolz, check out their website, read Gruntor's blog, and friend him on Facebook! Gruntor even sends out the occasional tweet. His username is gruntor, of course.

INSIDE TOY FAIR: Band Mates plushes shaped like instruments

One of the standout new lines of plushes I found at Toy Fair were these super-soft Band Mates plushies in the shape of musical instruments. From left to right, they are: DJ MC, Mike, Tom & Axe-L. They retail between $14.99 and $19.99 each and you can read their backstories, check out the web comic, download wallpapers, and find out more about the cool people behind this line of plushes on their website.
I'm digging DJ MC the most, I think. Which one do you like best? Drop us an email or leave comment!