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February 10, 2010

Toy2R x O.D.M. Qee watches

O.D.M. and Toy2R have joined forces to release a new collection of fashionable fun watches. Presenting the Qee Collection featuring colorful watchbands and pendant timepieces from O.D.M., one of the world's trendiest manufacturers of fashion forward watches. While each watch sports artwork inspired by Qee, there's also the new 2.5" O.D.M. Qee available!

The collection is being launched through various Hong Kong retailers like Silvercord, LCX and SOGO and will be featured throughout more than 160 fine boutiques in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, France and Italy.

Sam Spade custom Munny by Kevin Gosselin

Seattle-based toy customizer Kevin Gosselin graciously shares with us images of his most recent work on a Mini Munny. From Kevin's blog:

Following my two recent commissions, the vampire and the artist series suffocating piece, I was asked by the same private collector to create a custom munny with the police officer theme. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of police officers especially after my recent experience with jury duty. But after mulling this concept over I did remember one detective that has always arrested my attention. That would be one Sam Spade. Sam Spade is the legendary character from the 1941 film classic, The Maltese Falcon, portraited by one of Hollywood's best, Humphrey Bogart. Now in the film, Bogie plays a private detective and not a police officer, but I took some liberty with the character and suggested a Sam Spade from his years prior to his private practice.
The custom was created using a 4" Mini Munny, wire, polymer clay and acrylic paint.

Poster Cause Battle Series Prints coming April 15th!

Are you ready? Cuz this is gonna knock your socks off: Poster Cause announces that on April 15th they will begin releasing prints in their upcoming Battle Series. 4 prints in the series, each one a collaboration piece between two big-name artists! I am so psyched for this series: Poster Cause always has AMAZING artwork at attainable prices for those of us who don't have multiple hundreds of dollars to acquire original art from these popular artists... AND the profits go to charity.