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January 31, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: Mimobot Design Challenge Winner + new tokidoki & Star Wars Mimos

Pictured below is the intricately and delicately detailed "Giddy Up!" Mimobot design by Hila Rosenberg Arazi. This design features a girl riding a giraffe and was chosen by the Mimobot community as the winning design out of 666 entires. I just saw it in person and I have to say that the detailing in the paint on this design far surpasses anything Mimoco has produced in the past. Release date on this design is March 15th.

We've already placed our order for some 4GB and 8GB tokidoki Adios & Ciao Ciao Mimobots, the much-anticipated followups to last years extremely popular tokidoki x Mimoco designs. Adios & Ciao Ciao Mimos should arrive soon and you'll be able to find them in our Mimobot section.
And finally, we were able to see all of Mimoco's 2010 Star Wars Mimobots in one place. The new designs will be released in April. Stay tuned for more info on those!

SNEAK PEEK: Uglydoll 3" Action Figures Series 2

One of the advantages of living in NYC is that we get to go to the NY Gift Fair, where we can get an early glimpse at some upcoming toys. Our first stop at this Gift Fair was the Uglydoll booth where we were able to see the Uglydoll Action Figures series 2 for the first time in person! They'll be released in the spring (around March) and the will retail for $10 apiece. Series 2 is twice a big (6 different Uglies, each available in 2 different colorways) and this time, if I got this right, they will be available as both blind-boxed and window-boxed figures.

We put in an order for a full carton of the Series 2 action figures, but we're not allowed to put up preorders so we'll just keep you posted on the arrival dates.
We also reordered the awesome all-Icebat 6-piece glow in the dark series:

The GID IceBat series is blind-boxed but the cool thing is that is comes in cases of 6, and each full case contains one of each color so it's easy to collect the whole set- just buy a full sealed case! And at only $8 apiece, the GID Icebats are quite affordable.