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January 27, 2010

Vinyl Addiction designer toy show with host Jesse Hernandez

This is a must-watch show for all of us:

Interesting tidbits I picked up from these 2 episodes:

#1- Munky King is making a Luke Chueh Possessed x Angry Woebots collaboration piece that looks NICE

#2- Strangeco is going to be making some Angry Woebots toys which you KNOW we will have in stock

#3- The real deal history of Munky King, Marka27 & Angry Woebots, straight from the source

Kuso x Rotobox Celsius Transitions coming soon

Celsius Transition (Pearlescent version)

Created for the sole purpose of serving the Evil Gunryu Empire, Celsius was stolen by the S3UCK team, a small renegade squad who fights for justice and freedom led by Mr. Censored. Now fully aware of the evil doings of the empire, Celsius vowed to spread the message that co-existence is the way.

Designed Spencer & Stephen Ong (Rotobox).
7" tall. Accessories: 2 guns, 1 backpack, a pair of wings, and a mini comic.
Limited to 100 pcs.

Price will be $80. You can find our current stock of Celsius figures here.

MUTTtoys Artist Series Coaster Sets

I knew Tyler from MUTTtoy had something interesting up his sleeve but I did not know what he was working on... till I stumbled across this post from Brent Nolasco's blog:
Tyler says the artists involved are Brent Nolasco (obviously), MAD, Project Detonate & Matthew Ryan Sharp. There may be more, I don't know. I am cobbling together info from different sources, including this SpankyStokes post.

Toystreet: Designer toy street fair in NYC April 2nd!

ToyStreet is a new event by Cookies -n- Cream that will provide opportunities for toy collectors, artists and vendors alike to unite in a unique experience where they can buy, sell and trade designer toys and other related merchandise such as art, clothing, handcrafted goods, sneakers etc. ToyStreet will also include live painting and music performances by different artists.

The launch event will take place here in New York City on April 2nd, 2010 (Good Friday) and will run from 4pm - 9pm. The location for the event is 268 Mulberry Street between Prince St & Houston St.

Coarse Toys false friends loser – signature edition for retailers

coarse unveils the global retail version of their 'false friends' series, a set of two original vinyl statues. This release incorporates 'paw!' and 'noop' as they continue their fragile friendship.

The coarse artists once again display the depth of the brand, bringing about a perfect balance between subtle pastel colors, refined textures and solid forms. This merging together of contrasting ideas and styles has given coarse its definition, and has gained international acclaim in recent years.

This year coarse will roll out its cross over project with Ashley Wood, display its works in Paris, Chicago and Tokyo as well as disclosing several new releases.

This chapter sees noop and paw! awaken under the morning sun over the elastomer. Everything seems to be peaceful and pristine, and the unassuming pair enjoy their time together in the blissful warmth. A twist in the narration, however, suggests that life would not always be this easy, and that perhaps they are part of bigger system, a system with other intentions for them.

The young noop and paw! duo come in a thriving yellow sunrise version, nurtured in protective sponge. They are packed in a lifesize paw! and noop face box, enclosed with a clear sleeve with an attached monkey rabbit nose.

Take care of your new seedlings and their futures could be saved.

In stores worldwide February 2010.
Suggested retail HK$ 3388 (approx $435 US dollars)