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January 25, 2010

If you thought Kidrobot was slipping, you might be surprised this year...

Over the past couple months there's been a lot of press about Kidrobot.

Rule changes, company policies and some writing that their product line is growing a bit long in the tooth. It's par for the course when you are at the top of the pile- there will always be detractors & critics.
Well, I've seen some of the upcoming releases and I have to say that if you feel KR's offerings had grown a bit stale, you're going to be pleasantly surprised in 2010.

The Dunny Fatale series is beautiful, and if you need proof you need look no further than the fact that KR has sold out of them. The NEXT Dunny series after Fatale might be my favorite Dunny series ever, and KR just dropped another email on us retailers with some sneak peeks at future series. WOW! Big-name artists with cool-looking mini figures in the artists' signature styles... I'm a little fuzzy on what I can and cannot reveal in public, so I'm not gonna post any details... but the intention of the above rambling paragraph is just to let you know that it is obvious to me that they are successfully trying to step up their game.
It's always good to stay hungry and to be challenged. That is true for an individual as well as a big company like Kidrobot.

Having said that, here's what else we have ordered and will be coming in the near future:
- some awesome Artoys full-size figures
- Kuso Celsius Transitions colorway
- UNKL JunPos in 3 colorways
- Lunartik in a Cup of Tea (colorful new series coming soon!!)
- O No Sushi Green by Andrew Bell
- Marshall Mashumaro by 64colors x Rotofugi
- Marshall keychains by Rotofugi
- 5" flocked King Bossy Bear by David Horvath x Toy2R
- das mo S.P.U.D. in the Tenalicious Exclusive turquoise colorway by PatchTogether

2.5” Elemental Qee Series from Toy2R

As a follow up to the widely successful Wood Grain Style Qee Collection, Toy2R continues to pursue perfection in developing various natural finishes (click on image to zoom in!).

Paying tribute to the living force of nature Toy2R presents the first series of Elemental Qees based on natural resources. These elements balance each other through opposites: water quenches fire, fire boils water, earth contains air, air erodes earth. From this first series, the Elementals, Stone and Wood, represent your Qee guardians and protectors.

Cherish these forces as they bring you luck and happiness sharing the living spirit of nature.

Dropping in February, this 25 piece assortment comes blindboxed and includes patented keychain attachment.

Stay up to date with the Qeevolution at, on Twitter @QEEBEAR or at the Toy2RUSA Facebook Fan Page.

Toy2R – Putting Art In Your Hands For 15 Years!

Neon Monster Mitch 14" plushes

Neon Monster kicks off 2010 with their new plush release of Mitch, who is a "depressive aesthete". Aren't we all?
Mitch is 14 inches tall, made of 100% recycled fleece, kid-safe & comes in the 2 colorways seen above.
Click thru to the Neon Monster website or blog for more info on Mitch.
Click on image above for a close-up.