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January 23, 2010

das mo S.P.U.D. 6-inch resin art toys and 3cm zipper pulls

Our friend from Germany, Timo (aka "das mo") has been hard at work over the past few months developing his concept for the S.P.U.D., which is a resin art toy in it's most elemental form. His simplified aesthetic comes to life in the renderings he has revealed below:
The original S.P.U.D. design and colorway is seen above from all angles.

The 3cm keychain/zipper pull versions of the S.P.U.D.s will be blind-boxed and will come in 10 different colorways, including 2 mystery colors!
The full-size 6-inch resin art toy versions of the S.P.U.D. will be available in several different colorways through the Patch Together preorder process. Exclusive colorways will also be available to stores that wish to secure one.
See that fancy turquoise one in the middle with the white accents? The one that matches our store's color scheme perfectly? That's the Tenacious Toys exclusive colorway! More info on that soon!
For now you can follow das mo's projects on Facebook or on his website.
We are happy to support das mo in his latest production toy project!

Toy2R Celebrates its15th Anniversary With Big News!!

With the new website,, up and running since Christmas, Toy2R is poised to make some waves in 2010.

The new web presence of Toy2R includes a revised blog moving QEE4ALL under the roof of the new site. News about upcoming releases, updates and all things Toy2R are being posted daily. News of the continuation of the Simpsons Qee line was confirmed with the announcement of the 10” Homer Simpson Qee dropping soon. This includes the classic everyday outfit Homer as well as the D.I.Y. Edition. Plans are in the works to make the D.I.Y. available for a world art tour like the Bart Simpson Qee Tour that included over 230 original customs! Other licensed Qee lines will be announced shortly including news about the follow-up series of Domo Qees!

The website also features an all new Custom Qee Gallery section with over 300 original customs on display. Works from Baseman to Voltaire to rare images of pieces by Buff Monster and Obey are available for viewing. The Gallery also encourages anyone to submit photos of their original custom Qees to be included alongside some of the best customizers in the world.

On top of all the media – Toy2R has also included a new webstore! Looking for that hard to find Qee? Need a D.I.Y. fix? Trying to finish a collection – well check out the new store to find just about everything under the sun from Toy2R. Limited edition classics as well as preorders for upcoming releases like the 2.5” Elemental Qee Series– its all there!! From Jumping Brains to exclusive Kozik’s Potamus figures! Find rare Bossy Bears and classic Rolito Figures just waiting for you at Toy2R USA!

Check out the new site and see how the Qeevolution is taking shape. With updated Twitter access (@QEEBEAR) and a Facebook Fan Page collectors and fans alike can stay in touch and talk directly with the Toy2R crew better than ever before.

With the announcement of the classic 2.5" Artist Qee Series being relaunched and new licensed Qee lines coming soon – Toy2R is pulling out all of the stops to make 2010 – it’s 15th Anniversary – a major milestone!

Toy2R – Putting Art In Your Hands For 15 Years!

Release of Volume 6 of Color Ink Book: The DIY Art Periodical

Color Ink Book Volume Six!!!!
The wait is over volume six is here! Featuring three show stopping covers the street cover artwork is by Ron English and two semi secret covers done by El Gato Chimney and Jeff Lamm. This volume features El Gato Chimney, Andrew Council, Project Detonate, Ron English, Vassilis Gogtzilas, Chuck Harrison, Jeff Lamm, Pat Moriarity, Kool Skull, McFaul Studio, Jon Vermilyea and Ben Walker.
Color Ink Book is a black and white art periodical, which is published in limited quantities quarterly; showcasing the both, established artists as well as fresh faces. The volumes are printed on 60 lb Endurance Vellum Offset Book paper, to offer the reader the option to color the work showcased within: thus bringing the art enthusiasts and artist together.
8.5 X 11
Full Color Cover
Black & White interior
100+ pages
Color Ink Book: The Fo-Realest Art Periodical