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November 30, 2010

Qee to the City 20-inch Qee show at Art Basel

Location: Casa Wynwood, 2135 NW 1st Court, Miami 
Dates: Starting Dec 2nd @ 4pm, running thru Dec 5th @ 7pm

Curated by Mike Franco of Wizard Sleeve Toys, with the assistance of Benny from Tenacious Toys and Qees from Raymond & Kevin of Toy2R.

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Laconic 1 vinyl toy

We are pleased to show you an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming 5-inch vinyl toy from Laconic Design, operating out of Alberta, Canada. They will be making 500 pieces, with 100 of those going to various artists to customize. The finished customs will be sold as blind boxes. Production pieces will be sold for $39.95. Price for the customs TBA.
Stay tuned for more info! In the meantime, follow Laconic on Twitter.

November 29, 2010

Lisa Rae Hansen Munny Beaufighters

Lisa Rae Hansen has debuted series of custom Munnys based on her original sculpt series called "The Beaufighters", which are a handmade resin and stone plaster series. The custom Munnys pictured here are a spin-off on that idea: hand-crafted, hand-numbered custom 4- and 7-inch Munnys. The helmets are removable and lined in felt. 
The Munny Beaufighters can be purchased directly from Lisa Rae's webstore:

November 28, 2010

Ridiculously cool stuff from Strangeco

Strangeco usually sells to retailers at the wholesale level, but occasionally they sell some rare and cool vinyl directly to collectors. 
Here are 3 notable items they're selling that I think are worth passing on to you:

The "Listen to Metal" 3-inch chase figure from King Ken Series 1, only $9.99. Buy it here.

Greg Simkins' Keel Haul Clegg 7-inch vinyl figure in a rare red colorway (300 made). 
Buy it for $14.99 here
Regular colorway Keel Haul Clegg (black) & Cap'n Rotnclaw (red), as well as greyscale Cap'n Rotnclaw, are all reduced to $14.99 as well! If you're a Simkins fan, you can pick up all four 7-inch pieces for $60, and that's a helluva deal.

Finally, above is the very special custom Brine Edition Cap'n Rotnclaw, hand-painted by Dead Presidents. Limited to only 24 pieces and priced at $74.99. Buy it here.

SNEAK PEEK: Tenacious Blue Puppy Dunny by ZAM

This awful cute blue puppy 3-inch Dunny by ZAM is a very kind gesture on his part: he invited us to do up some dunnys for the Almighty Dunny Show and although I really want to start doing customs, I don't have time at this time of year to do much of anything besides packing and shipping orders.
After all this time in the art toy world, it's really sorta silly that I've never shown off my artistic side... anyway, ZAM is a much more talented and experienced customizer than me, so he kindly offered to create a 3-inch Dunny in the likeness of our blue Danger Dog logo:
I think ZAM's Blue Puppy dunny came out looking GREAT, and I can't wait to see it up on display at Halcyon alongside all the other customs at The Almighty Dunny Show! Here are some more images:

November 27, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: JCRivera custom Dunny for Almighty Dunny Show

Ian "Nuggs" Ziobrowski from Genuine Artikle is teasing us with some sweet previews of the Dunnys they've collected for The Almighty Dunny Show, which kicks off December 11 at Halcyon (57 Pearl Street) in Brooklyn.
This 3-inch custom Dunny is titled "Berbitt" and it was created by the talented JCRivera
Stay tuned for more previews of Almighty Dunnys!

November 26, 2010

Monday: 25% off with Cyber Monday coupon code!

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25% off all in-stock production toys this upcoming Monday, November 29th.
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November 24, 2010

VISEone Tube Dunnys will blow you away.

This absolutely incredible and beautiful Dunny custom is the work of German artist VISEone. One will be displayed at the Almighty Dunny Show December 11th at Halcyon in Brooklyn.
He will be making more so contact him to place a preorder. I just can't get over how cool these are. VISE is making headlines worldwide with the customs he's been producing lately- first his Comic Stripped series, and now this. Amazing. I'm gonna shut up now and show you more pics:

Tomopop Unboxing Video for Horvath Vintage Bossy Set

Colette from Tomopop unboxes a David Horvath Vintage Bossy & Friends set that we sent to her! You can buy yours here.

November 22, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: Teddy Tank Dunny by DUST for Almighty Dunny Show

DUST is an amazing customizer- here's a 3-inch Dunny he's entitled "Teddy Tank," done for the Almighty Dunny Show starting December 11th at Halcyon in Brooklyn. Props to Genuine Artikle for curating an absolutely ridiculous show.
Genuine Artikle would like to announce "The Almighty Dunny Show" curated by Genuine Artikle and hosted at Halcyon in Dumbo Brooklyn.
On Dec 11th over 250 customized 3 inch Kidrobot Dunnys will be on display at Halcyon from 7pm to 10pm.  Many of today's hot designers will be represented in this weekend only event in the heart of Brooklyn's underground.

The Dunny is referred to as the top designer toy platform.  It is only produced in a printed form, so all pieces for the show were stripped bare and mailed out to national and international toy designers, graffiti writers, street artists and graphic designers.

Come join us for a free night of art and a special set of music provided by legendary Brooklyn DJ JASON JINX.    


Saturday December 11th | 7-10pm
HALCYON the shop
57 Pearl St | Dumbo, Brooklyn
F to York St / A/C to High St
(718) 260-9299

Abe Lincoln Jr, Cope 2, D-LuX, Mishka NYC, Patricio Oliver, Task One, dust, Jay222, Nerviswr3k, Nemo, Sneaky Raccoon, Igor Ventura, Leecifer, Tyler Coey, Suckadelic, Damarak the Destroyer, Viseone, Sinned, Droppixel, Osiris Orion, James Fuller, Jon Paul Kaiser, Sergio Mancini, Bryan Collins, Bishop 203, Chelsea Bloxsom, Ahh'd Art, Spanky Stokes, Tenacious Toys, Frank Mysterio, Brian Colins, Rampage Toys, Miss Kika, Nasty Neil, Albert Art, Trevor Zammit, FOOX Okkle, Royce Bannon, Phetus, Mr DEN, ZAM, Ian Ziobrowski, James Yeah?, Jeremy Dale, Uncle, Matt A, Resin, Chris Rabb, Blake West, Christian Cabuay, Chamarro, Squidkidsink, FAS, Taz, Evilos, Tom Freak, Allison Revilla Paul Duran, Ardabus Rubber, Hellsing Chaos, Jonathanway$hak, Pretty Poopie, Owen Dewitt, Paddy Leung, We Kill You, Adam Lee, Ashley Hay, Aaron Jasinski, Michal Wisniowski, Ego, Valerie G, Moody, SNO, The Chief Rocka, Lana Crooked, Matucha Studio, Danicus Prime, Dave Rapoza, Juan Franco, Jennipho, Adam Miller, Perry J Osman, Taek, Alone One, The Flight Yellz, DESN, Mr. Walters,  Cozy Robot, Chrisosaur
                                                                                  ...and MANY more!

Magic Love Hello Kitty by Tara McPherson x Kidrobot

First up in a really SWEET series of Hello Kitty artist crossover pieces by Kidrobot is this "Magic Love" Hello Kitty 6-inch vinyl figure by Tara McPherson. We are celebrating 50 years of Sanrio, here, people, which makes me feel hella old. But this lineup of artist-designed Hello Kitty figures is looking amazing. Look for more designs released in the near future by some Kidrobot heavyweight artists. Can't tell you who but if you're a Google ninja you can prolly figure some out.

Jeff Soto The Seeker Blue edition by Bigshot Toyworks

The time has finally come: Jeff Soto's much-anticipated 11-inch figure called The Seeker is finally going to be available on the market! We have placed an order for the Blue colorway and it looks like they'll be shipping to us soon.
A limited number of preorders available here. Price is $100.

November 20, 2010

Nuggzilla custom Munny by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski of Genuine Artikle is a work horse. Here's one of his latest customs: "Nuggzilla", a 2-headed freak with one good head and one bad head. The body is from a 7-inch Munny and the 2 heads are from 3-inch Munnys. Ian says: Nuggzilla is a case of bad smoke, you never know when it creeps up!

Ian's also working on a 20-inch Qee for our collaborative effort with Wizard Sleeve Toys down in Florida: the Qee to the City custom 20-inch Qee show! Look for teasers from that show coming soon!

November 16, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: DCon 10-inch Homer Simpson Qees at Toy2R/Apex booth

Designer Con Alert - D'oh! D.I.Y. 
Apex and Toy2R will be displaying some great customized 10" Homer Simpson Qees during D-Con. Some debuting for the first time - so head over to the Toy2R / Apex booth this Saturday to check out customs by DrilOne, Mike Leathers, Slobot, Reactor 88, Kim Mayhew, Glass Ink and Mikie Graham.....the Yellow Power of Simpsons!

NEMO currently sculpting proto for Wazo figure

One of the many, many projects NEMO's currently working on is the prototype for the above figure, called Wazo the Thinker, by Tim Lockhart. Click here to see early coverage of this project on SpankyStokes. Below is a video of the original concept coming to life in clay, before the project was handed over to the capable hands of NEMO. Looks like it's gonna be a cool sculpt! 
Stay tuned for more info on this piece.

MIST & Aillaud collab: Dino & Zorus figures

ATTAKUS presents Dino / Zorus, a great collaborative project from French enfants terribles MIST and Etienne Aillaud (a.k.a. Ayo). (Terrible, for those of you who don't speak French, has a dual meaning: literally terrible, as in really bad, but it can also mean awesome, if you're speaking in slang. Look, you just learned something else by reading my blog!)

This vinyl two-figure set, Dino and Zorus, is very cool with Mist having designed the rider while Aillaud designed the dinosaur figure. Each style is easily recognizable and goes really well together:
- Zorus has a removable helmet to reveal his full face and two spears.
- The Dino comes in at 8” from head to tail and with innovative articulations: a designer toy that you can play with like a real toy!
Two delicious colorways are released: Chocolate Chromium (bottom) and Rainbow Warrior (top).

About MIST:
Mist first experienced graffiti in the late 80’s and is also one of the French pioneers of designer toys. Today, Mist travels successfully the planet for exhibitions and produces some of the most sought after designer toys.

About Aillaud:
Etienne Aillaud is one of the proud fathers of Attakus and the Alyenz minis. As a contemporary sculptor, he recently achieved his masterpiece : Weed Tribe (also available, pictured below).

November 13, 2010

Ian Ziobrowski's "The Nuggy Eater" dunny custom

Ian Ziobrowski sends us images of a sweet commission he did for a private collector. It's a Kidrobot Dunny painted with acrylics that he calls The Nuggy Eater. Ian says that, besides the cops, The Nuggy Eater is Nuggs' worst enemy! This one is a 3-inch Dunny, which is amazing because the brushwork is so fine that I had to call Ian on the phone to ask him what size it was! 
With no frame of reference, and with such minute details, I thought it might be an 8-incher. 
Ian's really bangin' out some amazing work these days... if you go to his facebook page you can see a teaser of an amazing Jerry Garcia commission he just did. He'll also be updating us during November with the progress of the 20-inch Qee we had shipped over to him for the Qee to the City custom show down at Multiversal happening early December.

November 11, 2010

First Annual 2nd Avenue Trading Card Convention and Swap Meet/brothel

The other night we went down to Toy Tokyo Underground in downtown NYC to the 1st Annual 2nd Ave Trading Card Convention, which was basically a chance for all of us artists, card nerds and toy store owners to get together, party, trade cards, drink beer, draw naughty things in inappropriate places, and generally revel in all that is good and right with the world. It was crazy fun!

Check the video. You'll see Tom of Sidekick Labs (they made the Art Hustle cards), Simeon (the gigantic dude who came up with the Art Hustle concept and brought it to reality), the Sucklord, Phetus and a whole motley crew of NYC crazies, including NEMO, Mr. Den, Rolo, Lowell, Kid Lew, King Abnon and Tony Depew.

Simeon dropped the bomb on us that Tenacious Toys would have a card in Art Hustle Series 3. Made our whole month! I picked up some of the Suckadelic SuckPax Series 2 cards, traded some of our NYCC Travis Louie cards, and met Jared, a super fan (and a customer) who flew in from Texas! A great night. I took a million pictures and I haven't even uploaded them yet because we've been dealing with a tsunami of ThreeA orders this week.

Gorilla Mouth: More 20" Qee WIP Pics

Work-in-progress shots from Troy Stith for the 20-inch Qee he's customizing for the Qee to the City show happening in early December at Multiversal, during Art Basel.

Gorilla Mouth: More 20" Qee WIP Pics: "In my usual WIP sharing fashion, here's what the Qee was looking like a few days ago. I'm further ahead now, but you'll have to wait for those teasers..."

November 10, 2010

MIDNIGHT PIRATE custom by The Yellow Dino

Midnight Pirate

The Yellow Dino writes in with his latest custom:

It's about time- Halloween time! People are getting ready, costumes & candies. But they'd lock the door & shut all windows. Why? because of him... He who hides between the shade, under the Halloween sky. He who craves anything sweet; he who makes children cry.

Beware, folks... in the Halloween night, he will come and steal your candies, chocolates... you name it! Who is he? Some call him Midnight Pirate, some go by the name Mysterious Halloween Pirate, some are just too afraid to mention him..

So trick or treat, people? Happy Halloween!

Argonaut Resins Sam Fout Bone Ghost Agents: Wave 3

Sam Fout's latest Bone Ghost Agency series slated for release this Friday Nov. 12 at 3PM est. in the Argonaut Resins online store. Waves 1 and 2 sold out insanely fast, and this wave looks like it'll be no different: with END's expert craftsmanship, each piece is a marvel of meticulous detail.
Wave 3 - Agents K, L, M, N, and O - will be priced from $85 - $100 and will feature 5 colorways which will include a glow in the dark variant, painted clear tint variant and a all black Ninja variant painted up by Sam. 
Each figure stands at 5.5 inches and will come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, an exclusive numbered art print and custom box packaging as pictured below:

November 8, 2010

ThreeA WWRP Large Martins coming in 2011

ThreeA has informed us that the projected release date of the upcoming 9-inch WWRP Large Martins will be March 2011. (As with all toys, the release date could be pushed back.)

We will have preorders available in our ThreeA section early this week. Retail price will be $45 each and there are 5 versions of WWRP Large Martin: Iron Panda, Sanddevil, Auspublic Region Def, Big Red & Mr. Frosty. If you buy one of each and you live in the US, we give you free shipping via Fedex. 

Please note that above images are NOT final images; they may be lacking decals and/or paint details.