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October 31, 2010

Toy2R's Designer Collection Series 6 restocked, open box

We are pleased to offer the FULL selection of 2.5-inch Designer Collection Series 6 Qees from Toy2R. They sold so well, we restocked! And, as usual, we popped those bad boys open to find out wht's inside the blind boxes. Toy2R CRAMMED this series full of variant colorways and chases, and we scored at least one of each! So click through to our site to buy them all, or continue reading to learn more about this series:
Qee Designer Collection Series 6 is composed of the following:

- 3 different DOINK Qees (that's the drippy MonQee: Orange/White, Blue White variant & Red/GID variant)
- Daniel Jarrett (That's the MonQee with the blue suit)
- DrilOne (the skull-head one with green body- head glows in the dark!)
- Raymond Choy (that's the owner of Toy2R! his Qee is the black and white dog)
- Peskimo (Green/Yellow is the regular figure, Red/Yellow is the variant)
- Jon Paul Kaiser (easy to spot, all of his customs are black and white, and this production toy is no different)
- Charlie Mewshaw (that's the pink BoxeeQ, which has a GID variant)
- Lisa Petrucci (hers is the red BunneeQ)
- Frank Kozik, whose Qees in this series are tiny 2.5-inch versions of his AWESOME Toyer-Z and Toyer Emeny figures
- Cameron Tiede (blue and yellow BoxeeQ)
- finally there are 3 country-themed chase figures (unpictured above) correlating to the flags of China, the US and France. They look sorta like Luchadores to me...

Pretty darn cool series, I must say. Definitely quite varied in the styles, and colorful to boot! I like how Toy2R has finally started mixing it up with some emerging artists. Only good things can come of that. Helps the community as a whole, and keeps things fresh for us collectors.

October 28, 2010

Jamungo Halloween BUDCAT designed by Scott Wilkowski

Regrettably this is a Jamungo exclusive figure, so we won't have it for sale, but on Halloween at 12 noon (Central time) you should go to the Jamungo store and purchase one of these for $65 total ($80 if you are outside the US).
I believe these Halloween BUDCATs are around 3.5 inches tall. Design is by Scott Wilkowski and they will be limited to approximately 70 pieces. Comes with "firecracker" and jack-o-lantern accessories:
One of the coolest BUDs I've ever seen!

October 26, 2010


SUCKPAX: Action Art Cards Series 2 is about to Drop!

On November 5, 2010, the long-awaited follow up to the ground-breaking indie Trading Card Series from SUCKADELIC hits the streets.

91 Second Avenue NYC
7-11 PM
Conceived and Designed by the SUPER SUCKLORD, Suckpax takes the
art of the simple trading cards and flips it on it's head, stuffing each
box with irony, challenge, and incredible underground art. Engineered and
produced by Sidekick Lab, Suckpax features the Old-School wax wrappers of
yore as well as that shitty card stock we all grew up on before trading
cards got slick. Featuring original one-of-kind sketch cards and multiple
high-concept special inserts, Suckpax is truly Modern art in Vintage

Series two takes it to the next level with special features such as:

• Original Sketch Card art by some of the Toy Scene's hottest losers
• Secret-messages readable only with the special Mail-away decoder card
• Lenticular Cards featuring awesome animated Suck-Action
• Costume cards featuring real material from one of the Suckadelic
Supervillain Girl's actual costume!
•"Real" fake Gum

Plus many more Surprise bonus features for you to discover

Available Nov 5 at Suckadelic.comor Sidekick Lab (see below for full
Join us for an exciting release party Friday November 5 in New York City!


The Second Avenue Trading Card convention is a new yearly event
showcasing the ongoing releases from the new urban art trading card
scene. In addition to the fabled Suckpax 2 drop, this year's convention
will feature an exclusive card giveaway from the seminal artist cards
series THE ART HUSTLE as well as a show and Auction of TOPPS STAR WARS
GALAXY 5 die cut sketch cards and large scale artworks.

The ART HUSTLE is a boutique set of artist and art-based trading cards
exhibiting an international group of 75 artists working in street art, toy
art, kaiju, sketch, illustration, painting, aerosol art, poster art,
tattoo art, digital art, collage, sculpture, photography and more.*

STAR WARS GALAXY 5 is the latest installment of the venerable TOPPS
trading card company's take on official Star Wars art. This show features
sketch card work by some of today's illest underground artists, curated by
the Super-Sucklord. Featured on these offbeat custom cut cards are
luminaries such as Buff Monster, TOUMA, and Plasticgod. (see below for
full list)
Artists' cards will be showcased, as well as select Large-Scale works based on the series. 
It's a must-see show for any Star Wars fan.

Join us on November 5, 2010 at
91 Second Avenue NYC
7-11 PM
Beer Provided by Beerlao

October 24, 2010

Horvath Vintage Bossy & Friends set in stock

Toy2R has produced a limited number of this beautiful 4-piece "Vintage" all-black Bossy & Friends set by Uglydoll creator David Horvath. These are the standard 3.5 to 4-inch tall Bossy & Friends figures with vintage-style all-black paint. Boxed set includes (from left to right): Roller the Reindeer, Bossy Bear, Turtle and Crocadoca. Buy yours here.

Jon-Paul Kaiser Samurai Pumpkin PURE Edition

In stock now: one of the very first versions of Toy2R's AWESOME new Mini Qee platform, the PumpkieQ: Jon-Paul Kaiser's righteous Samurai Pumpkin in his signature black and white edition they're calling "PURE". Buy one here.

October 22, 2010

The time draws near for the Brain Pattern Qee...

Emilio Garcia just posted these work-in-progress shots of the heads of his upcoming 8-inch Brain Pattern Qee bears by Toy2R. I am SUPER excited about this one and I know a bunch of you are as well. Definitely email us if you want to get on our list for these.

Blankie: Series 1 by Aarting Collection is now on the market!

The wait is now over.  Ever since the HUGE launch party at myplasticheartynyc and building buzz at NYCC, Blankie has arrived and is now available to us. Each of these 12 limited edition collectibles was envisioned and created by up-and-coming designers from countries around the world including Matucha (Mexico), PO! (Argentina), Igor Ventura (Brazil), Stor Dubine (Germany),  McCoy (Canada), Menilla (Mexico), Miss Shelby (USA), Cvele (Serbia), Jec (Mexico), Atomic1970 (Spain), Chupa & Cabra (Italy), and Jaoc (Venezuela). 

This groundbreaking series was created and selected by the Aarting design community. Artists from all over the world submitted 196 designs, and over 150,000 toy lovers voted to choose the 12 unique designs that are included in this amazing release! These stand 3" tall and come blind boxed with 25 pieces per case and are set to retail for $9.95 each.

This is a limited release so definitely email us if you are interested. We can do sealed cases, blind boxes or open-box if there's enough interest.
Now is our opportunity to place an order.

October 21, 2010

Win a BirdBot poster and papertoy

I got poster #12 out of 300. Hand-numbered at the bottom.

BirdBot Instructions from HyperQuake on Vimeo.

Okay folks, bear with me:
So I don't know if I met someone from HyperQuake at NYCC, or if I'm just super special, but today I got a big, cool, high-quality BirdBot poster from the fine folks at Hyperquake. Hyperquake is, from what I can tell, a design/branding agency. I think. They have an online portfolio, a blog, a poster series, and a character named BirdBot which is also a downloadable, customizable papertoy (are you listening, Eric Wirjanata?). With my poster was packed a BirdBot papertoy on perforated heavy stock paper, ready to punch out and put together.
Like I said, I'm either very special, or very dense, or both.
But I like to make people happy and the cool part about owning a toy shop is people send me a lot of interesting things which I can give away.
So I am giving away this BirdBot poster and papertoy via a simple contest:
Leave a comment under this post with your email address and your favorite bird character from a TV show or movie.
On Monday I'll put the names in a hat and pick a lucky winner!
(If you don't want to reveal your email publicly, you can email your answer to me instead with the subject line "BIRDBOT").

To see an image of the poster, click here. To design your own BirdBot papertoy, click here.

HyperQuake Poster Series - #4

October 19, 2010

Turnarounds of 3 new toys by Arts Unknown: Kozik, Baseman and Dok A

We are very excited for the first 3 toy releases from Arts Unknown, a brand-new toy company that will be producing original-sculpt vinyl toys with some big name artists. Their toys will retail for around $100 each. I do not have a specific release date yet for any of them (possibly early 2011), but the first three toys are:

"Bella Delamere" (The Casino Affair edition) by Doktor A (above)

 "Slugilicious" by Gary Baseman (above)


"William, Henry & Reginald" by Frank Kozik (above)

Arts Unknown is also starting a membership program which costs $100 and includes the following:
Membership costs $100 per year and benefits include:
• One FREE Members-Only Colorway per year (Worth $100; not for sale anywhere else).
• The ability to purchase the Members-Only Colorway for all our pieces (Not for sale anywhere else).
• Priority pre-ordering for all our regular releases and convention exclusives.
• Access to the members-only section of our website.
• Queuing Priority for convention signings.
• 2 tickets instead of 1 for any Arts Unknown lotteries.
• 10% off when you pre-pay for six colorways of any particular piece.
• Invitations to all Arts Unknown gallery events.
• Other exclusive offers throughout the year.

October 14, 2010

Now taking preorders for Jamungo GASSED S003 AND K11 ROVR [OPRSSR]

Price will be $85 and we have to gather the names of interested people now so we know how many to get! These should arrive in November.

 Jamungo's GASSED S003 and K11 ROVER OPRSSR set:
- Nozzel includes: shirt, bullet proof vest, sUMP with red dot scope, 2
sets of arms, and removable helmet.
- ROVR includes modular harness with removable pouches and removable
No need to pay until the figures are packed and ready to ship to us.

October 12, 2010

NYCC Exclusive Travis Louie Art Hustle card now available

Click thru to buy our NYCC show special: 1 Art Hustle card pack with a FREE Travis Louie foil-stamped NYCC Exclusive card by my friends at Sidekick Labs. Only $3.50!
Thanks to Tom and Simeon of The Art Hustle, who were present at our booth for much of the con!

October 7, 2010

Brent Nolasco: Over Saturated & Under Appreciated

Brent Nolasco's new "Over Saturated & Under Appreciated" project will debut at the Tenacious Toys booth (#2878) at the 2010 New York Comic-Con, October 8-10.

NEW YORK, NY (October 7, 2010)

Brent Nolasco's newest line of artworks is called "Over Saturated & Under Appreciated". The project uses mass-produced found objects as a basis for Brent's off-kilter art. Brent has wanted to do this project for a long time, and recently acquired some skulls mass-produced by Martha Stewart, giving him the perfect starting point. This new direction gives Brent the opportunity to put his spin on pop culture icons and symbols.

The beginnings of this project- the skulls- will be for sale at the Tenacious Toys NYCC booth #2878 in The Cultyard. A follow-up piece incorporating a gun and a skull will also be on display.

Title: No Substance
Skulls are Martha Stewart Skulls  / Plastic
Medium: Acrylic Paint / Studs/ Synthetic Grass
Price: $50
Very limited Release

Prototype for NYCC

Brent Nolasco will be signing at the Tenacious Toys booth at 3pm on Saturday October 9th.


October 4, 2010

Tenacious Toys NYCC booth 2878: Customs, Signings, Exclusives & Giveaways

 -- Booth 2878 --


Friday Oct 8th
1pm: meet & greet Sidekick Labs/ Art Hustle

Saturday Oct 9th

Noon: Jason Freeny
1pm: Allen Wen (AW177)
2pm: OsirisOrion
3pm: Brent Nolasco

Sunday Oct 10th
1pm: Sidekick Labs/ Art Hustle
2pm: Mike 'NEMO' Mendez


In addition to a broad cross-section of plush, resin and vinyl production toys that we will be selling at our booth, we will also be showing and selling works from the following artists:

- NEMO (bringing many various sculpted works & customs)
- Brent Nolasco (debuting his Mijo figure, produced by Blamo Toys)
- OsirisOrion (customs on platforms by SKET and LYS0L)
- Jason Freeny (Balloon Dog Anatomy prints & a custom)
- AW177 (custom MadLs)
- Bryan Collins (customs)
- ZAM (custom Dunnys)
- Rsin (customs)
- Motorbot (customs)


#1: Travis Louie NYCC Exclusive Art Hustle foil-stamped card, made especially for us, especially for NYCC 2010, by the fine folks at Sidekick Lab. FREE with the purchase of a $3.50 Art Hustle card pack at our booth! Only 180 made.

#2: Rampage Toys Kaiju Cupcake resin figure, plus accompanying print. $100, only 5 made!

#3: Lemi the Space Wanderer mini plush set: three 5-inch handmade mini Lemi plushes in a zippered Lemi bag, with a sticker and a magnet. 
$25, made by Thunderpanda in Indonesia in very limited quantities.


Wizard Sleeve Toys is sponsoring an AWESOME giveaway at our NYCC booth: six (6) of their SKET Bacon MadLs in the rare Glow-in-the-Dark Purple variant colorway! We are giving away 2 of these rare figures per day, at 4:30pm each day. Here's how it'll work: show up at our booth early. The first 30 paying customers each day will get a card with a number on it. At 4:30pm, those 30 people should come back to our booth. We will use a Random Number Generator to give us 2 random numbers between 1 and 30. The people holding those cards will win! Total of 6 GID Purple Bacon MadLs will be given away at our booth over the course of the NYCC. Must be present at the time of the drawing to win.
**UPDATE** For those of you who cannot make it to NYCC, we have arranged a simultaneous contest on Toys R Evil so that everyone, all around the world, will have the opportunity to win a GID Purple Bacon MadL! Stay tuned to TRE for more info on that.

We'll also be giving away some Ccino the Sad Coffee Cup stickers! Look for those on our table.


We will be showcasing (and taking preorders for) a bunch of Toy2R products that have not yet been released. We are very happy to have a positive relationship with Toy2R, and as such, we will have upcoming Toy2R products displayed in our booth that no one else will have!

We have a LOT going on this year at our NYCC booth, which is #2878 in The Cultyard
PLEASE STOP BY and say hello!

Tenacious Toys in Fast Company Magazine online

Mr. TTT, part of the Wish Come True mini figure series by FriendsWithYou
Customer and fellow blogger Lynette Chiang kindly references our humble little toy shop in her latest post on the Fast Company website. Interestingly, my dad got me a subscription to Fast Company several years ago when we started Tenacious Toys. Now we're IN Fast Company and Dad is very proud!

NYCC Exclusive Pink Tuttz @ booth 428

Argonaut Resins announces their latest release: these neon pink Tuttzs which will be for sale at Big Kev's Geek Stuff booth #428. Eric from Argonaut will be signing his Tuttz resins, books and Tshirts Sat. Oct. 9th from 2:30 - 3:30 at the New York Comic Con and will also have a few other surprises on hand. The Neon Pink Tuttz will be limited to only 6 pieces and one per customer.

Custom-Showcase: Tiger Fury by AW177 x Kevin Goselin for New York Comic Con

One of the excellent AW177 customs that will be on display at the Tenacious Toys NYCC Booth #2878 next weekend!

October 2, 2010

NYCC Giveaways: 6 GID Purple Bacon MadLs at Tenacious Toys booth

Each of the 3 days of the New York Comic-Con, we will be giving away 2 Glow-in-the-Dark Purple SKET Bacon MadLs, care of Wizard Sleeve Toys. A total of (6) GID Bacon MadLs will be given away over the course of the con!
Here's how it'll work: the first 30 paying customers at the Tenacious Toys booth each morning will receive a number. At 4:30 every afternoon, those 30 people should return to booth 2878 for the drawing. We will use a Random Number Generator to give us 2 numbers between 1 and 30, and those 2 customers get the free GID Bacon MadLs! 
You must be physically present in the afternoon to win. One number per customer.
We owe big thanks to Mike Franco of Wizard Sleeve Toys for sponsoring this excellent giveaway!