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September 28, 2010

NYCC 2010 Exclusive Travis Louie Art Hustle card at Tenacious booth

We are SUPER stoked to offer NYCC attendees a very special Exclusive at our booth: one FREE NYCC Exclusive foil-stamped Travis Louie Art Hustle card with the purchase of an Art Hustle pack! Art Hustle packs are just $3.50, making this possibly one of the most affordable NYCC Exclusives out there! You must buy the pack at our booth to qualify. 

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos from Sidekick Lab showing the creation of the special Travis Louie cards using their fancy-pants foil stamping machine:

The Travis Louie card does not appear in the regular Art Hustle packs so this is a very special and sought-after card. Sidekick Lab made us 180 of these foil-stamped NYCC cards so you'll definitely want to stop by our booth early to make sure you get one.

What is the Art Hustle series all about?
The Art Hustle is a boutique set of artist and art-based trading cards exhibiting an international group of 75 artists working in street art, toy art, kaiju, sketch, illustration, painting, aerosol art, poster art, tattoo art, digital art, collage, sculpture, photography and more.
Inspired by trading cards produced from the 1960’s through the 80’s, the set offers up some vintage-inspired flavor including chipboard card stock and the much-loved wax paper wrapper. Cards also come with interesting facts on the backs that you don’t want to miss.

Find out more by checking out the Art Hustle site here or the Sidekick Lab blog here.

September 27, 2010

Nolasco / Blamo Project Unveiling at NYCC 2010

The Brent Nolasco / Blamo Project will be introduced at the Tenacious Toys booth (#2878) at the 2010 New York Comic-Con, October 8-10.

The Nolasco / Blamo resin project is a way for Brent to express himself and to have a non-conventional release. Brent wanted the process of making figures and products to be more of a fine art than mass production. He wanted a more "hands on" approach to making his next figure, like how resin figures were first done by artists.

Brent first sculpted this figure by hand. It's something he had never done before. The figure consists of 6 pieces that are hand casted separately and then put together.  Each piece is hand painted by Brent so there is slight variation in each paint job.  

Each piece is very unique and has it's own characteristics that set them apart from one another. Brent likes that they are more organic and free-formed than pieces from a factory which pumps out products for the masses. It makes each release more personal.  

The runs on these upcoming figures are going to be limited quantities. Some will be just "one-offs". Brent is looking to do some sculpting and other interesting things with these figures to keep the ideas fresh.

Figure Info:
Name: Mijo (My Child)
Medium: Resin, Acrylic Paints
Size: 5.5 inches
Price: $300

For more info please contact Brent at:

September 24, 2010

Tenacious Toys Custom Marshall Blind Box Series shot

Boy that's a whole lot of blind-boxed customs, isn't it? Our Custom Marshall Blind Box series will be for sale here at 9pm EST this upcoming Sunday, September 26th. 
Limit of 2 per person. Price will be $49.99 per piece.
We've released a bunch of teasers and flyers but there are TONS of variants and chases that you haven't seen yet. Images of those figures will be released next week.

September 23, 2010

Art by Indonesia power couple Eric & Pamela

Eric Wirjanata, head of Thunderpanda toy company from Indonesia, sends over a picture of his lastest custom: Astro TV Boy, which he created from a Takara Astro Boy figure and Munny accessories! The figure is for sale for $45 at the Slanted Toys shop and will be on display at Eric's show at Plastic Culture in Jakarta.

Eric's girlfriend Pamela Halomoan (cool name, right?) is an animation student who will be helping Eric at the Thunderpanda booth during the Singapore Toy Con 2010. These are her Cupcakes Paper Art, featuring her twisted characters! 

And finally, Eric has been kind enough to let me sell t-shirts with one of his Skullrider drawings on it, so look for that in our Cafepress apparel shop soon!

September 22, 2010

Tenacious Toys Custom Marshall Blind Box Series work-in-progress

So here's the process of creating our little Custom Marshall blind box series: take a bunch of custom Marshalls (above), and the ratio cards and stickers (left)...

Insert ratio card + sticker (cuz stickers rule) into each box...

Then apply stickers to outside of box, on the panels that used to show 64colors' beautiful original designs for the Marshalls (much respect to 64colors but we had to cover those designs because they no longer apply to what's in the boxes...)
Et voila! 
The Custom Marshall blind box series will be for sale in our Exclusives section this upcoming Sunday, September 26th at 9pm EST. 
Any leftovers will be brought to NYCC to sell in our booth in early October.

September 21, 2010

Lemi 5-inch mini plush sets now in stock (Americas Exclusive)

We continue to be very impressed with the work that Eric of Thunderpanda puts into his plush toy releases: his 5-inch mini versions of Lemi the Space Wanderer just arrived, and the set is amazing! The three plushes come packed in a 10-inch zippered bag, screen printed with Lemis all over it. There is a magnet and a sticker in there as well. You get the whole set for just $25! Tenacious Toys is the exclusive retailer of these plush sets in the Americas. You can buy yours now here.
Each Lemi plush has a lanyard with either a suction cup or keyring at the end. The blue colorway is limited to 150 pieces worldwide, the pink to 100, and the green plushes are limited to just 50 pieces. Eric recently had his first solo show at Plastic Culture!

How to make your own blind-box series: Step #37 (gather printed materials)

Step #37 (gather printed materials): 
Gather the stickers you made to apply to the outside of the boxes, as well as the ratio cards you had printed up. Count remaining stickers you have left after that. 
Do you have enough to throw one into every blind box, along with the ratio card? 
Yes, you do. 
Take fuzzy pics with your terrible webcam so that you can show everyone by posting to your blog.

John Stokes custom Jouwe: "HoneyPot Stroll"

Our friend and fellow blogger John "Spanky" Stokes has been developing his own customizing style over the past couple years, and I think this is one of his most successful pieces thus far: a custom Jouwe for the group show at Toy Art Gallery in LA. John writes:

After watching the National Geographic channel, I got inspiration from the deep sea dwelling fish... more specifically the "Angler Fish" that has a long node of filament and attached to the end is a ball of bio-luminescence that the fish uses to lure his prey closer to eat them... and as you can see that is kinda what I did when creating the "HoneyPot" Stroll. The figure itself was sculpted on using magic sculpt, wire, tin foil, and I also used faux fur, a glass eye, wood stain, acrylic paints and other misc objects. I also created the "HoneyPot" with resin and inserted a self-contained LED unit with a built in switch.

Nice work Spanky! 

September 20, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: Ratio cards for our Custom Marshall blind-box series

The final piece of the puzzle: now that we have these sweet double-sided ratio cards printed (big thanks to Bryan Collins!) I have everything I need to pack up our Custom Marshall blind-box series!
After I add one of these ratio cards to each box, I'll apply our stickers, seal the boxes and mix them all around. Will post up images and/or video of those steps this week as we prepare for the release of this series next Sunday, September 26th at 9pm EST.

Emilio Garcia 8-inch Brain Pattern Qee coming soon

From the creative mind behind the Jumping Brain figure comes the newest Qee creation – the 8inch Brain Pattern Qee. Set to drop at  the beginning of October – this limited edition artist Qee will be available at Tenacious Toys. Drop us an email if you're interested; we'll bill you only when these are ready to ship to us. I'd anticipate the pricing to be along the same lines as other 8-inch Qees: $55 to $65.

A fantastic treat for this confectionary filled month, this will be Emilio’s first production Qee figure and Toy2R is proud to share it with all of the world. It is a worthy follow-up to Emilio's first endeavor with Toy2R- the wildly popular 2-inch Jumping Brain keychains.

Also, don't forget to enter Toy2R's 15 Weeks to Celebrate 15 Years Contest - Week Two begins today!!

September 19, 2010

Tenacious Toys Custom Marshall Blind Box Series reveal: Steve Talkowski

Steve "Sketchbot" Talkowski is a man that needs no introduction. He successfully organized one of the best custom shows I've ever been to at MyPlasticHeart, and he's got round 2 in the works with even MORE great artists customizing his Sketchbot figure (incidentally, we also sell Steve's Sketchbot v.1 figure in our shop). 
His custom work is bright, clean and professional. But aside from all that, Steve is one of the most frenetically happy people I've ever met. He is incredibly positive and welcoming. Just a great guy. 
I gave him 3 Marshalls to customize for our blind-box series, and he did them up in paint schemes to match his Sketchbots: 3 Marshalls in 3 different colorways. Above is the pic of the Marshall custom version of Steve's v.1 Sketchbot colorway. Below is the v.1 Sketchbot:

September 17, 2010

Ron English Popaganda mini figures in stock

After quite a long wait, we are happy to announce that we now have MINDstyle's Ron English Popaganda mini figures in stock!
They're window-boxed so you can choose whichever ones you want out of the 11 figures in the series.
Price is $14.99 and you can buy them from us here.

September 16, 2010

Silver Tuttz Wave 2 release date Sunday Sep 19

Behold: the final images of Wave 2 of our Exclusive Silver Tuttz figures from Argonaut Resin! We will be releasing them for sale this Sunday, September 19th at 9pm EST (that's 6pm West Coast time) in the Exclusives section of our website.
Wave 2 consists of 6 blind-boxed Tuttz figures: 4 metallic Silver figures, one Blue Haze variant and one Cosmic Underworld variant. So no matter which one you get it's gonna be pretty darn cool, and EXTREMELY limited in nature. 
As with all Tuttzs, each figure is numbered and comes packed with a certificate of authenticity and a Tuttz story card.
Price will be $55 plus shipping. One per person.
Thank you, thank you THANK YOU to END for Argonaut for putting superhuman effort and lots of time into his Tuttz project, and for blessing our shop with the opportunity to secure an exclusive colorway. We are VERY grateful!!

Matt Siren Ghost Girl "Pac-Man" 4-colorway set

This is incredibly awesome and beautiful to me: mphlabs created a 4-figure set of Matt Siren's Ghost Girl figure colors that match those of the ghosts in the original Pac-Man game. Price per figure is $50, and they are available separately. Please contact us via email if you want in on one or all of these, quantities are limited and we need to get an order in fast!

September 15, 2010

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Silver Tuttz Wave 2 work-in-progress image

I could be biased, but I think Wave 2 of our Exclusive Silver Tuttz figures by Argonaut Resins could be the most beautiful collection of Tuttzs I've ever seen. These blind-boxed figures will be for sale this upcoming weekend at $55 each in our Exclusives section.
6 figures: 4 in our classic shiny silver colorway, 1 Cosmic Underworld variant (middle) and 1 Blue Haze variant (right).
Will post exact date/time later this week, along with images of finished figures. Above image is a work-in-progress shot.

JonPaul Kaiser's 5" Mini Qee Samurai Pumpkin - GID Edition

I think my favorite seasonal toy offerings are those that come out just before Halloween... they usually involve either skeletons or pumpkins. This one's a glowing pumpkin Samurai. I bet he could carve a mean jack-o-lantern!
Diggin this new head sculpt Toy2R is producing! Here's the press release:

"The samurai code - loyalty, devotion and honor to the death."

JonPaul Kaiser's Samurai Pumpkin comes out of the night with stealth and precision. Rarely seen and never heard - this warrior follows the same path.

Toy2R is pleased to announce this very special and limited edition of the newly launched Mini Qee platform utilizing JonPaul's incredible design to create a warrior of unique character.

Dropping next month, the Glow in the Dark edition will strike in time for Halloween - so be quick and beware - others may be seeking the same.