July 23, 2010

Vamplets plush baby vampires at SDCC booth 4149 + giveaway here on this blog!

WARNING: Vamplets, creepy but cuddly Baby Vampyres, will be making a feast at this week's Comic-Con in San Diego, California.

If you dare to enter Comic-Con, please steer clear of Booth #4149 at all costs. Do not be fooled by their adorable looks, these diapered demons are really rotten to the core! And they will stop at no opportunity to drink the blood of any unsuspecting bystanders. Dozens of cosplayers have already perished. Just look for the growing puddle of blood and tiny bloody footprints on the floor of the Con...

If you can't make it to SDCC (like me) and you are foolish enough to want one of these evil 8-inch plushes lurking in your house (like me), then we have a fun giveaway for you:
Leave a comment under this post with the name of your favorite Vampire, from any story, book or film... from Vlad the Impaler to that twinkly one Edward. If you don't have a Google account, email your answer to us with the words "VAMPLETS GIVEAWAY DRAWING" in the subject line.
Names from your comments & emails will be put into a hat on July 30th for the drawing and one lucky winner will win a brand new Vamplets Burton Creepson Jr. plush and the accompanying Disappearing Bottle of Blood accessory, as pictured below:
Good luck, fools! Don't say I didn't warn you...