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July 31, 2010

Vamplets Giveaway Drawing: we have a winner!

Gabrielle, who emailed in her entry, was randomly picked out of the bag as the winner of our Vamplets Giveaway Drawing! Gabrielle won a brand new 8-inch Burton Creepson Jr plush by Vamplets, plus a "Disappearing Bottle of Blood" accessory to go along with the plush.
Congrats Gabrielle, and thank you all for all of your entries!

July 29, 2010

Twisted Toys: a documentary about Jay222

Check out this awesome short documentary about Jay222 and his custom toys. Film by a few students from Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. Hey, isn't that where Pixar is located?

July 28, 2010

Argonaut Resins Bubblegum Pink Tuttz (+ bag!) drops tomorrow

Here are the Bubble Gum Tuttz wave 2 resins dropping tomorrow 12 noon Est. in the Argonaut Resins online store. There are 6 pieces in this wave featuring 2 purple tints and 2 pink tints and two new solid airbrushed cats. Each will come with signed Certificates of Authenticity by END and Terrence and custom hand sewn vinyl bag packaging with adjustable straps and velcro closures made by Terrence O'Neal of Obed.
Each set will go for $80 (plus $10 S&H US and more for overseas depending on the cost of USPS Express mail).

July 25, 2010

July 25 update: JLED Pico & Wilshire, Steampunk Eos, 2010 Dunny series & more

- Kidrobot's 2010 Dunny series is set to drop on August 19th. We ordered 2 cartons (8 cases) and we offer free US shipping on cases. Can't presell them but we'll send out another update when they arrive.

- We are expecting a lot of great stuff from Toy2R soon: The 2.5-inch Qee Artist series, which we'll open up and sell open-box, the 2.5-inch Skelanimals Qee Artist series (which we'll also open), Horvath's Roller the Reindeer and that "vintage"-style all-black Bossy Series set. Preorders will get set up for those once the distributor lets me know they're ready to ship to us.

- Dark Horse is collaborating with Toy2R once again to bring us, in my opinion, the coolest Domo Qees yet: the 7-inch Wood Domo Qee and the 7-inch glow in the dark Domo Qee, both of which can be seen here on our blog.


- Joe Ledbetter Pico and Wilshire sabertooth tiger/woolly mammoth set by The Loyal Subjects.

- Jamungo K11 Gohst and SPOT white retailer-colorway set

- Jun Planning Pullip Steampunk Eos 12-inch steampunk doll, the first of a series of 4 steampunk-style 12-inch dolls


- RAJE Toys' Dr. Brain 7-inch figure

- The Art Hustle artist trading card series in stock. We are selling by the 7-card pack.

- DIY Celsius by Kuso Toys back in stock: $35 each, comes with those big beautiful wings to customize!

- MIST Lucius 6-inch vinyl figures by Artoys, both the regular yellow and the US blue versions. 6 inches tall, these 2-piece MIST characters are just incredibly cool to look at. $59.95 each.

- Steve Talkowski's first vinyl toy, Sketchbot, in stock now for $35 each.

- Foox Organ Donors open-box mini figures

July 24, 2010

"Greed vs Grievance" custom Qee Bear by Lisa Rae Hansen

Lisa Rae Hansen sends us these images of her entry into Spaghetti Project's "Civil War and Our Founding Fathers" custom Qee show. Spaghetti Project is a store down in lovely Fredericksburg, VA, my favorite stop along I-95. The customs from their Civil War-themed show are available for purchase here, and this particular custom is for sale here. Definitely click thru to their store to check all the sweet custom Qees!
The sculpting on this custom is actually quite extensive! Looks like a lot of work went into it. You can follow LRH on Flickr here and on Facebook here.

July 23, 2010

Vamplets plush baby vampires at SDCC booth 4149 + giveaway here on this blog!

WARNING: Vamplets, creepy but cuddly Baby Vampyres, will be making a feast at this week's Comic-Con in San Diego, California.

If you dare to enter Comic-Con, please steer clear of Booth #4149 at all costs. Do not be fooled by their adorable looks, these diapered demons are really rotten to the core! And they will stop at no opportunity to drink the blood of any unsuspecting bystanders. Dozens of cosplayers have already perished. Just look for the growing puddle of blood and tiny bloody footprints on the floor of the Con...

If you can't make it to SDCC (like me) and you are foolish enough to want one of these evil 8-inch plushes lurking in your house (like me), then we have a fun giveaway for you:
Leave a comment under this post with the name of your favorite Vampire, from any story, book or film... from Vlad the Impaler to that twinkly one Edward. If you don't have a Google account, email your answer to us with the words "VAMPLETS GIVEAWAY DRAWING" in the subject line.
Names from your comments & emails will be put into a hat on July 30th for the drawing and one lucky winner will win a brand new Vamplets Burton Creepson Jr. plush and the accompanying Disappearing Bottle of Blood accessory, as pictured below:
Good luck, fools! Don't say I didn't warn you...

July 22, 2010

We will be stocking the upcoming Skelanimals Qee Series; check the Fugitive Toys GID SDCC Exclusive

Just when collectors thought one artist series was enough, Toy2R proudly announces the debut of the Skelanimals Qee Artist Series Collection. Series 1 prototypes will be on display during SDCC through Skelanimals, booth #4513.

Check out the newest characters to join the Qee Universe (Chungkee & Marcy) in this unique collaborative series of one of the biggest global brands in the world, one of the original designer toy companies and 8 respected designer toy artists / customizers. This series will feature designs by Chauskoskis, Jim Koch, Frank Mysterio, Reactor 88, Voltaire, Julie West, Jon Paul Kaiser and Lunabee. Also included wil be traditional classic versions of the Skelanimals characters and of course, special chase figures all sporting a keychain attachment to make it easier to carry around everywhere.
The line launches with the GID Chungkee Qee exclusive (above) being offered by Fugitive Toys during SDCC at booth #334. This pre-launch figure will only be available at SDCC and not be included in future releases, so collectors take note!

We will be stocking the Skelanimals Qee Series at Tenacious Toys in blind box and open-box form, for your collecting pleasure!

July 17, 2010

ThreeA Popbot and Badbot coming in the fall

Coming in the fall of 2010 are the retailer versions of the ThreeA Popbots and Badbots:
The retailer Popbot (above) will be 14.5 inches tall and will come with a randomly painted kitty, a shoulder bag and one long-barrel pistol. Kitty has 10 possible color variants.
The retailer Badbot comes with 2 long-barrel pistols. Price each for a Popbot or a Badbot will be $150 and we ship free within the US. These figures are available individually packed, or we can also get them packed together in a 2-pack (1 Badbot, 1 Popbot) for a little less ($280 for the 2-pack). 
So far I have ordered the individually packed figures; I have not yet ordered a case of the 2-packs since I need to know for sure if I can sell enough. Very expensive! 
Email us if you're interested in a Badbot, a Popbot or a 2-pack.

July 14, 2010

Jamungo K11 set: Ghost S1 & SPOT S1 Retailer versions

This white retailer-only version of the Jamungo K11 set will be coming some time soon. Each figure is 4" tall and made of vinyl. I believe the price for the set will be $75.

GOHST includes: sweater, modular harness with removable pouches, and
removeable helmet. 
SPOT includes sweater, modular harness with removable pouches and removable helmet.
Definitely shoot us an email if you're interested in a set...
**UPDATE** Preorders now available on our website! K11 set will ship to us in August.

July 11, 2010

UNKL JunPo series of 6-inch vinyl figures

No one is sure how long the JunPo organization has been around. Like the Samurai, they have existed as a secretive global faction passing down their mission and way of life for centuries.

The JunPo came out of the shadows just after the turn of the millennium confirming their presence and vowing to continue to protect the human race. These self-proclaimed public servants have always been made up of working class-laborers with little stake in the world around them. Throughout time they have hidden within unremarkable lives while secretly performing remarkable tasks. The JunPo utilize highly specialized skills and an impressive knowledge base about the world’s key strategic locations and government organizations.
To date only three of JunPo’s members have come forward as spokesmen of the organization: Axl, Tran, and Raj. Each oversee distinct global regions and posses unique skills of their own such as deep sea recovery or urban chemical clean-up. The group’s total numbers are unknown. Some estimates put membership as high three hundred. The exact number of JunPo members may never be known but what we can be sure of is their resolve to continue their efforts.

MIST Lucius 6-inch vinyl figures by Artoyz

In stock now are 2 beautiful colorways of a dynamic and interesting 6-inch tall vinyl toy: Lucius by MIST. These 2-piece figure sets were made by Artoyz and they are of the highest quality.
The blue/black colorway shown above is a US edition, sold exclusively in the US. You can buy one here in our store for $59.95.
The yellow colorway shown below is the regular colorway that was distributed worldwide:
You can also buy the yellow one in our store here.

A little more about this figure:
Artoyz Originals presents Lucius, a devilish new vinyl creation by MIST. French graffiti artist Mist, strikes back with an original vinyl toy, graphically following his latest mini series (Debilz) released in 2008 by Kidrobot. A new original figure for Mist, Lucius features all his iconic features such as innovative articulations, dripping colors, spiky boundaries and prominent teeth. Lucius comes with its partner, a little flame-ball, that you can display in its hands or simply put by its side. Four colorways will be released in 2010.

More about MIST:
Born and raised in Paris, Mist first experienced graffiti in the late 80's and is also a French pioneer of designer toys. Today Mist travels the planet with his partner TILT for exhibitions and street paintings whenever he is not developing his art in his studio in the south of France.

MIST, c'est l'homme!
That means "MIST is the man!" en francais. Correct pronunciation is something like "mist, say luhmm".
Now you know some French.
Next week I will teach you what "merde" and "putain" mean.

For now, visit MIST on his website, follow his blog or check the Flickr page devoted to his artwork.

July 10, 2010

Ian Ziobrowski's George Nuggington custom for Spaghetti Project

Ian Ziobrowski of Genuine Artikle sends us these images of his incredibly well-executed custom 8" Mon Qee "George Nuggington" which he recently sent down to Fredericksburg, VA to be a part of Spaghetti Project's "The Civil War and our Founding Fathers" show. 
20% of the sales from that custom Qee show will be donated to a charity called Our Military Kids.
If you've ever watched Dazed and Confused, you know as well as I that our Founding Fathers grew a lot of hemp back in the day, since the plant had many varied uses. Ian's character "Nuggs" views George Nuggington as somewhat of a hero, not only because he helped found our beautiful country but because they share a love of the mary jane. 
Price for this custom is $325 and it's well worth it considering the immaculate sculpting and painting that Ian did. Diggin the period-correct clothing and hair, and the real wood and twine basket he's holding! 
Contact Spaghetti Project if you're interested in purchasing it, and DEFINITELY be on the lookout for Ian's new Nugg Life website which is under construction.
And also be on the lookout for Ian's custom Marshalls which will be a part of our Marshall Custom Blind Box series, dropping after SDCC!