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April 30, 2010

Kidrobot Amanda Visell Tic Toc Apocalypse mini figures

The end of the world is right on schedule thanks to the creatures & demigods of Amanda Visell’s new Tic Toc Apocalypse series of 3-inch mini figures from Kidrobot:

The apocalypse is right on schedule thanks to the creatures, demigods, and harbingers of doom in this mini series from Amanda Visell.
Winged gnomes, wooden dragons, poop laying unicorns, and other fabled beings are here to cheerfully usher in an era of global catastrophe.
Collect all 14 mythical destroyers, including the 2 chases, but give up any hope of suppressing their destructive powers.
Sold as blind box mystery figures or in sealed cases (we ship sealed 16-piece cases FREE within the US)

New in stock from 123KLAN: Alfa & Fellastar

We are excited to have in stock a couple vinyl pieces from 123KLAN x Artoyz: mortal enemies Alfa and Fellastar.
123KLAN Fellastar is approximately 5 inches tall and comes with machine gun guitar and a visor accessory.

123KLAN Alfa is approximately 5 inches tall and also comes with a guitar machine gun accessory and a visor.

April 23, 2010

HUGE tokidoki x Sephora Cosmetics & Accessories launch

So yesterday there was a giant launch of tokidoki's new line of cosmetics and ladies' accessories for Sephora. You can get more info and buy the stuff at Sephora's website in the new tokidoki section. This should make a LOT of you TD-heads giddy with joy! A while back, Simone was given his big break by being "discovered" (or rather, mass marketed) by a cosmetics company, so it's only fitting that he would collaborate with a global cosmetics giant like Sephora.

Below are the Bellissima Makeup Bags:
Group shot of a bunch of tokidoki x Sephora products:

Below is the Punk Lash Mascara:
Lots more to see & buy here. Click on any of above photos for bigger version.
I love tokidoki but this ain't no cosmetics blog so I'm not going to post all of the products here.

April 22, 2010

SNEEK PEAK: Lunartik in a Tiny Cuppa Tea

We are big fans of the beautiful full-size Lunartik in a Cuppa Tea designer toys by Matt Jones from the UK.
Matt has been cooking up a small follow-up to the Lunartiks: the Tiny Cuppas are almost ready to begin production at the factory!
These miniature versions of the Cuppa toy will surely enjoy widespread popularity once they're released... with a lower price, they'll be even more collectible than the full-size Cuppas, and they're ridiculously cute to boot.
Tea time!

SNEAK PEEK: Closer look at Art Hustle cards

I was fortunate to recently meet up with Simeon Lipton, creator of upcoming Art Hustle art cards, and I scored some prototype cards from the series:
Above pictured are the following cards (double click on the image to see a bigger version):
Kozik, Dehara, Bill McMullen, Ron English, TOOFLY, Buff Monster, Tara McPherson & Alex Pardee.

The Art Hustle is a set of artist and art-based trading cards, and exhibits an international group of 75 artists working in street art, toy art, kaiju, sketch, illustration, painting, aerosol art, poster art, tattoo art, digital art, collage, sculpture, photography and more.

Inspired by trading cards produced from the 1960's through the 80's, the set offers up some vintage-inspired flavor including chipboard card stock and the much-loved wax paper wrapper.

The Art Hustle is a new frontier in Art and Trading Cards, and a hell of a lot of fun. Boxes are limited.

Kaiju Cupcake prototype by Rampage Toys

Friends, originally uploaded by

"Here's the long awaited prototype! As you can see the Rampage Toys Kapukeeki Kaiju is roughly the height of a S7 Steven, and MUCH bigger than a devil robots mini tofu."
This is a great concept, I'll get some to sell at Tenacious Toys!

Amanda Visell Jackalope Plush 14-Inch coming soon from Kidrobot

Amanda Visell Jackalope 14-inch plush coming soon from Kidrobot, from whence I yanked the following text:

Taken from the Tic Toc Apocalypse Mini Seriesand made from soft, textured faux fur fabric, LA artist Amanda Visell's limited edition Jackalope is 14-inches of robot-decimating plush from ears to feet.
He has floppy legs, embroidered features, foam teeth, and sits upright for maximum comfort as he munches on evil androids. Limited to 1500 pieces worldwide.
Price will be $29.95.

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Full line of Steff Bomb hand made plushes in stock now!

We are stoked to support Steff Bomb and her line of quality hand-made plush toys!

April 18, 2010

RAJE Toys x Patricio Oliver

The more I hear from Raje Toys, the more excited I get!
The latest news come from Patricio Oliver via his email list, which you should subscribe to.
PO has signed on to RAJE to make what SEEMS to be the following figure:
I'm excited. Will post more details as they are released. This will be RAJE's 3rd figure.
FYI RAJE's second toy release will be an awesome Steampunk Gnome design by Doktor A. Woot!

April 17, 2010

tokidoki x Sephora Beauty Collection Launch, April 22nd in NYC

Thursday April 22nd at Arena, which is at 135 W 41st.
Simone Legno, creator of the tokidoki brand and artwork, WILL be there to meet & greet!
More info here at the website.

April 14, 2010

Tenacious Toys Lemi & Tuttz Exclusives, plus news on Kidrobot, Toy2R, 3A, Mimoco, Jamungo, Jun Planning & Bioshock 2

Lots of news:

LEMI EXCLUSIVE: Our shipment of 10-inch Lemi the Space Wanderer plushes has just arrived from Thunderpanda in Indonesia! Tenacious Toys is the exclusive North American distributor of these beautiful limited edition handmade plushes. They only made 100! Each comes packed in a matching Lemi canvas bag, with a Lemi button and a magnet. At only $19, that's a steal! All preorders will ship immediately.

TUTTZ EXCLUSIVE: Not long ago we were lucky enough to attend Toystreet, where we hooked up with Argonaut Resins to hash out an exclusive on a shiny silver colorway of their new Tuttz feline sculpt. They'll retail for around $40, which is very affordable for full-sized, limited edition resin piece! More info will be available soon.

ThreeA: The ThreeA forums say that they'll be shipping the retailer versions of the WWRP Bertie Mk2 6.5-inch figures soon, which is excellent. Once we get our Berties, we will turn them around and get them in the mail to all of you who preordered. As for the Dropcloths, we still have preorders available for 3 different versions: Panda Shocktrooper, Deimos Liberator & Commando Uncles.

JUN PLANNING: We are very excited to see the first Steampunk Pullip figure from Jun Planning, which will be the Eos figure! We have ordered a case. They will cost about $150 each but they are extremely complex and insanely cool. They are projected to ship to us in July.

JAMUNGO: Jamungo has announced that they will be selling some of their AWESOME Squadts to retailers. We are going to get a case of NKD Squadts with the 2 different accessory packs (called QPMNT packs). The NKD Squadts will retail for $75, and the QPMNT packs will sell for $28 for the both of em. Not sure on arrival date but I'll post that up as soon as I know.

KIDROBOT: We are supposed to be getting a carton of the Amanda Visell Tic Toc Apocalypse mini figures soon. Will ship full sealed cases for free within the US, as usual. And there's lots more insanely cool stuff coming from KR in the upcoming months as well, so save your pennies....

TOY2R: Where do I begin? There is so much to tell. Toy2R has a HUGE year planned this year. There are a number of mini figure Qee series on the way. There's the 5in Jumping Brains by Emilio Garcia (woo hoo!). I am also supposed to let all my artist contacts know that despite ALREADY having over 50 artists involved (like DrilOne, Leecifer, Pocket Wookie, Sneaky Raccoon, and WuzOne), Toy2R is aiming to make their 15th Anniversary World Tour even bigger by inviting all toy customizers to submit custom Qees to their office by May 1st (yeah I know, not much time, but the offer is out there!). Email Kevin at for more info. Your Qee will get photographed and cataloged and will join the world tour! Talk about exposure... They'd also need artist names, websites, titles, and any other relevant info. There are no limits to quantity or scale of finished pieces. Got a custom Qee already done? Mail that bad boy in to them!

BIOSHOCK 2: NECA has released images of their incredibly creepy action figures based on the Bioshock 2 video game. That would be a Big Daddy Rosie Deluxe action figure, a Ladysmith Splicer figure and a twin pack containing Little Sister and Young Eleanor Lamb. Email us at to let us know if you are interested. I've already gotten a response from some of you. AND, they also MAILED to me, by snail mail, a flier containing an image of the follow-up to their Big Daddy Bouncer cobbled-together doll, an image which I cannot find online. If anyone is interested in seeing an image of that, I'd have to scan it in and email it to you. Email me:

MIMOCO: We have just received our stock of the Infectious x Mimoco Design Contest winning Mimobot USB drives, called GiddyUp. The artwork on them is beautiful: it's a girl riding a giraffe! We have them in stock in 4GB and 8GB versions.

BIC BUDDY CUSTOM SHOW: Last weekend I attended a great custom toy show in Brooklyn at a place called Zakka. The platform was the 8-inch BID Buddy designed by Marka27 and made by BIC Plastics. It was a lot of fun and I would have liked to have posted up images of that show already but I have been dealing with taxes ever since. So I humbly refer you to my friend OsirisOrion's blog, where he has posted a great video he took that night at the show.

If you have read this far, you are truly my best friend or my dad. Thank you for being my friend. Or my dad.

I need your input. I have a lot of Kidrobot open-box figures. Great figures, mint condition. Can't sell them on the site anymore due to new KR rules. I want to do some sort of contest or promotion to give some away, like 10 or 20 figures. Got any ideas? Email me: . If I pick your idea, I'll send you 6 Kidrobot mini figures for free. I have this email newsletter, facebook, a blog and twitter at my disposal, so I can use any or all of them during this promo.

April 12, 2010

New Bioshock 2 action figures coming in July

... and they're pretty creepy!
The second assortment from the #1 selling video game includes the Ladysmith Splicer (below) with removable mask, tommygun, and rolling pin accessories and a special 2 pack featuring the Little Sister and Young Eleanor Lamb (above). The Ladysmith figure and the Little Sister/Eleanor 2-pack will each retail for around $15 to $17.
The Little Sister and Eleanor Lamb figures stand 3 3/4" and are fully articulated. Accessories include ADAM syringes and 2 small Big Daddy Dolls for the girls to hold.
How creepy is this Ladysmith figure? Yecch!
The Deluxe Big Daddy Rosie (above) is packed with detail. Loaded with articulation and tanks that plug into the back.
This enormous figure also comes with the Rivet Gun accessory that she can hold in her right hand. This is the biggest and baddest Big Daddy yet! Will retail for around $20.
As always, email us if you are into these figures so we get enough to satisfy everyone!

April 9, 2010

Jason Freeny's Moist Production Skate Decks

Jason Freeny is a talented artist working in 3D illustration. His art is amazingly cool.
Here are his latest skate decks. I recommend nailing them to your wall instead of bolting on trucks. Too pretty to grind. Buy them here.

April 8, 2010

There's a mysterious silver cat on the loose...

Who might it be?
Is it resin?
What awesome toy store might sell this beautiful resin cat?

Updated image with packaging:
More info to come!

Jamungo NKD Jack RGULR Squadt retailer version

We are super stoked that Jamungo's next 6" vinyl Squadt will also be released in a retailer version that we will be able to stock in our store! Previous Squadts were sold by Jamungo direct to collectors, so this departure allows retailer fanboys like myself to finally stock one of our favorite figures!
Retailer version NKD JACK [RGULR] w/qpmnt pac 1 and 2:
6" vinyl Jack figure set includes: 2 sets of arms, 3 sets of lenses, terry-cloth robe, hidden tanto knife and, as always, a removable helmet.
Qpmnt Pac 1 includes: Threezero logo shirt, Tactical chest-rig, sMK23 with holster and sUMP.
Qpmnt Pac 2 includes: Ferg logo shirt, Tactical Backpack, sM4 with carry handle attachment. Tanto w/sheath.pic1
We will edit this post with a link to the product in our store once our order is confirmed and the figures are on the way. I'd guess that the Monday April 12th release date would be the same date we'd be able to set up preorders.

April 7, 2010

Tenacious Toys North American EXCLUSIVE: Lemi the Space Wanderer 10" plush

We are very pleased to announce that Tenacious Toys will be the exclusive North American distributor for Thunderpanda's 10-inch Lemi the Space Wanderer plushes!
Each Lemi plush is hand made by Slanted Toys in Jakarta, Indonesia. The first production run (can you call it a "production run" when they're hand made?) will be just 100 pieces, and only 20 of those will ship to us here in NYC, USA, so this is a very rare plush indeed.
Lemi is the creation of Eric Wirjanata of Thunderpanda and Deathrockstar. Eric has been drawing Lemi and making Lemi papercraft for quite some time. Recently he decided to make the jump to a full-size plush version of his character, which I think is a logical step since Lemi seems to work so well as a plush! Each Lemi will come in a canvas bag adorned with Lemi artwork, and a Lemi pin will be included as well. And the first 10 Lemis sold will also include a Lemi fridge magnet! A veritable cornucopia of Lemi goodness.
Our shipment of Lemis is en route to us right now, and we have put up a preorder for them here for $19 each. We are happy to support up & coming and international artists like Eric Wirjanata. You can follow Eric on of his 2 Facebook accounts here & here.

Poster Cause Battle Series: Woebots x Pixel Pancho & Eboy x Burgerman

The Poster Cause has officially released two out of four of the amazing BATTLE SERIES prints:

About the Prints
- 11 × 17 Poster printed in full color on high quality 100# stock.
- 100% of profits to Children's Cancer Research Fund
- these prints will be begin shipping April 15th
- $50 each

April 5, 2010

ToyStreet: the first annual ToyStreet Designer Toy event in NYC

We both had a great time at Cookies N Cream's ToyStreet this past weekend! There were bands playing, lots of shops and manufacturers had set up booths and we got to hang out with a buncha toy peoples! Good times!
If you missed out on ToyStreet, here are a few notable sneak peeks that we saw there:
Argonaut Resins showed for the first time their beautiful resin Tuttz sculpt (below) which they will be casting in a variety of colors. I think Tenacious Toys will be able to get a colorway all to ourselves. Sweet!
Below, Frankie Velez shows off Miguel Paredes' awesome PULGHA sculpt.
Look for this toy coming soon.
We got a sneak preview of the upcoming artist card series called The Art Hustle, which features art cards by and about some of the hottest names in underground art! Check their website for more info.
There are lots more pictures from ToyStreet on my Flickr page, so click thru to check them all out!