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March 31, 2010

Toy2R 15th Anniversary tour stops at Rivet in Columbus, Ohio

Toy2R proudly announces the next stop on the 15th Anniversary World Tour – Rivet Gallery.

Known for their extensive exhibit schedule and their talented roster of artists – Rivet Gallery is the premiere venue for DIY shows in Columbus, Ohio. Curated by Laura Kuenzil – this show will be nothing but unique. In fact, the entire exhibit focuses on Toy2R’s 3.5″ Baby Qee line. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another cute show – these cuddly critters will amaze and bewilder you – plus it will be benefiting a good cause, The Ronald McDonald House.

The line-up of artists include: Adam Levene, Amanda L. Spayd, Amy Kollar Anderson, Andrew Bawidamann, Andy B. Clarkson, Angela Matteson, BetsO, Chas Ray Krider, Chris Ryniak, Clinton Reno, Dave Perillo, Jenna Colby, Joe Scarano, Johnny Yanok, Laine Bachman, Okkle, Sharon Bell, Tom Williams, and Troy Stith. To learn more about each artist head over here.

An opening reception will be held on April 3rd from 7:00 to 10:00. The figures will remain on exhibit from April 3rd – through the 28th.
25% of the sales proceeds from these Baby Qee figures will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Rivet Gallery – (614) 294-8697
1200 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201

To learn more about Rivet and their schedule of shows, check out the Rivet site.
This post contains some advance looks at Chris Ryniak’s and Amanda L. Spayd’s customs for the show.

ThreeA Easter Tomorrow Queen

I have no further info on this amazing ThreeA release save for a picture I found on the ThreeA Production Blog. Link below.

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SNEAK PEEK: Patricio Oliver's Almond 3" figure

Patricio Oliver has a sort of dark, twisted "evil children" aesthetic that I love. He was the one that designed the creepy/cute Cucos mini figure series made by Kidrobot last year. Find out more about PO! (Patricio Oliver), his Tenebrae and this upcoming Almond figure at his website here.

Vapor 2.0 resin dragon figure & USB extension

Pierre Rouzier presents the 2nd version of his Vapor figure, complete with a USB port and extension cable.

* Sits 5½" tall
* Hand cast and painted reinforced resin
* 6 ft long - quality high speed factory cable / USB 2.0 connection
* Pre - Tested
* Signed and numbered by _pierre
* Orders are limited (undetermined number of editions)
* US orders only at this time (my apologies)
Find out more here on his blog. Makes a killer interface for your Mimobot!!!

SNEAK PEEK: Dust's RAS2010 teaser images

DUST from Germany reveals a teaser of his upcoming toy, RAS2010.
See more pics on his blog here.

March 29, 2010

Jamungo's limited Candypaint Fire BUD release

The 3RD release in the candypaint BUD lineup
Monday, MAR 29, 10:00am - Central Time
This one will be released a little differently...simply go here and add your name to the list.
Additional info:
- the list will be capped around 50 or 60 pcs or at the 48 hour mark, whichever comes first.
- one per person
- hand painted at the Jamungo secret lab (Ferg's garage)
- Hot Tamales® FTW
- price $35 US shipping included (international customers will need to add 25USD for shipping)

March 28, 2010

Sketchbot custom show at MyPlasticHeart: currently running

On Friday I made my monthly pilgrimage down to Forsyth Street to go see the Sketchbot custom show at MyPlasticHeart. Sketchbots are the first vinyl production toy by Steve Talkowski, a local NYC toy guy. Sketchbots definitely make a solid customizing platform as you will see in the pictures I took.
A few appear in this post but you may see all of the pics in the set I uploaded to Flickr.
I have to say that this was an exceptional custom show, even by MPH's high standards. I am not sure if it was the super-high-quality customs, the range of styles represented, the extremely positive and supportive crowd, or what. But it was just a really great time. I definitely recommend a visit if you're in the NYC area.

Visiting on holiday from Germany was Wolfgang, aka VISEone from PatchTogether, who I was meeting in person for the first time. As our "guest", of sorts, from overseas, I made sure to intro him to the full cast of NYC characters: NEMO, Mr. Den, Andrew Bell, OsirisOrion, Stephen from Tomopop, Vin from MPH, Lou Pimentel, LYS0L, Grim & Saki from iheartcoolstuff, King Abnon, Eric from Argonaut Resins, and the man himself, Steve Talkowski.
I was also very excited to meet Mr Munk, Project Detonate, Rob (aka XxSmackxX), Moopf (an artist from the UK with a piece in the show), and Ganiu from Cookies N Cream. (Cookies N Cream is the company that's organizing the ToyStreet event next week.)
All in all, a great show. Many thanks to everyone from MPH, who welcomed in a big crowd and put on a great show. And congrats to Steve Talkowski for such a successful launch of the Sketchbot! If you are interested in purchasing a DIY Sketchbot to customize yourself, email us at We'll get em when they are released.

March 26, 2010

Preorders for ThreeA WWR Dropcloths will be up this weekend

Very exciting news: we have just been solicited for the next retailer figures from ThreeA: the 12-inch Dropcloths!
We have already placed our order and I will begin setting up preorders for them in our ThreeA section this weekend. They will be $98 each and there are 5 styles: Slim Red, Slaughter House, Panda Shocktrooper, Deimos Liberator and Commando Uncles.
We will not charge anyone's credit card until the Dropcloths are ready to ship to us. We do not have an arrival date.
Below please find preliminary images. Dropcloths in the pictures below are missing their decals and also a pistol accessory.

March 25, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: Kaiju Cupcake by Rampage Toys

First Glimpse, originally uploaded by

This toy is still in pre-production but it'll be made of ABS in the USA, and that's A-OK with me! (I should stab myself for writing that) Anyway, I've always thought cupcakes were agents of evil, so this psychotic toy speaks to me.

O-No Sushi (Purple Edition) by Andrew Bell (Omochastore Exclusive)

Okay, this isn't a Tenacious Exclusive but it IS awesome:
Omochastore somehow managed to get an exclusive colorway of Andrew Bell's O No Sushi.
I am viciously jealous.

SNEAK PEEK: Smash Tokyo Toys' Seismic Ace

Here's a few shots of Smash Tokyo Toys' 9" DIY Seismic Ace figure which will begin production in April 2010.
I'm diggin it: drill head, big ass boots and a jet pack. Really what else does a robot toy need?
No website yet but you can direct your questions to them at

Tenacious parking only, all others will be stickered

March 23, 2010

Skelanimals x Qee 2.5” Artist Series Collection by Toy2R

The dead need love too and now you can express it with Dax, Kit, Marcy, Jack and Chungkee from the global phenomenon, Skelanimals, created by Mitchell Bernal!
Skelenimals Teaser

Toy2R offers this teaser for the 2010 assortment of newly designed 2.5” Qee characters based on the Skelanimals core characters to be released worldwide. To add a unique spin to the line – the collection will feature “inspired by” original designs by some of the best designer artists from across the globe. More than 20 artists are participating in the first unearthly endeavor to bring Skelanimals to life in the designer figure realm.

Participating artists will include Jon Paul Kaiser, Pocketwookie, Voltaire, Frank Mysterio, Julie West, Lunabee, Chauskoskis, Reactor-88 and more!

The collection will include a wide variety of artistic interpretations, all capturing the essence of the Skelanimals universe. This is going to be a large, long-tern collaboration for Toy2R, and I know it's going to look great!

Momiji 8cm Message / Friendship Dolls

Momiji are message / friendship dolls that are strongly influenced by the vinyl toy aesthetic.
Each doll is 8cm tall and has a whole personality of it’s own. Each doll has a backstory and they are often fun and quirky and easy to identify with. For some people, I guess. I haven't yet seen a tall blond male Momiji being pulled by a red pitbull while riding a skateboard thru NYC, but I suppose my own quirkiness is to blame for that egregious oversight.
Anyway, the idea is that you buy the doll that most suits your personality or that of your friend, write your little secret message and tuck it away inside the dolls and then pop it back in the noodle box or packaging (all resealable) and then give it as a great fun, alternative gift.

Each doll is limited, so after a certain amount of time dolls are “retired” and new ones are bought out with different personalities and making there more to collect.
Momiji dolls retail for $15 each. If you love Momiji and you want us to stock them, email us at

Glen Brogan "Mario's Closet" giclee print at Gallery 1988

I just really dig this print and I wanted to share with you:
Glen Brogan's "Mario's Closet"
giclee print on Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper
16 x 12 inches, limited edition of 100, signed and numbered. $60.

Rotofugi's Shawnimals Ninjatown 1" zipper charms

The excellent folks at Rotofugi reveal their next fun zipper charm series by Shawnimals!
Sixteen different designs in the blind box series, 32 pieces per display. 1 inch tall, blind boxed. Retail price will be $3.95 each. Hit us back at if you are interested.

ToyStreet: A full street of designer toys in NYC April 2nd, 4-9pm

Cookies -n- Cream presents ToyStreet. ToyStreet is a grassroots event that aims to connect toy collectors, artists, vendors and people who share the same interests, in a unique experience where they can buy/sell/trade designer toys and other related merchandise such as art, clothing, handcrafted goods, sneakers etc. The goal is to foster more of a personal interaction between artists/brands/collectors/customers in a fun setting, and build a community of people who all appreciate creativity and the arts.

ToyStreet will take place in New York City on April 2nd, 2010 from 4pm - 9pm. The location of the event is 268 Mulberry Street (Between Prince St & Houston St) and is easily accessible by a number of different subway stations. We're also happy to have some of the most prominent designer toy blogs as sponsors for ToyStreet. - SpankyStokes, Vinyl Pulse, Toys R Evil, Plastic and Plush.

Here's just a teaser of what to expect:

  • Booths with exclusive items by respected artists/toy designers such as TooFly, Sucklord, Dave Cortes (Inu Art/Pugzee) just to name a few. Brands like GoodWood offering one time exclusive items that will only be available at ToyStreet....and many more artists/brands/toy collectors!

  • Live music performances by the hard rocking Brooklyn band Shinobi Ninja and a special guest. Also, live painting by NYC street art collective URNewYork and Lee Iturbe.

  • Room full of toy collectors/designers/artists/fans/vendors and people who appreciate the arts!

ToyStreet will be a wonderful experience!

March 19, 2010

Mimoco's Infectious Design Contest Winner: GiddyUp Mimobot

We are very pleased to now offer this Mimobot USB drive featuring the amazing and intricate artwork of Hila Rosenberg Azari. The "GiddyUp" design was chosen by the Infectious online community out of 600+ entries.
GiddyUp features a delicately rendered and complex image of a girl riding a giraffe, but one of my favorite aspects of this design is how Hila worked in the shape of the Mimobot, using the "arms" as the girl's feet, and having the design wrap all around the Mimo, so that the image is equally complex and interesting from front and back.
The GiddyUp Mimobot comes preloaded with digital extras like wallpapers, icons, avatars & a screensavers.
Our order of GiddyUp Mimos will be arriving soon. You can preorder 4GB and 8GB versions now in the Mimobot section of Tenacious Toys.

OsirisOrion "FRIENDS IN NEED" Poster Print for

OsirisOrion created this amazing psychedelic 11 x 17 inch monster print called "Friends In Need" to contribute to the charity-driven Poster Cause Project.
Osiris joins the growing ranks of Poster Cause contributors, a veritable who's who of big-name underground and street artists like Dalek, Pon, Nolasco, Scribe and many more.
Friends in Need is limited to 50 pieces and can be purchased for $25 here. 100% of the profits go to the Make A Wish Foundation.

March 18, 2010

Emilio Garcia 2-inch Jumping Brains in stock

Emilio Garcia's 2-inch Jumping Brain blind boxed mini figures are proving to be one of the fastest-selling releases from Toy2R in a long time! We've been rooting for Emilio for quite some time now, ever since we "met" him on Facebook. It's very satisfying to watch a new toy designer get picked up by one of the big boys and get an original toy produced! You can buy your Jumping Brain here for just $7 each.

David Horvath white flocked 5-inch "King Bossy"

No need to adjust your computer monitor; Bossy Bear just got fuzzy.
We’ve seen Bossy in pink, with a variety of expressions, even with a Santa hat on. We thought that we’d seen it all when we beheld this bear at 12 inches tall. Amazingly, though, no matter how many versions of Bossy Bear a person sees, nothing serves as adequate preparation for a version so perfect: a white flocked version with gold details.

March 17, 2010

Toy2R's Qee Artist Series 6 roster revealed

Artist Roster for Series 6 of Toy2R's Qee Artist series include some of our friends and favorite people:
Charlie Mewshaw (Saucernauts)
Daniel Jarrett
Props to Toy2R for pulling together a REALLY interesting and talented group of toy artists! We'll definitely support this series by selling it in our shop.

SNEAK PEEK: Steampunk Pullip "Eos" 12-inch doll

First to be released in JUN Planning's Steampunk series of 12-inch Pullip dolls will be this amazing figure named Eos. Retail price will be somewhere around $150 and the figures will be released in July. In September the second figure, Gyro, figure will be released (Gyro's a boy). I am a 31-year-old guy and I must admit, without any shame, that I am super into these dolls. They're just really bad-ass.

Email us at to be added to an unofficial list. Getting added to our list in no way forces you to pay us anything, it just helps me get organized when rare toys come in. First come, first served of course, so it couldn't hurt to email us.
I'm definitely getting a case and maybe more if I hear back from a lot of you.
Click the buttons under this post to spread the info around, and click on the actual pictures to see bigger images.

March 16, 2010

Doktor A 5-inch MadLs coming soon

Lift Detroit Exclusive 5-inch MAD*L (platform by MAD and paint by Dok A).
Limited to only 300 pieces worldwide. Retail price will be $45.
Once they're on the way to us, we'll put up preorders and update this blog post with the link.

March 15, 2010

Koguma Black and Red editions by Tokyoplastic x mphlabs

Koguma Red and Black colorways now made available to us, retail price = $75 each.
mphlabs and award winning 3D animation team Tokyoplastic presents Koguma, the third character from the Tokyoplastic series to make the jump from 2D to 3D. The tubby bear in the high tech chair welcomes all visitors to the Tokyoplastic website with a steady beat and a winking flash.

The red edition featuring Koguma lounging in the classic red chair complete with swivel action is made of vinyl and measures in at 8.5 inches in height. The black edition features the classic Koguma in a monotone black and grey with matching chair. Koguma figure is 3 inches long.

Please email us at if you're interested.

March 14, 2010

Steal this art in NYC by Mr Den & Phetus!

, originally uploaded by FREeAGENTZ.

Mr Den & Phetus, those wily wall warriors, have tacked some killer artwork up in a few places in NYC and invites YOU to find it and steal it!
hmmm, I wonder where he would post these 4 pieces? I want one!

Kuso Vinyl x Itokin Park Mikazukin Bell Phone Charm

Mikazukin Bell Phone Charm (Valentine's Day Special Edition)

Bell Size: 0.8 inches without strap. Designed by Itokin Park. Retail price $3 each.
Contact us if you're interested, we can easily get some.
kusco charm