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December 2, 2009

ThreeA WWRP Bertie MK2 6.5" figures coming January

We are very excited to announce a further expansion of our lineup of ThreeA Ashley Wood figures with the pending arrival of the MK2 Bertie 6.5" figures. Initially, Bertie was released as a gigantic $300 figure. While extremely cool, this fell outside the price range of most collectors, inclucing myself.
Thankfully, ThreeA developed a smaller 6.5 inch, $45 version dubbed the MK2, and Ashley Wood came up with at least 6 different variants which we will be receiving in January of 2010.
Each Bertie Mk2 will come boxed with a matching 2" Square figure, a tiny version of yet another extremely popular full-size Ashley Wood figure. (Paint is not yet finalized on the 2" Squares so I have not included the two images of the mini Squares that ThreeA sent over to me.)
Initially we ordered one case and the preorders sold out within 1 day, once word got out.
So I just tripled our order and today all Bertie MK2 figures are available again!
Preorders for these six awesome WWRP robot figures are available on Tenacious Toys right now!
Arriving around the same time will be the 12" Tomorrow King Heavy figures and the NOM Commanders 2-pc set.

Dec 5 UPDATE: Bertie preorders sold out! THANKS everyone!
Dec 8 UPDATE: Ordered 2 more cartons, preorder while we still have em!