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November 10, 2009

Qee 2 Life custom 8" Qee Bear Show at Genuine Artikle Dec 12th

Toy2R is proud to announce the upcoming DIY Qee show being held at Genuine Artikle on Long Island, NY on December 12th.

Representing lowbrow street based artists, Genuine Artikle Gallery and Art Toy Boutique features paintings, urban vinyl, blind box, DIY & designer toys, handmade apparel and accessories. In-house printing of their limited edition clothing and exclusive collaborations with showcased artists are two of the many ways GA represents the best of the true underground art scene by showing what's really happening under the radar.

Qee 2Life exhibit will feature 50+ customs from the following artists:

Julie West, Keith Poon, Nemo, Bishop 203, Rudy Fig, Betso, F+, JJ Rudsill, Phoneticontrol, Phu, Pocket Wookie, Tony Depew, Reactor 88, Soopajdelux, Travis Cain, Jay222, Nerviswr3k, Kat Brunnegraff, Niark1, Nasty Neil, Desn, Malasada Martin, Task One, Sinned NYB, Bryan Collins, Jeremy Regan, Dli$h, Perry J Osman, Eric Ziobrowski, Ian Ziobrowski, Zam, Nolan Treadway, Nate Voss, Jeff Bockoven, Adam Niesen, Jack Irons, Zac Barton and more.

You might recognize some of these names from other custom toy shows, like our recent Rollies Show at All the Right, curated by NEMO!

Exhibit opens December 12th from 8pm -11pm. Featuring DJ Six-3-One and sponsored by
Toy2R USA and The APEX Trading Company. (Apex, for those you you who don't know, is the newly appointed and AWESOME U.S. distributor of Toy2R toys! That's where we get our Qees for you!)

Genuine Artikle
527 Hawkins Ave
Ronkonkoma NY 11779