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September 29, 2009

Paleheretic Pixies hand painted resin figures

I have just discovered these fantastic handmade, hand painted one of a kind resin figures called Pixies, made by Paleheretic in the UK:
"Hand painted, numbered, unique original Heretic Pixie. Resin cast, includes pet worm. Hand painted custom, there won't be another exactly like this!
Height 10cm approx." Buy them here. Learn more here.

Voltaire 8" Deady Qee Bear + digital downloads!

8" Voltaire Adventure Quest Deady Qee Bear from Toy2R! The latest iteration of Voltaire ever-popular Deady Bear character is being released soon from Toy2R! $55 each.
Contact us to request one! Arriving around October 2009.

Voltaire (musician, toy designer and creator of the DEADY graphic novel series) has teamed up with one of the web's most popular massive multi-user online role-playing games to create one of the more exciting DEADY toys made to date, the ADVENTURE QUEST DEADY 8" Qee!
This Qee (by the premier designer vinyl company Toy2R) is the product of a unique collaboration. On Friday the 13th, March, 2009, Voltaire (in animated form) along with his evil teddy bear, DEADY, led a LIVE, 3-hour quest on the on-line game, Adventure Quest Worlds. Players who tuned in, followed Voltaire and Deady onto a haunted pirate ship, sailed across monster infected waters and landed on the shores of Skull Punch Island in search of a cursed guitar. And all the while, Voltaire sang songs from his latest CD, "To The Bottom of the Sea".
Adventure Quest creators, Artix Entertainment, expected 11 thousand players. They were prepared for 25 thousand. After an unprecedented 30 thousand-plus players logged on to this one-time event, the servers crashed! (Hey, what do you expect on Friday the 13th?) But within moments, Artix had the game up and running again. The event proved to be so popular, that is has been added as a permanent fixture in the game and can be played at any time at

Another DEADY mini-game made by Artix can be played here:
The ADVENTURE QUEST DEADY 8" Qee comes in a full color box wrapped in gorgeous art from the Adventure Quest Worlds game!

Each Deady Qee comes with a code that unlocks these items in game:
1) A digital Deady pet that follows you wherever you go in game!
2) Free downloads of the songs Voltaire sings in the quest!
3) And other "house" items players can use in the game.