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September 9, 2009

Upcoming MINDstyle products: Fall/Winter 2009

MINDstyle x Disney's "The Black Hole" V.I.N.CENT
Tron color D23 version
Size: 10" tall, material: Vinyl
SRP $130, shipping early October 2009

MINDstyle x Disney's STITCH Experiment 626 Artist Series
Lilo Cosplay Stitch D23 version
Artist: Jenny Chung
5 inches tall, $32.00 each
Scheduled to ship in late October 2009.

MINDstyle x Disney's Jiminy Cricket
Jiminy Cricket represents the new generation of vinyl collectibles in its stylized pose and produced in a limited production.
MINDstyle x Disney's Jiminy Cricket
10 inches tall, $123.00 each
Scheduled to ship in November 2009

MINDstyle x Disney's Chernabog D-23 version
Perhaps one of the most popular of Disney's Villains, Chernabog is a fantastic sculpt by MINDstyle Creative Group. This unstoppable villain stands over 12 inches tall with a wing span to 13 inches.
12 inches tall, $150.00 each
Note: Scheduled to ship in December 2009
MINDstyle x Bloc28 Mickey: Tenga
After a huge global launch in Hong Kong, Bloc 28 Mickey by Tenga is now available worldwide.
Size: 15 inches tall
Limited to only 300 pieces worldwide, $175.00
Scheduled to ship in November 2009

MINDstyle x Bloc28 Mickey: Suiko
Another ATC collectible from the huge global launch in Hong Kong, Bloc 28 Mickey by Suiko is now available worldwide.
12 inches tall, imited to only 500 pieces worldwide, $123.00 each
Note: Scheduled to ship in November 2009.

Kidrobot Message Board Dunny Series 1

Timself (above)

Rsin Art
Rsin Art
Rsin Art (above)

NikeJerk (above)
the full sheet

Lysol (above)

Gawein (above)

Introducing the Kidrobot Message Board Dunny Series 1, the first Dunny Series culled from talent within the KR community! I have to say that I am not too surprised that these Dunnys look absolutely amazing. The KR community is full of people who live and breathe toys. I am 100% sure that part of the next crop of professional toy artists will come from the KR boards. Here's the official press release a boardie sent over to us:

The boards are full of talent so 3 boardies, Tim Munz (timselF), oggyboy (Igor Ventura), and mANNe (Manny Rivas), got together with an idea to put together a custom dunny series by some of the best artists on the Kidrobot forums. It was only fitting to call the series 'Most Wanted': Message Board Artist Series as it features some of the most wanted underground urban artists and customizers from the boards!

Anyone who wanted to be a part of this had the chance to submit their designs, and after making some hard decisions they ended up with 15 artists:Nikejerk, timselF, FAS, oggyboy, grimsheep, AW177, Rsin, Lysol, DFed, Luihz Unreal, Sergio Mancini, Del730, WuzOne, gawein, and MikeDie. 2 "guest artists" came on board to contribute one chase figure each and they are none other than kool artist draifet and Flying Fortress!

The series goes all out including over 20 original designs with chases, variants, and even a golden ticket! Each custom comes in professionally printed blind boxes with inserts showing the designs and ratios! There will be full size color posters available and even some other fun surprises here and there.

This series has a run of 160 blind boxes with about half of them spoken for through a pre-order on the boards, which sold out in 2 days! We estimate the official drop to be around mid/late October. The price would run about $45/BB and that would include shipping within the US. Discounts will be availble for purchases of 3 or more. Profits will be divided equally among the artists and the artists only!

I think it's amazing how 3 guys, one from germany (Tim), one from Brazil, (Igor), and lastly Southern California (Manny) were able to organize and coordinate 17 artists from all around the world to make one amazing custom series!

Special Message from Manny, Tim, and Igor:
Finally, just want to say that this was our way of giving tribute to Kidrobot for what they've managed to do in the urban art scene and for supporting us through the KR message boards. To thank and encourage every underground artist out there! Keep doing what your doing.

A special thank goes out to Justin Bretter for all your help with this series =]

"And I tell you what...all the designs are SICK!

I also haven't seen the chases....but all the standard designs are riduculous. They're all soooo different but awesome at the same time.

Incredible series. If anyone manages to even get an entire standard's gonna be epic!"


This looks totally awesome, perfect, over the top, genius, super-duper cool !!! Amazing designs by all of you! I have to be part of the next series..."

"... but I was thinking, and this is what I call community. We all managed to accomplish (well, almost) something incredible. Several artists, from several countries all over the world, most of them don`t know each other, united to bring something amazing together. I`m really proud of all you guys!"