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September 6, 2009

Suckadelic Sucklord 600 Suck-Off custom show at APW

Suckadelic's Group Suck-Off custom toy show at APW Gallery in LIC, NY was nuts. It was a hot, sweaty, drunken mess and it was awesome. A huge crowd, a buncha cool-ass people, lots of professional-quality custom toys and someone left in an ambulance before I even got to step inside. Not joking. Here are the crappy pics I took with my camera phone because like an idiot, I left the memory chip out of my digital camera:

The Sucklord himself. Filming the whole time. He's probably gonna spend the next week splicing film together to make something offensive out of his footage.

This is Sucklord filming a couple of the dudes from Wasted Talent. I think that's a stripper about to do something naughty down there...

Sucklord & one of the Wasted Talent crew

Sucklord 600 plush. I think that pink dot means it was sold. Pretty damn cool plush I must say.

NEMO actually had a working camera, unlike me. So I took a picture of him taking a picture of me.

Nemo's custom Sucklord.

Triclops Studio's custom Sucklord.

Andy's custom Sucklord (Andy runs ToysREvil)

Koi Three's custom Sucklord

OsirisOrion's custom Sucklord. I met OO for the first time here & got to hang with him for a while. He's awesome. He's going to be signing at the Tenacious booth at the 2010 NYCC.

MCA's custom Sucklord.

Koji Harmon's custom Sucklord.

Kano's custom Sucklord, sold early!

Jesse Hernandez's custom Sucklord.

Ano Koto (Devil Robots) custom Sucklord.

Dead Presidents custom Sucklord.

Suck Chef custom Sucklord by Sara Jo Marks.

Burt Banger's custom Sucklord.

Charlie Becker's custom Sucklord.

See all those people sitting around outside APW Gallery? We weren't out there because LIC offers spectacular views or anything. It's because there was an old lady lying in the doorway. The ambulance came after about 10 minutes.
Initially I thought the Sucklord pushed her down the stairs. Or maybe the guys from Wasted Talent. All denied any knowledge of what happened.
Turns out she just tripped on a step on her way in.

Tom Lichtman showed up with a sample case of the Sucklord's upcoming Suckadelic Action Art Card Series.

The Suckadelic Action Art Card Series are awesome. Wrapped in perfect old-skool waxy paper.
I will send a pack to someone this upcoming Saturday September 12th, all ya gotta do is tell me which artist contributed the "Dr. Munk Lord" piece to this custom show.
Email your answer to, make the subject SUCKADELIC ACTION ART CARD PACK FOR ME. I'll put all the right answers into a hat on Friday the 11th and pick a winner.