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August 19, 2009

QEE GIVEAWAY: Drawing Sunday for 2.5" Qee Prize Pack!

Qee Giveaway! 4 NEW Qees!
Make any purchase this Thursday, Friday or Saturday and your name will be entered into a hat on Sunday morning (Aug 23rd) to win this prize pack of 4 BRAND NEW 2.5" Qee designs!
These Qees are very special because they are all brand new items in the Toy2R lineup:
- 2.5" Wood Grain Qee
- 2.5" DIY PigeeQ (new sculpt!)
- 2.5" light iridescent/ metal flake Qee
- 2.5" dark iridescent/ metal flake Qee
- plus Qee Stickers!

The Wood Grain Qees are the hottest new paint process that Toy2R has just developed! We have a case of them coming soon but this here's a bagged sample (not boxed). Also in the prize pack is the new PigeeQ sculpt in the DIY white color, sure to be a customizing favorite. And finally we have 2 striking iridescent Qees, a light and a dark version of a visually amazing manufacturing process. These Qees are translucent, meaning you can see a bit of light thru them, but they are coated in color-changing reflective paint. And as if that weren't enough, both of them have metal flakes inside the qee to add depth. I really haven't seen anything quite like them.

Entering this giveaway is easy- just place any order at Tenacious Toys this Thurs-Sat (that's August 20-22) to get your name in the hat. Place 2 different orders and get your name in the hat twice! Drawing will be held August 23rd (Sunday morning).
Please excuse the bad picture, Stephanie has the good camera out west right now.