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February 15, 2009

Upcoming stuff from Toy2R

We just met with Toy2R at the Toy Fair and placed orders for a bunch of new stuff. Here are some pics of some interesting 2009 offerings from Toy2R:

Molly Series 1 Qees are sold out. Here is a case of the Molly Series 2 blind box Qees. Crown doubles as a chair for the figures.

This is a resurrected Doink Qee pillow that they initally made in very low quantities but they will be remaking to be sold for $30 apiece. Pictured next to an 8" Doink Qee and a Toyer Pillow.

This figure is the David Horvath 5" Crocadoca figure, the next figure in the series after Bossy Bear & Turtle.

These are the David Horvath Turtle figures: 3.5" Turtle, 7.5" Turtle, and the GID Flocked 3.5" Turtles, one of which will be our Tenacious Toys Exclusive colorway. We may get Pink or Blue as our exclusive, not sure yet. Apparently people loved them the other day at Yoyamart where they were revealed. They will be made in limited quantities of 100 to 200 per colorway. Each color will be an exclusive for a different shop.

Of course everyone knows Bossy Bear! The little ones are the 5" Bossy Bears that will come in an assortment pack that we may pick up. In the back is the big 8" Bossy. See that cool looking Bossy in the back that looks like wood? There will be a whole series of smaller Qees with the wood-color paint effects!

Other items we ordered: Sun Min Spider Boom vinyl mini figures, Jeff Soto 8" Egg Qee Minnesota colorway, Kozik 1.5" Mini Bombs, Dalek Space Monkey Qee assortment. Also possibly Voltaire's Deady Qee Assortment.

First post...

...we are working out little butts off over here at Tenacious Toys, trying to get our new & improved website up & running. One aspect of the new Tenacious Toys site is this blog, which we will link to from our new homepage.

The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed about what's going on in our store, without having to shoot off newsletter emails every day. We will be posting up info about upcoming toys, artists, pics and info about anything else related to our shop.

We have been talking about switching hosts and putting up a new website for a while now, and we finally got the time to get that big project done without the help of outside designers or programmers. Okay, almost done. We will most likely end up launching the new website this upcoming week. It's a lot of work, especially with our old website still up & running, orders to fill and 3 trade shows in NY this month. Whew!

Benny is off the Toy Fair today to scope out new toys and meet with vendors. In particular we are going to finally meet in person the distributor that is handling the fulfillment of our orders from Toy2R USA! So in the upcoming months, expect more Toy2R products at Tenacious Toys.

And with that, we're off!