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November 30, 2009

CYBER SWAMP MONDAY: Free Nathan J ScaryGirl Swamp Folk figure with $20+ purchase

Heeey! It's Cyber Swamp Monday at Tenacious Toys!
Place any order totaling $20 or more and we will throw in a FREE Kidrobot x Nathan Jurevicius ScaryGirl Swamp Folk open-box mini figure!
While supplies last, and it's today only (Monday November 30th, 2009).

November 25, 2009

Kuso Celsius OG, ThreeA WWRP Brambles, Bossy Bear Mimobots in stock now

Comes in beautiful packaging and lots of cool guns, as well as wings!
ThreeA x Ashley Wood Bramble WWRP Merc 6.5" figure. Imported from Hong Kong.
All other Brambles sold out! Only 2 left of this one.
David Horvath Bossy Bear Mimobot USB drives. 2GB, 4GB & 8GB capacities available.

All purchases made this Friday November 27th will receive a FREE Kozik Monger Filter King open-box figure! No minimum order size. Our gift to you!

November 21, 2009

Suckadelic Mary Papers figure x BeerLao tasting

So in my efforts to bring you some of the roads less traveled in the NYC designer toy scene, this evening I ventured down to East Houston street to the Whole Foods beer store. The Sucklord was lending his star appeal to the Beerlao tasting by selling his new Mary Papers figure, and indeed Mary showed up in person!
Mary Papers, the Sucklord in the back & the BeerLao dude.
The Sucklord workin the crowd...

Really, I do think this may be the first time Whole Foods has hosted a designer toy release... good for you man!
I'm gonna release our next Tenacious exclusive in the cheese department.

After the tasting was over we all headed back to the Sucklair.
Below is King Abnon, the Sucklord's apprentice, showing me his workstation:

If you can believe it, couple of German tourists with thing for designer toys read about the BeerLao tasting/Mary Papers release, and they stopped in & got invited back to the Suckshop! See how much more fun it can be when you do a little research before traveling to a new city? This couple got free beer and a backstage tour of NYC's most notorious toy workshop!

Here's Mary Papers, complete with officially bootlegged BeerLao packaging!
You'll be able to purchase one of these super-limited figures in the Suckadelic toy section or in the SuckStore:

And, not so coincidentally, I am right now listening to the funkiest hot mess of spaced-out breakbeats I've ever heard, care of Suckadelic Rekids' Star Wars Breakbeats album.

Produced by that intergalactic space genius, the Sucklord himself! It's actually a really chill, funked-out album, full of Star Wars samples and sound effects. Any SW freak would love it, it's fun to try to name the character or scene that the sample is taken from!
Track 3, Trials of a Jedi, is pretty badass, with a 70s funk backbeat and some sweet Skywalker & Vader samples...

Thanks to Sucklord for inviting me back to the Suckshop, it was really cool to see where the magick happens!

November 20, 2009

ThreeA N.O.M. Commanders Set

This incredible 2-figure boxed set will be released Jan 2010 by ThreeA.
Retail will be $250 for the set.
Both 12-inch figures (Thrice Naut & Post Fire) come boxed in one box.
Please contact us if you are interested, if we're getting these we gotta put in our order soon!

November 19, 2009

Wizard sculpt for WST by NEMO

NEMO's latest project, an 8" sculpt of the Wizard for WST, making its debut at DesignerCon this weekend!
Sculpt by Mike Mendez (NEMO), design & concept by Paul Beresniewcs of Thunderdog Studios.
Will be cast in resin for a limited run before going vinyl.

November 17, 2009

Nathan J ScaryGirl Swamp Folk, Gloomy Muzzle, TADO dunny, Boris

Just received a shipment tonight from Kidrobot, plus more earlier this week:


Nathan Jurevicius ScaryGirl Swamp Folk mini figures

TADO 3" Kunk-a-Claus holiday Dunny

Gloomy Bear Muzzle Harness edition 5" figure

Hello Kitty 2.5-in vinyl toy sets

Hello Kitty 6-in Cosplay plushes only $9.50 each!

Nathan Hamill Boris 2.5-in figure

Emon Burton 8-in Qee Bear by Ian Christy


ThreeA WWRP Brambles (in transit from Hong Kong now)

Kuso Celsius figures (figures at customs in CA now)

Another batch of the new styles of tokidoki pillowcases (we keep selling out of them!)


Star Wars Series 4 Darth Vader Unmasked Mimobot USB drives


ThreeA Tomorrow King Heavy Retailer Exclusive edition

Frank Kozik Toyer Z and Toyer Enemy 11-inch figures by Toy2R (both in transit now)

MINDstyle x Disney
D23 Chernabog 12-inch figure from Fantasia

MINDstyle x Disney D23 VINCENT 10-inch figure from The Black Hole

MINDstyle x Disney Bloc28 Mickey Tenga figure

Ron English Popaganda mini figures by MINDstyle, window-boxed. Also available in full sealed cases of 12


ROLLIES CUSTOMS: Click here this evening to see 40+ Rollies customs for sale in our store.

Tenacious Toys GIFT CERTIFICATES to make holiday shopping super easy.

November 16, 2009

Toy2R announces 5 new finishes for the 8-inch Wood Qees

Due to popular response from collectors and fans, Toy2R announces the addition of 5 new Wood Style Finished 8" Qees. The first series of 2.5" and 8" Wood Qees tagged with Toy2R's logo on the chest have since sold out. Listening to requests from collectors - Toy2R has opted to release these new finishes without the logo to capture a true Wood Grain look perfect for any decor.

The new releases feature original finishes of regular wood grain looks in both light and dark versions. The newer added Qees feature the wood finish of Sapele Wood - a reddish-brown wood that in many ways is very similar to Mahogany. Available now in light and dark matte finishes - but also a dark version available in high gloss!

All five versions are the feature release Qees launching Toy2R into its 15th Anniversary in 2010.

Each 8" Qee comes boxed and is ready for display.

Not your typical yule log!

As always, email us if you are interested in securing one or all of these for yourself. The distributor is taking orders now in anticipation of the 2010 release.

November 12, 2009

ThreeA Heavy Tomorrow King 12" figures

Should we get these?ThreeA's 12" Heavy Tomorrow King fully articulate action figure designed by Ashley Wood and produced by ThreeA.
Each figure with RPG and cloth accesories. Retails for about $120.
Est. Ship Date: Late December, 2009.
Like these? Email us at to tell us so. We'd like to start stocking more ThreeA and your input is invaluable. The Brambles sold exceptionally well!

UPDATE: Preorder the Tomorrow King Heavy figures here, will arrive in early January 2010.

8" Flocked Holiday Qee Bears, limited to 100pcs each!

With the holidays quickly approaching - Toy2R is pleased to spread some holiday cheer with the release of two new 8" Qee Bears.
Introducing the 2009 Holiday 8" Qee Bears available in two flocked versions - Classic Teddy Bear Brown and Frosty Snow White. Each bear includes Santa Hat and Candy Cane accessory and comes boxed, ready for wrapping!
And with a production run of only 100 pieces each, this is actually one of the most limited Qees I've come across in a long time! Will get some of these ridiculously cute Qees if we can.
Retail price will be $60.

NEW TOYS: incoming & preorders available now!



Coming Soon:

November 10, 2009

Qee 2 Life custom 8" Qee Bear Show at Genuine Artikle Dec 12th

Toy2R is proud to announce the upcoming DIY Qee show being held at Genuine Artikle on Long Island, NY on December 12th.

Representing lowbrow street based artists, Genuine Artikle Gallery and Art Toy Boutique features paintings, urban vinyl, blind box, DIY & designer toys, handmade apparel and accessories. In-house printing of their limited edition clothing and exclusive collaborations with showcased artists are two of the many ways GA represents the best of the true underground art scene by showing what's really happening under the radar.

Qee 2Life exhibit will feature 50+ customs from the following artists:

Julie West, Keith Poon, Nemo, Bishop 203, Rudy Fig, Betso, F+, JJ Rudsill, Phoneticontrol, Phu, Pocket Wookie, Tony Depew, Reactor 88, Soopajdelux, Travis Cain, Jay222, Nerviswr3k, Kat Brunnegraff, Niark1, Nasty Neil, Desn, Malasada Martin, Task One, Sinned NYB, Bryan Collins, Jeremy Regan, Dli$h, Perry J Osman, Eric Ziobrowski, Ian Ziobrowski, Zam, Nolan Treadway, Nate Voss, Jeff Bockoven, Adam Niesen, Jack Irons, Zac Barton and more.

You might recognize some of these names from other custom toy shows, like our recent Rollies Show at All the Right, curated by NEMO!

Exhibit opens December 12th from 8pm -11pm. Featuring DJ Six-3-One and sponsored by
Toy2R USA and The APEX Trading Company. (Apex, for those you you who don't know, is the newly appointed and AWESOME U.S. distributor of Toy2R toys! That's where we get our Qees for you!)

Genuine Artikle
527 Hawkins Ave
Ronkonkoma NY 11779

November 8, 2009

Daniel Yu custom Playmo de Plumes

2 commissioned sets of 3 Playmo de Plumes, inspired by the works of Ashley Wood's World War Robot series - Nom, Noir & Blanc de Plume.

These guys stand 3 inches short.

Materials used to make these figures include:
stock playmobil figures
random parts from the fodder box
epoxy sculpt
acrylic paints.

More pics and previous works can be found at his blog or his Flickr page.