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October 24, 2009

Rollies Show at All the Right: Oct. 30th, 6 to midnite!

I just visited All the Right with NEMO last night so I could scope out the location for the Rollie show next Friday night.
I have to say that All the Right FAR exceeded my expectations. First of all, it's easy to get to using the 7 train- Junction Blvd is an express stop so you can grab any 7 train and it will stop at Junction Blvd.
A short walk up Junction Blvd to 37th Ave gets you to the store, which is located at 35-61 Junction Blvd.
Inside I found a spacious second floor shop with hardwood flooring running from front to back!
In addition to spray paint, paint markers and all the requisite supplies for writing, All the Right sells a LOT of high-end design label streetwear. I even spotted a Mishka jacket! Hoodies, vests, really nice jeans, high-end t-shirts and a ton of sweet sneakers that would make any sneakerhead drool, all arranged tastefully on racks and shelves...
In short, a great location for the Rollie show!
NEMO knows the owner of the shop and I got to meet him. He was psyched to host our custom show! Sneakers and clothing will be cleared out so we can mount the show.
Here are the pics of the shop:
All the Right is above a Kennedy chicken joint at Junction Blvd & 37th Ave:
All the Right custom sneaker:
This sneaker rack has nice spotlighting on it and will be cleared of sneakers to display the custom Rollies:
Windows looking out over the intersection, with blue neon around them. Can't miss this shop:
The entrance to All the Right:
Coming up the stairs, you're surrounded immediately by artwork:
Right at the top of the stairs, you find racks of clothes, including that blue jacket by Mishka, and a video game console for your street fighting pleasure:
The All the Right staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about streetwear.
This is one of the 2 rooms that look out over the intersection:
This front room will feature live artwork during the Rollie Show:

The checkout counter of All the Right, where you can buy cans of paint, paint markers, nice black sketchbooks, hip hop CDs, and maybe spot some designer toys and customs by NEMO:

Interior of All the Right:
Interior of All the Right:
Thousands of spray cans in huge racks behind that gate on the left:
NEMO at the counter:
NEMO at All the Right:
All the Right is decorated with vinyl toys above the racks of clothes!
NEMO and I are super excited for this custom show, we've already received a lot of customs back from participating artists and they look top-notch!
Please stop by next Friday, October 30th. There's going to be custom Rollies, live painting, music & more!

NEMO x Tenacious
All the Right
3561 Junction Boulevard (@ 37th)
Queens, NY
Friday Oct 30th, 6pm till late!

October 20, 2009

Frank Kozik x Toy2R ToyerZ & Toyer Enemy 11" Mecha Kaiju Toyers!

Ready for the Battle Royale? The wait is finally over as two mech warriors land to battle one another for ultimate dominance.
Introducing the rebirth of the iconic Toy2R character - the Toyer. As Toy2R preprares for its 15th Anniversary to begin - we proudly announce the release of Frank Kozik's Mech/Kaiju take on our Toyer character: The heroic Toyer Z and the darker Toyer Enemy.
Packing some serious punch - both figures come boxed and are ready for display. Each limited edition figure stands just under 11 inches tall and feature 9 points of awesome articulation.
$90 each. Contact us if you're interested, we have to place our order soon!

October 19, 2009

Tenacious Toys ads in print in comic books!

We have teamed up with Bluewater Comics to put Tenacious Toys ads in print!

They put our ad in a number of the comics they have released this month, including the Michael Jackson tribute comic, Puppy Power: Bo Obama, Vincent Price Presents: The Tingler #1, and The Legend of Isis #5!
We don't do print ads much but it's really cool to see your store in print sometimes so we're pretty stoked!

October 12, 2009

Domo Qee Series 2 + more coming March 2010 from Dark Horse!

Following the smashing success of the Dark Horse collaboration with Toy2R on the first series of the 2” Domo Qee, we are excited to present an all new assortment of colorful designs. You like raindrops, candy canes, or even glowing radioactivity?!? This new series of figures has all that and more!

This freshly hatched offering features 15 all new limited edition versions consisting of 5 new color flocked Domo Qees as well as 10 other fabulous designs, including the ultra rare Mystery? Figure.

The Domo Qee Series 2 figures come in a countertop display of 15 blind boxes. Which one will you get? (We'll be opening some of these to sell as open-box!) Blind boxes will be same price as Series 1: $8.99 each.

Coming March 2010

As a supplement to the Domo Qee Series 2 figures, there will also be 5 limited edition Domo Qee designs available individually packed on blister cards. With the exception of the Flocked Classic Brown Domo Qee, these styles are not available in the Series 2 Display Case.

Domo Qee Boney - $8.99
Domo Qee Rusty - $8.99
Domo Qee Flocked Pink - $8.99
Domo Qee Flocked Classic Brown - $8.99
Domo Qee Metallic Orange - $8.99

Available March 2010

October 10, 2009

Qeenormous Maximus 5-ft custom DLi$h Qee up for auction


After two years of moving around, the Qeenormous Maximus is looking to find a permanent home. The piece has traveled throughout California in galleries including 1AM, D-Structure, and Filthy Dripped.

This is one of very few five foot Qees in the world. It has been meticulously painted by DLi$h to become the ultimate show stopper. The toy was slaved on for just under two months before completion. Weighing in a just over 70 pounds, this toy is no toy. Unlike most custom toys, this piece is made of fiberglass rather than vinyl.

The theme behind Qeenormous Maximus is the idea of creating an entire world that lives within the toy. You will find numerous windows that show a surreal setting of monsters, machines, and diabolical mayhem.

Go eye to eye with Qeenormous Maximus and you will find yourself staring at two naked girls posed elegantly awaiting their savior. This piece begs to make the statement that vinyl toy art is not just a hobby; It’s the new emerging medium in the urban art world.

The piece will be auctioned on Ebay w/ the opening price starting at… ONE PENNY. 10% of proceeds will go to Project Open Hand, so we’ll see what Qee can do for the world.

Click here to view the ebay auction and please pass this info around, it's for a good cause!

October 8, 2009

Serv-o-Matics, Uglydoll Tote Bags, rare Mars-1 Observers, Wood Grain Qees & Pink Treeson in stock

Mars-1 Observer SEEN Planet 6 Edition and Special Edition rare colorways

Brandt Peters Serv-o-matics by MINDstyle. Will open some boxes soon!

8-inch Pink Treeson (above)

2.5-inch Wood Grain Qees (open-box, not pictured)


4 new styles of tokidoki pillowcases

A whole boatload of cool new Kidrobot mini figures! Wish I could tell you what they are...


MINDstyle x Disney D23 Chernabog 12-inch figure from Fantasia

MINDstyle x Disney D23 VINCENT 10-inch figure from The Black Hole

MINDstyle x Disney STITCH Experiment 626 Artist Series Lilo Cosplay Stitch D23 version 5-inch figure

MINDstyle x Disney Bloc28 Mickey Suiko & Tenga figures

Ron English Popaganda mini figures by MINDstyle, window-boxed. Also available in full sealed cases of 12.

ThreeA WWRP Brambles in 5 different styles


Our next custom show will be a collaboration with the NY artist NEMO using Rollies (mini roll-on deodorant bottles) as platforms!

The show will go live at 7PM on October 30th at a graffiti supply store in Corona, Queens called All the Right.

We've also set up Tenacious Gift Certificates which can be purchased in any dollar amount and sent via email to the recipient!


October 2, 2009

We Ain't Plastic Toy2R custom toy show opens tonight!

Tonight's the night!

WE AIN'T PLASTIC! opens at 6pm tonight featuring over 50 customized Qees from artists from the Lincoln and Omaha area.

TOY2R announces the WE AIN'T PLASTIC Qee Exhibit being held in tonight in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Over 40 artist from the Lincoln and Omaha are displaying customized 8" DIY Qees for this exhibit celebrating the first anniversary of the TOY2R US division. This event showcases some of the hottest design talent in the Midwest area and will serve as the launch for the 2010 Qee Worldwide Tour which celebrates the 15th Anniversary of TOY2R!
In addition, special guest artists are submitting original Qee customs from across the country, including Jay222's Twin 16" Qees creation; Pablo y Francisco and New Jersey's Jan Huling displaying her amazing beaded Qee!
The event opens tonight at The Public (11th and O St. inside The Black Market).
DJ Nost and DJ Trinidad will be battling it out - and this time - its all out war!
There will also be lots of free giveaways and special door prizes - so don't miss out.
Artists include:
Pocket Wookie, Jason Buchner, Donovan Beery, Robot Luv, Suzanne Holzworth, Bennett Holzworth, Ryan Holt, Jeremie Memming, Brandon Miller, MISS CAKE, Paul Berkbigler, Nicole Gusafsson, Eric Nyffeler, Jen Lukas-Landis, Ben Swift, Nolan Tredway, Adam White, Nick Wieser, Jack Irons, Tyson Schaffert, Nate Voss, Steve Gordon, Dan Moore, Patrick Bradley, Jeff Bockoven, Peter Worth, DreamTree Toys, NORM4EVA, Oakley Jason, Zeljka Hassler, Pete Lochren, Deb Lee Toth, Mike Rudolf, Zac Burton, Ken Kavanaugh, Sarah Calico, Adam Nielsen, Aaron Peterson, Dave Nelson, Michael Neilsen, Rugger Holmes, and Brook Taylor.
Special Guest Artist Include:
Jan Huling, Jay222, Reactor 88, Josh F+ Pearce, Atypical, and Tony DePew

The Event is Sponsored by Local Hero, Dream Tree Toys, and the Blue Orchid Restaurant.
Join the fan page on FACEBOOK for updates and special sneak peeks of the customs as the show continues all month long.

Don't miss this mid-west event! For more information email