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September 30, 2009

SushiBot available for preorder through PatchTogether

Preorder SushiBot now for only $30 (special preorder price) at PatchTogether.
Design by by Pez Banana from Venezuela.

Do you like sushi?
Do you love robots?
Now they come to life together in the form of cute, quirky -and occasionally mischievous- little robots!Sushibots can be whatever and whoever you like, but they start out as three of the most popular varieties of makizushi: Alaskabot (alaska roll), Ebibot (ebi roll), and Calibot (california roll).Sushibots are ready to fill your day with coolness, love, and flavor! (and a hint of fresh geekiness).
Price before production start: $29.95
Price after prototype made: $35
Height : 5.5 inch
Medium : Resin
AND, we may be able to get a special exclusive colorway of this figure for Tenacious Toys! More on that later...

September 29, 2009

Paleheretic Pixies hand painted resin figures

I have just discovered these fantastic handmade, hand painted one of a kind resin figures called Pixies, made by Paleheretic in the UK:
"Hand painted, numbered, unique original Heretic Pixie. Resin cast, includes pet worm. Hand painted custom, there won't be another exactly like this!
Height 10cm approx." Buy them here. Learn more here.

Voltaire 8" Deady Qee Bear + digital downloads!

8" Voltaire Adventure Quest Deady Qee Bear from Toy2R! The latest iteration of Voltaire ever-popular Deady Bear character is being released soon from Toy2R! $55 each.
Contact us to request one! Arriving around October 2009.

Voltaire (musician, toy designer and creator of the DEADY graphic novel series) has teamed up with one of the web's most popular massive multi-user online role-playing games to create one of the more exciting DEADY toys made to date, the ADVENTURE QUEST DEADY 8" Qee!
This Qee (by the premier designer vinyl company Toy2R) is the product of a unique collaboration. On Friday the 13th, March, 2009, Voltaire (in animated form) along with his evil teddy bear, DEADY, led a LIVE, 3-hour quest on the on-line game, Adventure Quest Worlds. Players who tuned in, followed Voltaire and Deady onto a haunted pirate ship, sailed across monster infected waters and landed on the shores of Skull Punch Island in search of a cursed guitar. And all the while, Voltaire sang songs from his latest CD, "To The Bottom of the Sea".
Adventure Quest creators, Artix Entertainment, expected 11 thousand players. They were prepared for 25 thousand. After an unprecedented 30 thousand-plus players logged on to this one-time event, the servers crashed! (Hey, what do you expect on Friday the 13th?) But within moments, Artix had the game up and running again. The event proved to be so popular, that is has been added as a permanent fixture in the game and can be played at any time at

Another DEADY mini-game made by Artix can be played here:
The ADVENTURE QUEST DEADY 8" Qee comes in a full color box wrapped in gorgeous art from the Adventure Quest Worlds game!

Each Deady Qee comes with a code that unlocks these items in game:
1) A digital Deady pet that follows you wherever you go in game!
2) Free downloads of the songs Voltaire sings in the quest!
3) And other "house" items players can use in the game.

September 22, 2009

New Toy2R toys, newly available rare Mars-1 Observers

Apex's first exclusive Qee (but surely not the last): the 3" Paper Cut Bear in Blue, limited to 300 pcs, retail: $10 each.
6" Frank Kozik Potamus figures will be available, please do email us if you're interested so we know how many to order. Regular colors retail for $38 each, GID version is $42.

Strangeco just uncovered a few stashes of 3 new colorways of the Mars-1 Observer toys.
Quantities are super limited so if you want us to secure some of these for ya, email us ASAP:
Mars-1 Observer Delta Inc Special Edition: 6" tall, limited edition of 100! $40 each
Mars-1 Observer SEEN Special Edition: 6" tall, limited to 100 pcs, $40 each.
Mars-1 Observer SEEN Planet 6 edition, limited to 100 pcs, 6" tall, $40 each.

The 3D Canvas: Custom Toy Show at Terminal22 in Oakland, CA

‘The 3D Canvas: Custom Toy Show’

Oakland plays by its own rules. And Oakland’s new Terminal22 art gallery is giving artists a chance to do just that: operate within their own realm, on their own terms. With their first group show consisting entirely of altered skate decks, the non-traditional backgrounds seen at Terminal22 remove pieces from the expectations of traditional canvas art and allow works to express themselves through an entirely different set of associations.

The upcoming ‘3D Canvas’ show will continue to push that envelope even further by showing dozens of custom urban vinyls and works related to the field. It will be the first of its kind in the East Bay and will begin by answering the question ‘what is urban vinyl?’ Urban vinyl relates to the quickly growing custom toy realm; blank vinyl toys used as a starting point for artists when creating their own original pieces. In such a new media there is no established hierarchy of what has been done for centuries and what you need to prove yourself against. Everything is in the present and if you can’t keep up, you’re out of the game. Customized toys supplied by one of urban vinyls top designer toy companies "
STRANGEco", one-of a kind plush toys, and playful ceramics will fill Terminal22 with over one hundred works of art from the Bay and beyond. In sum: these toys put your mint-condition Aquaman figurine to shame.

Artists include:
Ian Ziobrwoski
Patrick Francisco
Matt 136
Brett Amory
John Casey
Jeremy Regan

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 2nd
6pm – 10pm

2443 Telegraph Ave (@25th St.)
Oakland CA 94612

October 3rd – November 1st, 2009.
Saturdays & Sundays 11am-6pm or by appointment.

September 15, 2009

Rollies Custom Show Artist Call: Nemo x Tenacious x All the Right

We have another custom show coming up with a due date of Halloween weekend, last weekend in October.

This is a collaboration between us (Tenacious Toys) and NEMO (NYC-based sculptor Mike Mendez). Mike was kicking this idea around and I was like, let's go for it! So here it is:
Nemo wants to use little roll-on deodorant bottles (Rollies!) as custom platforms! And why not? With a sexy little organic shape, these specific Rollies are cheap, plastic and made in China just like everything else you customize. BUT, these only cost 99 cents! (That's important, as I discovered last month sending out the Bombs!)

The Rollies are as pictured below- they are all Ban brand or one of the Avon brands: Skin So Soft, etc...) so they are easy to locate.
However, if you can't find one for yourself, we have easy access to them here in NYC and we can mail one to you for a couple bucks.
$3 gets an emptied-out Rollie shipped to your door if you are in the US or Canada. Shipping overseas is slightly more but still very affordable.

If you are interested in participating, please email back!

Flyers appear below but here are the full details:

Friday, October 30th, 7PM (Devils' Night!!!!)
All the Right graffiti supply store
3561 Junction Blvd
Corona, Queens, NY

Customs are due October 29th if you are mailing them in. If you are showing up in person, try to do so early so we can get the pieces set up!

Tenacious Toys
PO Box 287042
New York, NY 10128

Why not? You're going to destroy & paint over the platform anyway, who says that has to be expensive? Mike loves interesting shapes and he'd been thinking about using the Rollies as platforms for years so I just felt he should carry that idea through!

Nemo is Mike Mendez, a NY-based sculptor and artist who's quickly making his mark in the toy world as the go-to guy for sculpting projects and super-detailed customs.
Nemo's email is:

In addition to the show at All the Right in Queens, Tenacious Toys already has a section dedicated to the Rollies customs.
Nemo and Tenacious will be posting up about the show on our blogs, facebook, myspace, twitter.. you get the idea.
We'll be feeding info to the toy blogs and my dad's getting Nemo's logo tattooed on his back!

Custom Rollies will be for sale! The proceeds from any sale will be split 50/50 between the artist and the curators. For potential buyers not in the NYC area, the Rollies will also be for sale on for 4-6 weeks. Customs may be returned to artist at any time after that at your request.

We'd love to have you participate!

Benny & Nemo

From NEMO:
........hey whats cookin,I along with Tenacious Toys would like to invite you to a custom art show im having for halloween here in nyc,The platform is a BAN roll on deoderant Bottle! lol YES thats right! as a sculpter and toy designer im always looking at interesting shapes and mediums i can custom,and have always thought this shape would be a kool and cheap platform to work in,so i tried my hand and came up with the daywalker piece you see on the flyer!After such a great response even after telling people what the original piece is i came up with the idea to put this show together ,I think it would be awsome to see what other artist come up with! Let me know if you have time to do it,would be inspiring to see what you come up with,any questions let me know...thank you for your time ... NEMO, Mike mendez

We can now get 3A toys! Bramble & Armstrong

3A Bramble Wave 1: 6.5 inches tall, 5 difft colorways, retailing at $45 each:

3A Armstrong: 15 inches tall, retailing for $125.
Fully articulated.
Two variants: Lunar Defence Camo and Shadow Guard:

September 14, 2009

OsirisOrion custom Kalua Moola 4" resin figure by Argonaut Resin

Lord Mesa's Kalua Moola is Argonaut Resins 5th designer resin toy release!

OsirisOrion's artist crossover series custom variant stands at 4 inches tall and comes with 1 resin coin, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity by artist/designer Lord Mesa and sculptor/producer Eric Nocella Diaz and a custom package box with Lord Mesa's and OsirisOrion's artwork.

OsirisOrion's Kalua Moola goes for $150 plus $8 shipping US.

September 9, 2009

Upcoming MINDstyle products: Fall/Winter 2009

MINDstyle x Disney's "The Black Hole" V.I.N.CENT
Tron color D23 version
Size: 10" tall, material: Vinyl
SRP $130, shipping early October 2009

MINDstyle x Disney's STITCH Experiment 626 Artist Series
Lilo Cosplay Stitch D23 version
Artist: Jenny Chung
5 inches tall, $32.00 each
Scheduled to ship in late October 2009.

MINDstyle x Disney's Jiminy Cricket
Jiminy Cricket represents the new generation of vinyl collectibles in its stylized pose and produced in a limited production.
MINDstyle x Disney's Jiminy Cricket
10 inches tall, $123.00 each
Scheduled to ship in November 2009

MINDstyle x Disney's Chernabog D-23 version
Perhaps one of the most popular of Disney's Villains, Chernabog is a fantastic sculpt by MINDstyle Creative Group. This unstoppable villain stands over 12 inches tall with a wing span to 13 inches.
12 inches tall, $150.00 each
Note: Scheduled to ship in December 2009
MINDstyle x Bloc28 Mickey: Tenga
After a huge global launch in Hong Kong, Bloc 28 Mickey by Tenga is now available worldwide.
Size: 15 inches tall
Limited to only 300 pieces worldwide, $175.00
Scheduled to ship in November 2009

MINDstyle x Bloc28 Mickey: Suiko
Another ATC collectible from the huge global launch in Hong Kong, Bloc 28 Mickey by Suiko is now available worldwide.
12 inches tall, imited to only 500 pieces worldwide, $123.00 each
Note: Scheduled to ship in November 2009.

Kidrobot Message Board Dunny Series 1

Timself (above)

Rsin Art
Rsin Art
Rsin Art (above)

NikeJerk (above)
the full sheet

Lysol (above)

Gawein (above)

Introducing the Kidrobot Message Board Dunny Series 1, the first Dunny Series culled from talent within the KR community! I have to say that I am not too surprised that these Dunnys look absolutely amazing. The KR community is full of people who live and breathe toys. I am 100% sure that part of the next crop of professional toy artists will come from the KR boards. Here's the official press release a boardie sent over to us:

The boards are full of talent so 3 boardies, Tim Munz (timselF), oggyboy (Igor Ventura), and mANNe (Manny Rivas), got together with an idea to put together a custom dunny series by some of the best artists on the Kidrobot forums. It was only fitting to call the series 'Most Wanted': Message Board Artist Series as it features some of the most wanted underground urban artists and customizers from the boards!

Anyone who wanted to be a part of this had the chance to submit their designs, and after making some hard decisions they ended up with 15 artists:Nikejerk, timselF, FAS, oggyboy, grimsheep, AW177, Rsin, Lysol, DFed, Luihz Unreal, Sergio Mancini, Del730, WuzOne, gawein, and MikeDie. 2 "guest artists" came on board to contribute one chase figure each and they are none other than kool artist draifet and Flying Fortress!

The series goes all out including over 20 original designs with chases, variants, and even a golden ticket! Each custom comes in professionally printed blind boxes with inserts showing the designs and ratios! There will be full size color posters available and even some other fun surprises here and there.

This series has a run of 160 blind boxes with about half of them spoken for through a pre-order on the boards, which sold out in 2 days! We estimate the official drop to be around mid/late October. The price would run about $45/BB and that would include shipping within the US. Discounts will be availble for purchases of 3 or more. Profits will be divided equally among the artists and the artists only!

I think it's amazing how 3 guys, one from germany (Tim), one from Brazil, (Igor), and lastly Southern California (Manny) were able to organize and coordinate 17 artists from all around the world to make one amazing custom series!

Special Message from Manny, Tim, and Igor:
Finally, just want to say that this was our way of giving tribute to Kidrobot for what they've managed to do in the urban art scene and for supporting us through the KR message boards. To thank and encourage every underground artist out there! Keep doing what your doing.

A special thank goes out to Justin Bretter for all your help with this series =]

"And I tell you what...all the designs are SICK!

I also haven't seen the chases....but all the standard designs are riduculous. They're all soooo different but awesome at the same time.

Incredible series. If anyone manages to even get an entire standard's gonna be epic!"


This looks totally awesome, perfect, over the top, genius, super-duper cool !!! Amazing designs by all of you! I have to be part of the next series..."

"... but I was thinking, and this is what I call community. We all managed to accomplish (well, almost) something incredible. Several artists, from several countries all over the world, most of them don`t know each other, united to bring something amazing together. I`m really proud of all you guys!"

September 6, 2009

Suckadelic Sucklord 600 Suck-Off custom show at APW

Suckadelic's Group Suck-Off custom toy show at APW Gallery in LIC, NY was nuts. It was a hot, sweaty, drunken mess and it was awesome. A huge crowd, a buncha cool-ass people, lots of professional-quality custom toys and someone left in an ambulance before I even got to step inside. Not joking. Here are the crappy pics I took with my camera phone because like an idiot, I left the memory chip out of my digital camera:

The Sucklord himself. Filming the whole time. He's probably gonna spend the next week splicing film together to make something offensive out of his footage.

This is Sucklord filming a couple of the dudes from Wasted Talent. I think that's a stripper about to do something naughty down there...

Sucklord & one of the Wasted Talent crew

Sucklord 600 plush. I think that pink dot means it was sold. Pretty damn cool plush I must say.

NEMO actually had a working camera, unlike me. So I took a picture of him taking a picture of me.

Nemo's custom Sucklord.

Triclops Studio's custom Sucklord.

Andy's custom Sucklord (Andy runs ToysREvil)

Koi Three's custom Sucklord

OsirisOrion's custom Sucklord. I met OO for the first time here & got to hang with him for a while. He's awesome. He's going to be signing at the Tenacious booth at the 2010 NYCC.

MCA's custom Sucklord.

Koji Harmon's custom Sucklord.

Kano's custom Sucklord, sold early!

Jesse Hernandez's custom Sucklord.

Ano Koto (Devil Robots) custom Sucklord.

Dead Presidents custom Sucklord.

Suck Chef custom Sucklord by Sara Jo Marks.

Burt Banger's custom Sucklord.

Charlie Becker's custom Sucklord.

See all those people sitting around outside APW Gallery? We weren't out there because LIC offers spectacular views or anything. It's because there was an old lady lying in the doorway. The ambulance came after about 10 minutes.
Initially I thought the Sucklord pushed her down the stairs. Or maybe the guys from Wasted Talent. All denied any knowledge of what happened.
Turns out she just tripped on a step on her way in.

Tom Lichtman showed up with a sample case of the Sucklord's upcoming Suckadelic Action Art Card Series.

The Suckadelic Action Art Card Series are awesome. Wrapped in perfect old-skool waxy paper.
I will send a pack to someone this upcoming Saturday September 12th, all ya gotta do is tell me which artist contributed the "Dr. Munk Lord" piece to this custom show.
Email your answer to, make the subject SUCKADELIC ACTION ART CARD PACK FOR ME. I'll put all the right answers into a hat on Friday the 11th and pick a winner.