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August 31, 2009


Willow (Italy)
Tony DePew
Teodoru Badiu (Austria)
Nicholas Jones
Anton Kromoff
Jason Heppler (& some employees from
Rivetal, Inc.)
Brookes Eggleston
Chris Furniss
Kevin Hukill
Jason McIntosh
Charlie Gore
Sammy Rules
Alexander Bender
Demi Adejuyigbe
Eric Windsor
Omar Abdulla
Anthony Prestia
Daniel Yu (Singapore)
Jen Macvicar (Scotland)
Sam Basinger (UK)
Lauren Kinkade
Arlo Del Rosario
Anthony Overkamp
Thomas Foster
Bruno Gusmão de Campos (Brazil)
Stefan LaVigne
Joshua Izzo
Dr. Edd Schneider
Jon Sutton
Kortoney Gaff
Ramón Ostolaza (Peru)
Kage Laureyssens ( (Canada)
Matthew Ellison (UK)
anthony morris (UK)
José Jesús Gil Juscamaita (AKA: Gotter) (Peru)
Brent Nolasco
Thaxton Lewis
Jesse Hernandez
Ryan F Robot + 2 others (
Good Guys)
Teal Rhino
Squink (UK)
VISEone (Germany)
Ed Woodall
Kelly Vetter
Sheryl Westleigh
Mr. N Visible
Arthur Roberts Mumzthewerd

August 23, 2009

Congrats to Amanda on winning the Qee Prize Pack!

Amanda from Hawaii has won our Qee Prize pack, which consisted of the following:
- 2.5" Wood Grain Qee
- 2.5" DIY PigeeQ Qee
- 2.5" Iridescent Qee (light)
- 2.5" Iridescent Qee (dark)
- Qee stickers

Congratulations Amanda!

August 22, 2009

ARTIST ROSTER: Robolucha Custom show starting soon in Europe!

Featuring customs by:

Jason Hilbourne

August 19, 2009

QEE GIVEAWAY: Drawing Sunday for 2.5" Qee Prize Pack!

Qee Giveaway! 4 NEW Qees!
Make any purchase this Thursday, Friday or Saturday and your name will be entered into a hat on Sunday morning (Aug 23rd) to win this prize pack of 4 BRAND NEW 2.5" Qee designs!
These Qees are very special because they are all brand new items in the Toy2R lineup:
- 2.5" Wood Grain Qee
- 2.5" DIY PigeeQ (new sculpt!)
- 2.5" light iridescent/ metal flake Qee
- 2.5" dark iridescent/ metal flake Qee
- plus Qee Stickers!

The Wood Grain Qees are the hottest new paint process that Toy2R has just developed! We have a case of them coming soon but this here's a bagged sample (not boxed). Also in the prize pack is the new PigeeQ sculpt in the DIY white color, sure to be a customizing favorite. And finally we have 2 striking iridescent Qees, a light and a dark version of a visually amazing manufacturing process. These Qees are translucent, meaning you can see a bit of light thru them, but they are coated in color-changing reflective paint. And as if that weren't enough, both of them have metal flakes inside the qee to add depth. I really haven't seen anything quite like them.

Entering this giveaway is easy- just place any order at Tenacious Toys this Thurs-Sat (that's August 20-22) to get your name in the hat. Place 2 different orders and get your name in the hat twice! Drawing will be held August 23rd (Sunday morning).
Please excuse the bad picture, Stephanie has the good camera out west right now.

August 17, 2009

Jon Burgerman "My American Summer" show at Giant Robot + Kid Lew + custom shoes + ToyToy plushes

I stopped by Giant Robot NY on Saturday evening for the first time to meet Jon Burgerman and check out his show "My American Summer"... it was a lot of fun and I am kicking myself for having been in the designer toy business for 4 years now and never having made the short trip down to GRNY. It's a great location, one block north from the famous St Mark's Place!

Actually the manager of GRNY is named Mark too, and the guy is awesome. He INSISTED upon pouring me a drink, so of course I let him crack open the ginger ale. I'm a badass. Also present was Michael Denicola, who caught me on camera walking in with my Mr. Douchebag t-shirt on... check out his website called InkLungs, he does some great drawings!

Burgerman's show was great- everything hanging in the show was hand-drawn or hand-stiched (there were one-off plushes too, stiched up for Burgerman by the Felt Mistress!)
The orange drawings are apparently snapshot records of Burgerman's trip to the US. Each one is done sort of spur of the moment, wherever he is, and is based upon whatever he sees or hears. Actually really interesting to read the words he's worked in and check out the places he's been! All works by Burgerman are for sale and you can contact GRNY to purchase. Prices range from $99 to $300+ (high end is for the OOAK plushes!).

Burgerman himself was a typical Brit- exceptionally gracious and nice to a fault. I tried to get him to sign my DIY Qee with "Piss off, Benny. -Jon Burgerman" but he declined. Instead he drew one of his little characters on there to accompany drawings by Nolasco, MAD, Sket, Lou Pimentel, Keith Poon... and Kid Lew! I met up with Kid Lew and we actually chatted for the first time for real- we keep showing up at the same events and we finally got a chance to get to know each other. Watch Kid Lew in the near future- he's got plans to turn his characters he's working on into toys/prints/t-shirts etc. We unofficially scheduled him in to sign at our booth during NYCC 2010.

Meanwhile, this guy Arthur Roberts wandered in off the street and showed us his custom-painted Adidas (see below). Art runs an apparel company called Mumz the Werd.
The intricate detail on these shoes warranted pics and a shout-out. I'm not even a sneakerhead and I thought these were dope so there ya go.
Art's wearing one of his Mumzthewerd t-shirts which they are selling.

After that this guy Daniel from Brazil walked in.. turns out he's on vacation but when he's back in Brazil he makes custom plushes for his company called ToyToy. He hooked me and Mark up with ToyToy stickers so props to him! Definitely check out his characters, they are very cute and colorful in typical Brazilian style!

And finally I gotta give props to my friends at IHeartCoolStuff because they were there at GRNY too, doing an interview with Burgerman! They run a fantastic blog, much more in depth and interesting than the drivel you're reading now, so why don't you pop over there and check it out?

All in all, an excellent trip downtown for me!
Tomorrow I'll post about what I saw Sunday at the NY Gift Fair...

August 12, 2009

Images of 2009 Kidrobot Dunny series released!

See original huge image of the 2009 Dunny Series checklist here. I am REALLY into some of these designs! Especially the 3/25 Luke Chueh!
AAAARRRGH *head explodes*
I love Luke Chueh.

August 11, 2009

Day Walker Custom Rollie by NEMO

NYC-based sculptor NEMO has to be one of the most talented artists working in the toy scene these days...
Behold NEMO's Day Walker, the first finished piece he is releasing in advance of our upcoming custom "Rollies" show!

WTF is a Rollie, you might be asking yourself? What is this awesome platform that Nemo has worked his magic on?

Good question:

Yes folks. Yes.
A $0.99 roll-on deodorant bottle. Look closely at the Day Walker's shape.
See, you might wander through your day without truly seeing what's right in front of you. (I sure do, after spending all day in front of the computer, my brain is fried) But NEMO sees everything as potential platforms for his sculptures. He had been mulling over this Rollies idea for a while and mentioned it to me at an event at ToyQube and I told him I'd totally support him in his idea, lending space on Tenacious Toys and our blog, etc to get this idea off the ground!
This will be a custom show using cheapo plastic roll-on deodorant casings as platforms.
Everyone is welcome to participate! If you can't find a Rollie near you, we'll pack one up and mail it to you. The Rollies Show will get it's own space on
We'll also throw a release party on Halloween weekend in late October at a joint here in Corona called All the Right.
Their website is under construction but it's a graffiti supply store along the 7 line.
Contact Nemo or Benny for more info. Also check out NEMO's new blog!

August 7, 2009

Ron English Popaganda mini figure series in production

... this set of 10 amazing window-boxed mini figures is in production now and will be shipping possibly next month, according to MINDstyle. They look REALLY cool.
I am diggin these minis, even more than the full-size original figures they are based on. Don't know why... maybe cuz everything looks cute when it has an oversized head...

August 6, 2009

MUNNY GRUBBERS custom Munny show starts Aug 8th in Phoenix & online

MUNNY GRUBBERS custom Munny show by Just Blazed
Just Blazed is hosting a slew of hot talent at their Munny Grubbers show on August 8th. The Munny has consistently been one of the most popular platform toys year-in and year-out. This show will show exactly why it is such. If you’re in the Phoenix area or you just feel like you want to make a trip into the desert then get it while its hot.
Munny Grubbers is curated by toy guru Nervis Wr3k, so you know it’s gonna be hot.
Also, beginning August 8th, you’ll have the chance to vote on all the pieces in the show in the Delicious Drips Submission Gallery. So if you are not hanging out in the blazin-ass desert right now, you can follow the action and all the customs on the 8th! I just heard from Delicious Drips that there are gonna be some big names contributing to this custom show!

August 2, 2009

Jay222's 36" Qee Bear Horror Custom video, a must-watch!

Jay222 is a San Fran-based artist that customizes toys with a unique and complex horror theme. The YouTube video of this latest piece must be seen to be believed.

Also check out his blog.