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April 28, 2009

April 27, 2009

NEW LOWER Fedex International rates!

Recently Fedex has developed a new international shipping system which gives us much lower rates for international shipments. On top of that, I have personally renegotiated the discounts we get on our Fedex International Contract to give us substantial savings on the new International service!

In real terms, here is an example: I just shipped a Horvath 5" Bossy Bear (+ a free tokidoki Moofia) to a customer in Singapore using Fedex Express Priority for $15.00!

That is WAY, WAY lower than the rates we were getting before. Of course we are passing the savings on to you. Since we have a live shopping cart that talks to the Fedex servers to get rates, our international buyers will now see several different low-priced Fedex options as shipping choices during checkout.

Happy shopping!

Oh and don't forget, we are still throwing in a free Mechtorians Sir Shilling Copperpenny with every $30+ order for another 3 days, till April 30th, so get your orders in now!

April 22, 2009

FREE Mechtorian Sir Shilling Copperpenny with any $30+ order

Bankers are a tightfisted bunch these days. Believe me, I've spoken to several. One banker, however, is breaking the mold: Sir Shilling Copperpenny, the steampunk banker from Doktor A's Mechtorians series of 3.5" mini figures!
Sir Shilling is requesting the privilege of gracing your toy shelf with his presence. All he asks is that you spend $30 or more at Tenacious Toys, and he will pack himself along with the other toys in your order! Act fast though- his generous offer ends April 30th!

April 21, 2009

15% off ANY ORDER until 4/28/09: coupon code FACEBOOK15

We want to thank our hundreds of Facebook friends (and blog followers!) by giving you your very own discount code to use this week! Just paste the code FACEBOOK15 into the code box in your Tenacious Toys shopping cart for 15% off any order!
Code is valid for one week, ends on April 28th.
You may use this code for multiple orders, and there's no minimum order.
Also, many of our products are ALREADY on sale so this code will give you 15% off the lowered sale prices.
And don't forget that we are throwing in a free tokidoki Moofia figure with every order during April.
Free shipping for all US orders over $100.
Hopefully our little sales and freebies can take the sting out of the current financial crisis & help expand your toy collections!

April 20, 2009

Gohst Specimen 1 by Ferg & Jamungo for sale now

Gohst S1 Available now for purchase from Jamungo!
Additional info:

Limited to 100 pcs. 6" vinyl, includes jacket, 2 sets of arms, weapons and removable helmet.

Price: $65 USD - this includes worldwide shipping via EMS.

Although Jamungo is not selling the Squadt figures to retailers, we have been posting about them anyway since they are just insanely cool. And the price is right too. Good job Jamungo! Do I hear a mini figure series based on this design? That would be awesome.

[EDITED 4/23/09]

And next up for sale will be the Gassed figure. I think this 3rd release is my favorite so far! Go to the Jamungo website to find out more about Gassed release dates!

April 17, 2009

Industry News from MINDstyle, tokidoki and Toy2R

#1: MINDstyle's plans for 2009 are grand. I spoke to MD, who runs MINDstyle, on the phone last night. He's in the midst of putting together a whole truckload of new releases for the 2009 toy season later this year. You can expect innovative, high quality toys as always! Most notably he is working on the Michael Lau Godfather vinyl toys project (link goes to P&P as MINDstyle has not added this project to their website yet!). That series is just going to go insane. Expect total madness from all corners of the globe. However, we shall not forget that MINDstyle also has Brandt Peters' Serv-o-Matic mini figure series coming up, which I personally am very excited about.

#2: tokidoki products: Strangeco has teamed up with the tokidoki brand to create a one-stop-shop for retailers (like us) who want to support the tokidoki brand! They are adding Snooze City's tokidoki pillowcases to their lineup, in addition to a range of tokidoki iPod and Mac Laptop skins! This goes along with the tokidoki toys in plush, vinyl & plastic that Strangeco manufactures, as well as tokidoki stickers, posters and skate decks. Expect a survey (with prizes! again!) from us soon to solicit your interest in all the different tokidoki products out there. We'll put the names of everyone who responds into a hat and pick some winners to give toys to!
#3: Toy2R has a new US distribution channel which makes it easy and fast for us to get new Toy2R products, and there are a HUGE number of new Toy2R toys coming out in 2009! We have already had requests for some of the Kozik Potamus figures and a number of other Toy2R products. Keep those requests coming, we always like to hear what you want to get! In the short term, you may recall that last year as this new distributor was getting themselves set up, we ran a survey contest to ask you guys what Toy2R products you wanted, and we got a TON of replies which helped us place our first orders with them. Well, the distributor is about to receive another container of toys from Hong Kong and we will be able to fill a lot of those preorders soon. And our next exclusive will most likely be coming from Toy2R & David Horvath. Will post up more info on that as it is available.

April 8, 2009

Strangeco digs up some old tokidoki Boxed Sets!

Strangeco is doing a spring cleaning and found a few more tokidoki "Till Death Do Us Part" and "Cactus Love" Sets! Each was released on a past Valentine's Day and we of course are totally sold out of them! Highly collectible. Snap these up while you can, this will definitely be your last shot at these particular tokidoki toys!

April 4, 2009

FREE tokidoki Moofia figure with EVERY purchase during April

No matter how small your order is, we will include a FREE 3" tokidoki Moofia Minion figure with EVERY order during April! All you have to do is include a note with your payment (or just email us after you pay) and tell us which of the following Moofia figures you want: Leche, Milk Bottle, Japanese, Baby Bottle or Lowfat!
And don't forget, US customers get free shipping with any order over $100!